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Full text of "Catalogue of the magnificent contents of Alton Towers, the princely seat of ..."

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MAGfyspiCiiyT mmmn 








1129111 be StoUi ts Auction, ts 



On MONDAY, JULY 6, 1857, 

And Twenty-Nine following Days (Sundays excepted)^ 


May be viewed on and after Moi^djJy, IRifie* S^Bd^'with Catalogues 
only, price 7s. 6d., to admit Three Persons, from 9 to 6 o'clock. 



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I. THE highest Bidder to be the Buyer ; and if any dispute arise 
between two or more Bidders, the Lot so in dispute shall be 
immediately put up again and re^sold. 

II. No person to advance less than I#«; above Five Pounds, 5$.; 
and so on in proportion. 

III. The Purchasers to give in their Names and Places of Abode, 
and to pay down 5^. in the Pound, or more, in part of pay- 
ment, or the whole of the Purchase- Money, if required; in 
default of which, the Lot or Lots so purchased to be im- 
mediately put up again and re sold. 

IV. The Lots to be taken away, with all faults and errors of descrip- 
tion, at the Buyer's expense and risk, within Two days from 
the Sale; Messrs. Christib and Manson not considering 
themselves answerable for the correct description or authen- 
ticity of any Lot, 

V. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in the 
settlement of the Purchases, no Lot can on any account be 
removed during the time of Sale; and the remainder of 
I the Purchase-Money must absolutely be paid on the delivery. 

^j YI. Upon failure of compljring with the above Conditions, the Money 

def08\t€tf}iB part of paypieftt shall be forfeited; all Lots un- 

ii cl^re^ withm the timj; iS^rpsaid shall be re-sold by public or 

private; Sale, and the deficiency (if any) attending such re-sale 
shall be^iOadeg^^ by the Defaulter at this Sale. 


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First Day^ Monday ^ July 6<A.— Picturefli in the Picture Gallery 1 

Second Day, Tuesday^ July 7^— Pictures, in the Picture Gallery 
(contmued), Plate Glass Drawing Boam, and Small Dining Boom 8 

Third Day^ Wednesday j July 8e^— Pictures, in the Talbot Gallery . 15 

FouHh Day J Thursday ^ July 9/A.— Pictures, in the Talbot Grallery 
{cofUinued)y Corridor, leading from the Talbot Gallery, Corridor to 
Library, West Stdrcase, Poet's Bay, Library, Music Boom, and 
Great Drawing Boom •••••••• ^5 

Fifth Day ^ Friday y July 10<A.— Pictures, in the Long Gallery, State 
Bedroom, Octagon State Boom, Billiard Boom, Chapel Corridor, 
Plate Glass Bedroom, and Octagon Entrance Hall • • .83 

Sixth Day^ Saturday ^ July lleA.— Pictures, in the Arragon, Chintx, 

Doria, and other Bedrooms, and Chaplain's Apiurtments • • 89 
- Seventh Day^ Monday^ July 13(A.— The Collection of Armour and 

Arms . « 47 

Eighth Day^ Ihtesday, July 140L— Armour and Arms (continued) . 54 

Ninth Day^ Wednesday^ July 15^A.— Armour and Arms (con^ued)^ 

Curiosities, Banners, and Ornamental Objects in the Armoury • 61 

Tenth Day^ Thursday^ July 16^A.-- Oriental and other Porcdain and 
Sculpture, in the Talbot Gallery, Picture Gallery, and. Conser- 
vatory •••••••••• 68 

Eleventh Day, Friday, July 17M. -Porcelain, Sculpture, Bronzes, 

and Ornamental Objects, in the Libraries, Music Boom, State 

Booms, and Great Dressing Boom and Central Hall • • 76 

Twelfth Day, Saturday, July l^th. — ^Models in Wax, by Percy, 

Ornamental Objects, Works of Art, and Belies, in ^the Chapel 

Corridor, and Earl's Bedroom 85 

Thirteenth Day, Monday, July 20/A.— Majolica, and other 'E/sxlj 
Ware, Porcelain, and Ornamental Objects, in the Small Dining 
Boom and Bedrooms, and Engravings • . • • .93 

Digitized by 

G oogle 


Fomieenth , Dayj IkescU^^ July 21#l.— -The Service of l^ver and 
I^Ter-GUt Plate . 102 

P^UmOk Day^ Wednesday^ July 22itd— The Service of Metal-Gilt 
Plat^ and Plated Artides and Ornamental Objects, in the Doria 
and Flenr-de-I^ Booms .109 

Sixteenth Day^ Tkunde^^ July 2df^— Furniture of the Entrance 
Hall, Armoury Picture Gallery, Central Hall, and Talbot Gallery 117 

Seventeenth Day^ Friday ^ July 24th. — ^Furniture of the Libraries, 
Music Boom, and Ante-Library •••«•• 125 

Eighteenth Day^ Saturday^ July 26th. — Furniture of the Great 
Drawing Boom, and Chapel Tribune 182 

Nineteenth Day^ Monday^ July 27<A.— Furniture of the State Bed- 
room, Dressing Boom, Sitting Boom, and Small Dinii^ Boom, 
Great Hall, and Entrance Hall from Terrace • . . .188 

Twentieth Day^ Tuesday, July 28^A.— The Cellar of Wines . . 146 

Twenty-First Day, Wednesday , July 29^A. — ^Furniture of the Arragon 
and Chintz Booms 152 

Twenty^Second Day, Thursday j July 80<A.— Furniture of the D<nna 
Tower Booms, Blue, Bed, Green, Yellow, and Fountain Booms • 160 

Twenty-Third Dayj Friday j July Sl^f.— Furniture of the Doria and 
Fleur-de-lis Booms, and the Earl's Bedroom . • . , 167 

Twenty^Fourth Day, Saturday, August 1st. — Ornamental Objects in 
the Bedrooms ••..•••.. 174 

Twenty'-Fijth Day, Monday, August Zrd. — Furniture of the Billiard 
Boomi Sussex Smoking Booms, and Chaplain's Apartments . 180 

Twenty^Sixth Day^ Tuesday, August 4th. — Furniture of tiie Plate 
Glass Bocnns, Tellow and Bed Dressing Booms, Boom, and 
School Boom 187 

lioenty'Seventh Day, Wednesday, August 6th. — Furniture in Bed- 
rooms over Fleur-de-Lis Booms, Chapel Tower, and Steward's 
Booms, and Lamps 193 

Hoenty-Eighth Day, Thursday, August 6lA.— Table and Bed Linen, 
Table China and Glass 200 

Twenty-Ninth Day, Friday^ August 7^-— Men and Women Servants' 
Bedrooms and Offices 207 

Thirtieth Day, Saturday, August 8/A«— Batterie de Cuisine, Furniture 
atFlag-StaffTower, Horses, Carriages, and Harness • . 215 

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First Dat/'s Sale. 

On MONDAT, JULT 6, 1857, 



School of S. Rosa 
Van Loo . . 

Rosa di Tivoli 

Neapolitan • 
Ravenstyn . 

Mola • 

Florentine School 
Tintoretto . • 


1 Head of a man, in a white drapery 

2 A gentleman, in a black Van Dyck dress, 

playing on the flute, and leaning on a 
stone plinth 

3 A peasant, keeping cattle and sheep, with 

two dogs, in a landscape 

4 Head of a philosopher 

5 Portrait of a lady, in a black dress and 

white ruff, with gold chain, her gloves in 
her hand 

6 The Magdalen, reclining near a rock, in a 

romantic landscape 

7 The marriage of the Virgin — a composition 

often figures 

8 The Annunciation: the Angel descending 

from heaven towards the Virgin, who is 
seated in a rustic building ; St. Joseph, 


Digitized by 


Castiglione • • 
Genoese • 

School of Van Dyck 

Rotenhaemer • 

Baroccio . . . 

Titian School • • 

G. Chiari . 

Moretto . . 
Van Dyck 

DAVID, 1781 

Titian • 

Bronzino • 
A. DEL Sarto 



• • • 

asleep, in front, with landscape back- 
ground^ upright 
9 Manoah's sacrifice— oval 

10 The infant St. John, with the lamb 

1 1 The ascension of Christ 

12 The Crucifixion, surrounded by heads of the 

twelve apostles: — in one frame 

13 Head of the Virgin, in a red dress 

14 The Virgin, holding a book, the infant 

Christ and St. John in her arms 

15 An angel, drawing an arrow from the body 

of St. Sebastian, who is tied to a tree. 
Coloured with powerful effect 

16 Christ appearing to the Virgin, after the 

Resurrection, attended by the apostles^ 
with clouds above • 

17 St. Sebastian, bound to the tree by two 

figures ; a female, and a man in armour, 
beyond — ^upright. A finished sketch for 
the well-known composition 

18 BELISARIUS. The celebrated chef- 

d^oeuvre of the great French Master 

19 A lady, in a crimson and blue dress with 

white boddice, as the Magdalen, holding 
the alabaster vase 

20 Portrait of Cardinal Borghese, afterwards 

Paul V. 

21 Portrait of Lucretia Fede, wife of the artist, 

in a rich dress ornamented with jewels, 
and a coronet on her head. '' Spirited and 
animated, and very clear in the colouring^^ 
— Waagen 

22 Head of the Virgin, in a blue, white, and 

yellow drapery, her hands joined in 

23 Ecce Homo 

Digitized by 



. 24 

Rafi^Ile School 

. 25 

P. Battoni . . 

. 26 

Casali . . . 

. 27 

S. Rcci . . 

. 28 

Hepolo . . 

. 29 

Tiepolo . . 

. 30 

Tiepolo . . 

. 31 

Ti«polo . . 

. 32 

Morcme . . 

. 33 

Utian Sdiool . 

. 34 

tL Mengs . . 

. 35 


. 36 

Bassano . . 

. 37 

Morone . . 

. 38 


• Ou 

OlORCnONfi . 

. HD 


. 41 


. 42 

Portrait of a gentleman, in a crimson dress 
and black cap. Full of fine character 

Portrait of Pope Julius II. • 

St. Jerome^ seated, his bands clasped in 
prayer, on a scull : two cherubs above 

A female, in a white dress and a gorget 

The adoration of the MagL A grand gal- 
lery picture 

A pair of heads of oM men 

A pair of heads of old men 

A pair of heads of old men 

Head of a priest 

Head of a Venetian gentleman 

Head of a lady, in a rich dregs, with necklace 
and earrings of pearl 

A man^ in a crimson cloak^ his hand resting 
on a globe — called " Columbus'' 

An old woman^ in a brown dress, her hands 
clasped in prayer before a lamp 

The angel appearing to the shepherds — 

Portrait of a gentleman^ in a black dress 

A gentleman playing on the spinette, an 
ecclesiastic and two ladies at his side 

A subject from Venetian history — ^the com- 

The Virgin nursing the infant Christ, with 
St. John 

Thk Return of the Prodigal, who is 
received by his father and attendants 
before the portico of a palace ; the elder 
brother on horseback, with three servants, 
on the left ; a hunting party and nmnerous 
figures in the mountarinons distant land- 
scape. Pronounced by Dr. Waagen '* a 
chefcTogtevre of the Master' 


Digitized by 


Van Lint . . 

. 43 

Van Lint . . 

. 44 

Giorgione . . 

. 45 

Domenidiino . 

. 46 

Van Orley . 


Tintoretto . 

. 48 

A. Sacchi . 

. 49 

Guercino . 

. 50 

A. Sacdii . 
Cigoli . . . 

. 51 
, 52 

Bolognese . . 
Carracd . . 
P. Veronese 

. 53 
. 54 
. 55 

Rubens . . 

. 56 

Bronzmo . . 

. 57 


. 58 

S. Rosa . . 
Parheoiamo . 

. 59 
. 60 

View of Rome from the Tiber, with fishermen 

in the foreground 
The Ponte Rotto — the companion 
The birth and death of Adonis — ^in two com- 
partments, in one frame 
A classical landscape, with buildings, and a 

peasant woman with children, and a 

boat on a river 
The Virgin, in a red and green dress, seated, 

with the Infant in her lap, an angel 

kneeling on each side 
The Annunciation : the Almighty and angels 

St Dominic, his hand clasped in prayer, 

before a crucifix 
A venerable head, in a red cloak, the right 

hand upraised, the left resting on a 

St. Dominic, in extacy, in a wild landscape 
The three Maries looking into the sepulchre, 

on which an angel is seated 
The angelic choir 

St. Francis, kneeling before a vision 
Mary washing the feet of our Lord at the 

feast in Simon's house — ^a composition of 

numerous figures under a portico 
Two lionesses pursuing a fawn, in a land- 
scape. A very spirited work 
Portrait of a lady, in a white and gold dress, 

and gold chain 
The adoration of -the Magi, who are followed 

by attendants. Very richly coloured 
David cutting off the head of Goliath 
St. Catherine kneeling, her hand resting on 

the wheel ; she is looking up to a glory of 

angels, which appears above 

Digitized by 


Titian .... 
Spanish School 


Franda . . . 


6. OA Carpi . . 




Fraocks . . . 


Morone . . . 


Tiarini .... 
C. Maratti . . 


Mignon . . . 
Garofalo . . 


Velasquez . . . 


Proccaocim . . 
A. Cuyp . . . 



L. Penni . . . 




Portrait of aVenetian senator, in a black dress 
Portrait of a lady, in a white dress and 

brown cloak, seated on a couch 
The Virgin, seated, with the infant Christ 

and St. John, St. Catherine, St. Elizabeth, 

and St. Augustine 
The adoration of the Magi : the Virgin, seated 

on a stone plinth, with the Infant and St. 

Joseph behind her 
St. John the Baptist, seated in the wilder- 
ness, his right hand upraised, a reed cross 

in his left. A grand work 
Solomon, surrounded by his wives^ sacrificing 

to Jupiter 
Portrait of a gentleman, in a black cloak 

edged with fur — ^half-length 
Tancred and Clorinda 
The Virgin and Child, ^in glory, surrounded 

by angels 
A basket of firuits 
The reposo : the Virgin with the Infant, in 

a red and green dress, seated, St. Joseph 

at her side 
A gentleman, in a black slashed dress, 

seated, writing 
A female saint^ pierced by an arrow 
A landscape, with cattle crossing a wooden 

bridge ; two figures reading at a gate, and 

ducks in the foreground — oval 
The Virgin, seated, with the Infant in her 

lap, who holds the hand of St. Catherine ; 

a green drapery behind 
Portrait of the Great Artist, in a 

brown dress edged with fur, holding a letter 

in his hand, in a head dress of brilliant 

crimson. A work of the highest interest 

Digitized by 



LuiM . . 



Francks . . 

. 79 

Milanese . . 

. 80 

L. Cranach 

. 81 

F. Bol . . . 

. 82 

Scbalcken . . 

. 83 

Basssano . . 

. 84 

Ruthardt . • 

. 85 

F|«au8h . . 

. 86 

Early Flembh 

. 87 

Titian . . . 

. 88 


. 89 

Guido • M • • ^ 

Rondani • • ,91 

CoTtegg^o, after . 92 

Correggio School • 93 

Chrot bearing his cross. Full o/beaui^ui 

St. Mary, op Egypt, in a yellow drapery, 

her long golden hair falling over her 

shoulders^ kneeling in a cavern before a 

crucifix, and holding a scourge ; with land- 
scape background* A very impwtani 

and beaut^l gallery work 
The return of the prodigal 
The Virgin and CbOd, with St. John, St 

Francis, and St. Theresa 
Portrait of King Ferdinand, in a yellow 

dress, with the Golden Fleece. Mak 18^ 

A lady, in a yellow dress and dark cloak» 

with long brown hair 
A philosopher^ seated, writing and hi^ng 

a candle 
Portrait of an elderly man> in a black dress 
A white doie^ suspended from a tree^ in a 

landscape, withi sporting implenoenta 
Catherine de Medici, when an infant 
A pair of small subjects^ with ecclesiastical 

St Christopher, carrying the in&nt Christ 

on bis shoulders 
Th9 Viaam^ in a green and crinmn dra^ 

pery, the Infant in her lap« St. John^ St. 

Catherine, and St Francis at her side; 

laiidscape background 
St. Ambrose, kneeling, the Virgin and Child 

appearing above — en copper 
The agony in the garden 
The Madonna della Schodella. A beau- 

Hful old copy 
The adoration of the shepherds 

Digitized by 


Snyders ... 94 

D. Feti ... 95 

PALMA ... % 

GAROPALO . . 97 


. 98 


. 99 

Bassano . . 

. 100 

Ribera . . . 

. 101 

Brbehboro . 

. 102 

S. Rosa . . 

. 103 

Mola . . . 

. 104 

MmaLto . . 

. 105 

HonduMTst . . 

. 106 

Stella . . . 

. 107 

A dead swan, heron, and other birds, on a 

stone slab, with landscape background 
Jacobus dream. Painted with wonderful 

force and effect 
The Repose of the Holy Family, m a 

landscape^ with St. Elizabeth and St. 

The Adoration of the Magi, near a 

sculptured building, with attendants, and 

mountainous background. A beautifhil 

composition^ coloured with brilliant effect: 

highly commended by Dr. Waagen 
The Repose, with angels spreading a dra- 

pery behind the Virgin; St. Joseph in the 

St. John the Baptist, in a red robe, 

leaning on a stone plinth. Very elegant 
Portrait of a gentleman, in a black dress 
A philosopher, holding a paper and a book 
The martyrdom of a female saint, on the 

Monte Cavallo, at Rome 
A rocky bay scene, with vessels and figures, 

St. AntlK>ny in the foreground 
St. John, preaching in the wilderness to a 

group of numerous figures — ^upright 
St. Theresa, kneeling in prayer, in a woody 

landscape. A picture of astonishing 

effect — Dr. Waagen 
Christ mocked— candlelight scene. A ca^ 

piial work 
Christ healing the sick in the Temple 

End of First Day's Sale. 

Digitized by 


Second Day's Sale. 

On TUESDAY, JULY 7, 1857, 



Carracci . • • 108 

Le Sueur • • • 110 
D.Feti . . • 112 



G. Berkhetde, 



Canaletti . . 


Canalbtti . . 




FrT .... 


IN GALLERY— cow<m«^(/, 

Christ scourged by Roman soldiers 

The Holy Family, with St. Elizabeth 
AND St. John. A beautiful composition 

The descent from the cross 

The Martyrdom of St. Stephen 

Judith, seated^ with theheadofHoIofemes^ 
an attendant at her side 

The marriage of St. Catherine, with St. 
Peter in the background 

A view in Amsterdam : a church, with a 
cupola^ and buildings on the bank of a 
canal, on which a party of ladies and 
gentlemen are in a ferry-boat. Signed 

The Doge^s library, and St. Maria della 
Salute, with figures on the Piazzetta 

A view on the Grand Canal, from the land- 
ing place of the Academy 

A family concert of four figures 

Dogs quarrelling : a calf ^s head in a basket, 
and implements near a pedestal 

Digitized by 


J. Vkrnet 

J. Vernet 


S. BosA 

Casali • 







Rubens School 
Castiglione . . 
RiBERA . . . 


E. Serani . * . 


P. Veochio . . 
Tbrborg . . . 


J. DB Mabeosb . 





Morone . . 

. 133 

Bibera . . . 

. 134 

Hughtenborg . 

. 135 

A harbour scene in the Mediterranean, 
with a galley and a man-of-war at 
anchor, and figures on a quay— 'Warm 
evening scene. Dated Roma, 1750 

A view of the port of Atrani, with vessels 
entering in a stroqg breeze ; figures in 
the foreground— the companion. Grand 
effect of stormy sky 

The Vision op St. Anthony. The 
celebrated chef^csmre 

A grand rocky ravine, with two figures 
washing linen 

Romulus and Remus, suckled by the wolf 

Christ fainting on the way to Calvary 

Portrait of the artist, looking into a mirror* 
The well known engraved picture 

Cupid, seated on the sea shore, holding a 
dove by a string 

A man, in a fur cloak and straw hat 

A gentleman, in a black silk dress» standing 
in an apartment, his hat in his hand 

A gentleman and lady kneeling in prayer, 
on each side of a desk, with four children 
behind them 

The Resurrection : the soldiers in the fore- 
ground, two angels raising the stcmQ 
from the tomb. A grand gallery work 

Portrait of a gentleman, in a black dress 
with ruflF 

David, holding the head of Goliath, bis 
right hand on the hilt of his sword 

Head of a Venetian gentleman, in a ruff 

Head of St. Paul, holding a sword and 

A melde of Austrian and Turkish cavalry, 
at the mouth of a rocky pass 

Digitized by 



Tintoretto . 


MURILLO . . 137 

R. Mengs ... 138 

Velasquez • . 139 

DE KONING, & 140 


Correggio, after 

. 141 

Coello . . . 

. 142 

Bassamo . . 

. 143 

Pereda . 

. 144 


. 145 

OldTeniers . 

. 146 

G. Carracci . 

. 147 

Velasquez . . 

. 148 

F.Biltius . . 

. 149 


. 150 

SODOMA • • • 151 

Portrait of a doge in bis robes, with a 
sldeld of arms in the background 

Portrait op a Spanish Noble, in a 
black silk dress^ with the Golden Fleece 
and a sword — in an oval 

Portrait of a pope— oval 

Portrait of Pope Julius XL 

A Wood Scene, with cattle and sheep on 
a road> on the side of which a peasant 
woman and child are reposing ; a shep- 
herd standing beneath a tree; three 
cows, near a pool of water, in the fore- 
ground. An important example 

St. Jerome — a small copy 

The Last Supper 

The adoration of the shepherds. A capital 
work of the Master 

St. Peter, released from prison by the 
angel. A grand gallery V)ork 

The Virgin and Infant, who is offering a 
bowl of milk to St John 

A ballad-singer and his wife, standing on 
tubs, surrounded by a party of figures 

An Italian peasant spinning 

Portrait of an artist, standing before his 

Dead game— a pair. Signed 

The house at Nazareth : the infant Christ, 
seated on a carpenter's bench before St. 
Joseph; St. John and an infant angd 
playing with a lamb; and the Virgin 
serving in an adjoming apartment 

St. George, in armour, on horseback, com* 
batting the dragon, the princess kneeling 
at his side ; a castle and town seen in 
the rocky background. An interesting 

Digitized by 




Neapolitan Schol • 153 

G0LTZIU8 « • • 154 

C. Cignani • • 155 

Y. Salembini • • 156 

DomemcluQo . • 157 

D. Feti . • • 158 

Caravaggio • • 159 
ClGOLI • • • 160 


A. SfCBLLlNCK • 162 

A. Skellinck . 163 

Spagnoletto . 164 

Cavedone • • • 165 

F. Babtolommeo 166 

O. Romano • • 167 

Van Aelst . , . 168 

PHILIP IV. OP SPAIN, in armour, 

holding a baton, his left hand resting 

on the hilt of his sword— whole length. 

A most important work 
St* Carl Borromeo 
Faith, Hc^, and Charity. Three elegant 

small compositions 
The Virgin, with the Infant in her lap, 

holding a basin of milk to St. John 
The Ahnig^ty 
St. Frauds in extacy> supported by an 

An Iialian peasant family, seated at the 

door of a cottage, with romantic land- 
scape background 
The sacrifice of Jephthah's daughter 
The Magdalen at devotion, her right hand 

on a book, her lef^ hand pressed on her 

breast. Very grand in character 
The Adoration op the Magi : a grand 

composition of numerous figures, in a 

romantic landscape. Coloured with 

great richness 
The flight into Egypt, preceded by angels. 

The repose in Egypt, with angels spreading 

fruits and flowers — the companion 
Archimedes. Capitally painted 
St. Paul, reading 
St. Mark, and St. John the Baptist— a pair 

of elegant figures, upright, which have 

formed the wings of an altar 
Pharaoh and his host overwhelmed in the 

Red Sea 
A dead partridge and other birds, with a 

spaniel and sporting implements 

Digitized by 



G. Grayer . . . 
Van Aelst .. . . 
Van Huysum . . 


Correggio, after . 
Breugbel . . . 


Van Lint . . . 
P. de Laer . . 




Both . 



. . 178 

Caravaggio < 

. , 179 

Domenicbioo . 

. . 180 

Cignani . , 

. . 181 

Ribera . . , 

. . 182 

Netscher . . 

. 183 

Van Aelst . 

. . 184 

Van der Neer , 

. . 185 

F. MibBis 

. 186 


. . 187 

GUIDO . . 

. . 188 

HvA . . 

. . 189 

C. Ferri . 

. .190 

The mdrtyrdom of St. Erasmus 

A dead ptarmigan, and other birds 

A classical woody landscape, with figures 

in the foreground 
The Nativity 
A market amidst Roman ruins. Very 

highly finished 
A pair of small classical bay scenes 
A group of four dogs, in a woody land- 
Two children gathering figs and grapes; 
other fruits in the foreground 

A classical river scene, with a cascade 
falling from a rocky height; peasants 
and cattle in the foreground. Brilliant 
effect of setting sun 

Head of an old man, in a black dress 

St. Peter's penitence 

The infant Christ, sleeping on the cross 

Head of an angel, with a dove 

St. Peter, holding the keys 

A lady, holding a flower 

Dead birds — small 

A Dutch river scene, with the moon rising 

A pedlar at a window, holding a lighted 

candle, from which the light is reflected 

on his face, an owl at his side 

A melee of cavalry, under the walls of a 

The Magdalen, seated in contemplation^ 

two angels above. A replica of the 

celebrated work at Naples 
A bay scene, with a castle on a rock, boat^ 

and figures. Brilliant effect (f sunset 
Lot and his daughters 

Digitized by 



SEOHERd • • • 191* The marriage of Van Dyck: a composition 

of figures — ^half-length 

SuBLETRAS • • 192 The fall of Simon Magus : a small altar 


S. Bourdon • • 193 The repose in Egypt, with attendant 

angels^ in a grand classcal landscape. 
Very elegant 

6UARDI • • 194 A Gondola Race, on the Grand Canal at 

Venice, with the Bucentaur and nu- 
merous figures. A work of briUiant 

GUARDI . . 195 The Companion Picture— The termi- 
nation of the fete 


Winceslaus Peter • 196 A Turkey cock and hen with young, in a 

garden, with pigeons flying above 

Campidoglio • • 198 A group of melons^ peaches, and grapes 

■ ■ 199 A pair of fruit pieces 

Leomoni • • • 200 A lady in a Spanish dress — in water 



F. Biltius, 1664 

201 A dead hare, woodcock, and blackbird, 

with a horn suspended from a stone wall. 

F. Biltius • . • 202 A dead duck and small birds, with a 

sportsman's bag suspended from a stone 

wall — the companion 
M. HONDIE;OET£It203 A Peacock and Peahen, on a stone 

plinth, surrounded by poultry and smaller 

birds, in a woody landscape. A capital 

work of the Master 

Digitized by 





204 Morning : a view on the bank of a river, 

with a peasant girl^ in a red bodice, 
milking a cow, a goat lying at her sade, 
and two brass milk vessels ; two peasants 
looking towards the river, on which are 
seen Dutch galleots and a row boat, 
and two cows on a rising bank near them : 
the foliage in the foreground touched 
with great spirit. This capital work is 
signed by the Master 

205 EvENiNGK-the companion: a landscape, 

with a peasant seated on a rock, a dog 
at his feet, two cows on a road before 
him, and a red cow standing in Tront ; on 
the left are three shepherds tending sheep 
at the foot of a lofly rock surmounted 
by a castle : the whole illumined by a 
brilliant afternoon sun. Mso signed 

End of Second Day^s Sale. 

Digitized by 


Third Day's Sale. 

On WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 1857, 


Giiido School • 
Van Dyck 

De Wittb . • 

Verocchio • • • 

Luini • , • • 

Rotenhaemer • • 

School of Guercmo 



. 206 The Virgin, in a red and blue dress, with the 
Infant in swathing bands in her hands 

• 207 The Virgin^ in a purple dress and blue 

drapery, with the Infant in her arms 

• 208 The Virgin, in a red dress, the In&nt in 

her lap, and St Joseph at her side 

• 209 Head of a gentleman 

• 210 Interior of a Dutch church, with two 
figures before a rich monument. BeaU" 
tifully painted 

• 211 Ecce Homo — circle 
. 212 A garden scene> with sculptured fountains 

and figures 

213 Head of a female, with a wreath of bay 

214 The Virgin and Child, and St. John— <w 

215 St. Veronica's handkerchief 

216 A Dead Hare and Turkey, suspended 
from a sculptured vase, with partridges, 
and a basket of fruits, in a garden 

Digitized by 





Domenichino School 218 
R. RUYSCH . 219 




Rembrandt School 222 
De Hebm . • 223 

J. Vbrket 

. 224 

W. Van db Vblde 225 
Titian • . • . 226 

Fyt . . . .227 

GuBRCiNO • • • 228 


A philosopher at prayer, his hands clasped 

on a book, a lamp burning before him 
The dying Magdalen, supported by angels 
A Group of Flowers, with Insects, in 

A Stone Vase. Beautifully painted 
A classical landscape^ with a group of 

figures near a ruined temple, Tobit and 

the angel in a stream of water below 
A hawking party of cavaliers and ladies^ in 

a landscape 
Portrait of a gentleman 
A lobster, fruits, and flowers in dishes, on a 

table covered with a Persian carpet 
A harbour scene, with a pierced rock; 

figures near a galley in the foreground. 

Delicate effect ofndst 
A calm, with a man-of-war at anchor, a 

yacht saluting, and figures in boats 
A Venetian noble, in a black dress and 

gold chain 

A dead hare, partridges and other birds, 
suspended from a tree, with shooting im- 
plements ; a cat seizing one of the birds. 
A very fine toork of the Master 

St. Agnes, in a red and blue dress, holding 
a lamb and palm branch. Very elegant 

Tub Disgrace of Haman, with Esther 
and Ahasuerus seated at a repast, with 
attendants in the background of a richly 
decorated apartment. A very important 
and highly finished work of the 

The Virgin, in a red dress, holding the 
Infant, St. John standing at the side, A 
most perfect composition 

Digitized by 



JL. PENNI • • 231 

S. FERRATO . 232 


BRONZING. . 234 



PANNINI . . 237 

PANNINI . • 238 

C. DOLCE • . 239 

Thb Vir6IK> in a crimtoii and bine dreaey 
holding the Infant in her arms, and a 
book in her left hand. Ihs^essing much 
of the beaut ijvl character of Raffaelle 

Thb Virgin, in a crimson and blue dress 
and white drapery, holding the sleeping 
In&nt in her arms. A lovely work of 
this meet elegant painter 

Pbasants Driviko Cattle and Sheep 
through a ford, a man on horseback and 
a female peasant following them; with 
richly wooded background 

A Noblb Venetian Ladt, in a rich black 
dress and white collar, pearl necklace and 
cross ; a green drapery suspended behind. 
Full of noble character 

A Grand Landscape, with a Village; 
abridge over a stream of water in the fore- 
ground^ on which the moon just emerging 
from a cloud is reflected; two figures 
seen beneath trees in the foreground. A 
most important and ccq^ital specimen 

An Italian river scene, with rocky wooded 
banks, beneath which travellers are de- 
scending a winding road 

A View of the front of the church of St. 
Redemptori, with cavaliers and ladies ; 
and peasants drying linen in the fore- 
ground. Painted with wonderftU truth 
and effect 

The Interior of the same churdi, with 
groups of figuret> 

St. Catherine, in a green and red dress, 
embracing the wheel on which her cheek 
is resting— octagon. Full of lovely 

Digitized by 




Van Dyck School , 
Pourbus . . . 




Guide . 



Goltzius . . . 


Netscher . 


A. CANO . . 


Raffaelle School . 
W. Skellinx 

240 THEMAGDALEN>m a red drapery, hold- 
ing a skull in her hand^ and contemplating 
it with deep feeling— the companion 

Head of a boy 

Head of an old man 

The Virgin^ in a lilac and blue dress^ 
seated, the Infant standing before her 
and looking up, St. John seated on a 
rock at their side. A grand work 

presented by the Virgin and St. Eliza- 
beth to the high priest, whose robes are 
held by an attendant behind him, Zacha- 
rias standing at his side. This beautiful 
and rare work is inscribed JO AN ANIS . 
245 St. Benedict;, standing with his hands 
clasped in prayer before a table, on which 
is his mitre and crozier. Painted with 
fine breadth, of effect 

The Virgin, seated with the Infant in her 
lap, St. John standing behind. Full of 
rich colouring 

Head of a monk 

The Chevalier de Tournelle, in armour 

who holds the infant Christ in his arms ; 
the Virgin, seated in a graceful attitude 
on the clouds above ; a lily branch on a 
book in front. A very important and 
elegant work 

250 Portrait of a pope 

251 The pillage of a monastery, the chapel of 

which is burning; soldiers, sacred vessels, 
and treasures are scattered in the fore- 

Digitized by 



lU&eUe School . 


^MLBiBh School . 


Baffaelle School . 


Raffaelle School . 


Butfaardt . . . 


P.Bd. . . . 


Smtdbss . . . 


L. Crakach . . 


MiONON . . . 


Titian School . . 


Bbonzino . . 


Bassano . . . 










Head of a pope 

The death of St. Francis Xavi^> who holds 

a cross in his hand 
Head of a pope 
Head of Leo X. 

A bear hunt in a rocky landscape 
David, with the head of Goliath 
A dead buck^ a peacock and other birds 

suspended, a parrot and a monkey be- 

neathy and a basket of fruit 
A lady, in a rich dress of crimson and 

yellow^ with gold chain and necklace 

A double festoon of flowers and fruits. 
Signed by the artist 

St. Peter Martyr 

The Virgin, in a red dress> holding a book, 
the Infant before her, St. John standing 
at the side. Very richly coloured 

Portrait of Pope Pius V., seated in a chair, 
giving his blessing 

The Virgin, in a red and blue dress, the 
Infant seated on a ledge before her, 
looking at a flower which she holds itk 
her hand; a landscape seen through 
windows in the background 

The Virgin, in a red dress and blue 
cloak, kneeling in a landscape, and 
holding a book : in his second manner 

Artemisia, in a rich dress, holding the 
cup, a lilac drapery suspended behind. 
Full of lovely character 

A dog seizing a fox at the foot of a tree, 
on the branches of which are two cats 

The repentance of St. Peter 


Digitized by 






. 271 

VanBalen&Seghers 272 

Sntdbrs . . . 


p. Neefs . . . 


p. Nbefs . . . 


C.AlIoii : . . 


Slingelandt . . 


DBNNEtt . . 






S. RVTSDAEL • • 281 

The Virgin, in a Crimson Drbss and 
Blue Cloak, holding the Infant, 
who stands on a table covered with a 
red carpet, on which is a glass of wild 
roses, the heads of two angels seen 
beneath in fronts and landscape back- 
ground. A lovely work of this rare 
Master. '* A very delicate finiehed pic» 
ture of the earlier period of the Master^ 
consequently about the year 1490^ in 
which, according to Vasari, he gave the 
promise of being the first Master of his 
timey — Waagen 

The Virgin^ in a red dress and blue dra- 
perjr, seated in a landscape^ the Infant on 
a cushion on her lap 

A dead swan, peacock, and &wn, and dogs, 
with a group of flowers 

The Virgin and Child, surrounded by 

A grand lion hunt, in a landscape 

Interior of a cathedral, with figures 

The companion 

Judith, with the head of Holofernes 

Interior of a tailor's shop, with figures at 
work near a window 

The Mother of the Artist, in a cloak 
edged with fur, and yellow head dress. 
Of high qualiiy 

The Father of the Artist, in a brown 
coat — the companion 

A Turkey, a Heron, Poultry, and 
Ducks, in a Garden ScKne. A 
capital example 

A river scene, with a richly wooded bank ; 
cows watering, and two peasants, with 
sheep, in the foreground 

Digitized by 





i. BOTH . . . 282 A Grand Italian Landscape, with a 

waggon, attacked by banditti at the en- 
trance of a wood, near a pool of water, 
with hilly background. Glowing effect 
of afternoon sun 

283 The bombardment of a fortress — night 
scene : a composition of numerous figures 

284 A Grand Landscape, intersected by a 
river ; figures on a road at the entrance 
of a wood, buildings at the foot of a 
mountain in the background; rich 
foliage and a felled tree occupy the fore- 
ground — ^warm evening scene. This im- 
portant and capital tocrk is dated 1670 

285 An Italian Landscape, with two female 
peasants, one of them mounted on a 
mule, driving sheep and goats at the foot 
of a richly wooded rocky bank. Signed 

286 A lioness attacking a wild boar. Very 

287 Interior, with the artist seated at a table^ 
on which is a backgammon board; a 
woman holding a pewter jug, and a man 
behind in conversation with him and two 
other figures in the background 

288 A card party : a composition of three male 
and two female figures — ^the companion 

A Cavalier and Lady mounting their 
horses at a stable door, a beggar ap- 
proaching them, two horsemen passing 
through an archway beyond ; a boy dri- 
ving a wheelbarrow, and two horses in 
the background 
GUI DO • . • 290 A Page, in a blue dress^ kneeling, holding 

the head of St. John the Baptist in 
a charger 



Jan Stbbn 

Jan Stbbn 


Digitized by 





P. Neefs . • . 292 

Seohers & ScfiuT 293 

Hondikoeter . . 294 

Hondikoeter « . 295 

J. VERNET . . 296 

J.VERNET . . 297 

L. Cairacci School 298 
. . 299 


P. Neefs 

. 300 


A classical landscape, with a picturesque 
bridge across a stream ; a horseman and 
other figures in the foreground 

Interior of a Flemish cathedral, with figures 
by Frand^s 

A sculptured niche, in whi^ is a gold 
chalice, an angel's head beneath, sur- 
rounded by festoons of flowers and fruit, 
and ears of wheat and barley 

Ducks and poultry, among fragments of 
architecture, in a garden — ^upright 

A Turkey cock and hen, and guinea pigs, 
in a landscape — ^the companion 

A Riter Scene, with a tower and bridge ; 
a group of figures in the foreground-— 
warm evening scene. A capital sped- 
men. Dated 1758 

A Cascade falling beneath a rock, sur- 
mounted by a ruined temple, round 
which the water is rushing to a river on 
the right; a group of anglers in the 
foreground — ^the companion 

The Virgin and Child and St. Joseph — 

A stone niche, surrounded by fruits and 
vegetables, a river scene in the centre 

Interior of a cathedral, the figures by 

The Repose of the Holt Family : the 
Virgin and St. Joseph seated in a land- 
scape, the infant Christ and St. John 
playing with a lamb ; an attendant in a 
turban on the right ; beautifiil landscape 
background. A very richty coloured 
work, highly commended by Dr. Wa- 
agen. Signed by the Master 

Digitized by 



Ruthardt ... 302 
Ruthardt ... 303 





BERGHEM . . 307 


Stags at bay 

An Italian peasant, keeping cattle, sheep^ 
and goats — ^the companion 

A GRAND Landscape^ with a mounted 
cavalier and lady, attended by a page and 
dogs, halting near the ruins of a temple, 
horsemen, near a group of sculpture ; be- 
yond, a river, and shipping in the distance 

The Stag Hunt : a party of mounted 
cavaliers and ladies on the bank of a 
river following the hounds, which have 
surrounded the stag ; two horsemen and a 
lady are crossing the river at a ford, 
near which is a fisherman, two boys 
bathing, and a woman keeping sheep ; 
other figures near a group of trees on the 
left; an expansive country and mountain- 
ous distance beyond. One of the most 
important works of the Master in this 
country. See Dr. Waagen 

A Hawking Party, assembled on a rising 
ground above a river ; a group of cavaliers 
and ladies taking refreshment in front ; a 
vast extent of open country seen beyond 
— the companion 

The Meeting of Tsaac and Rebecca at 
the well, under a ruined temple, cows, 
sheep, and goats surrounding them ; two 
figures driving cattle and sheep towards 
the foreground ; a lofty rock in the dis- 

A Gentleman and Lady, with three 
children and a servant, seated in a garden 
before a chUteau ; a piece of water and 
trees in the background. A beautiful 
work of this rare and elegant Master 

Digitized by 



Ricd • • . 

P. de Moya • 

J. Vernbt 



P. Veronese . 

Correggio . 

Baroccio • 
C. Janssens 










A rocky landscape, with a group of figures 

seated on a ledge, a lake and ruined 

building in the distance 
A group of five Spanish figures playing 

A grand woody landscape^ with the death 

of the disobedient prophet in the fore- 
A sea piece, with an action between Frendi 

and English ships^ a boat full of figures 

in front witnessing the conflagration of 

the English ships — ^moonlight. This 

capital work is dated 1786 
Portrait of a young lady, in a green dress 

and gold chain^ with a spaniel in her 

A peasant woman, in a red and green 

dress, with a basket of fruit and flowers 
Portrait of a lady, in a rich dress and rufl^, 

with jewelled chain, and pearls in h^ 

The Virgin, leaning over the Infant, who is 

on a couch of straw — circle 
The youthful St John 
Head of a gentleman, in a blue dress and 


End ^ Third Day's SaU. 

Digitized by 


Fourth Day'z Sale. 

On THUBSDAT, JVLT 9, 1857, 



Raffaelle School . 319 
P. Vanni • • • 820 
Molinaer ... 321 

Titian . 

La vierge au voile. A fine old copy 

The extacy of St. Prands 

A Dutch village scene^ with figures halting 
at an inn door 

• • 822 The dead Christ, supported by two infimt 
angels — the figures half-length 

HiMMBLiNCK . • 323 A tryptic, with the Virgb holding the 

Child in her arms, an angel on either 
side, and two angels supporting a crown 
above; on the wings inside are St. John 
and St. Agnes ; St. Lawrence and St 
Barbara on the outside 

LuBBRMiBTZKi,1727 324 The Five Senses^humourously treated. FuU 

of clever character 

Myttens, 1613 . 325 Portrait of a child, in a rich pink dresa^ 

with gold chain * 

Ptonegiano • • 326 Portrait of a child, in a black dress, seated 

at a table 

Digitized by 




WOUVERMANS 327 A View under a Height Crowned by a 

Building, with a man shoeing a white 
hcnrae near a forge, at which two men 
are working, a woman, and a child in a 
a cradle, sit the side, a loaded waggon 
drawn by three horses ascending a hill, 
a figure pushing behind-^upright. A 
little work, of beautiful quality 

Interior of a stable : a man shoeing a horse, 
a gentleman directing him ; two figures in 
the background 

A philosopher seated at a table reading, 
books and a globe before him 

The burning of Troy, with iEneas carrying 
Anchises, and numerous other figures 
in the foreground 

A group of shells. Beautifidly painted 
382 .$t. Joseph, holding the infant Chri9t ipbis 
arms — small — on copper 

Dives feasting, Lazarus in the background 

A hermit seated, reading, with books at his 
side, in a cavern 

The dead Christ, supported by the Virgin 
and St. Joseph of Arimathea. Bril^ 
liantly coloured 

The Virgin, seated, with the Infant in her 
arms, and resting on a marble plinth, 
with landscape background 

Christ bound — on copper 

The dead Christ in the lap of the Virgin, 
attended by the Magdalen and an angel* 
A beautyvl composition — on copper 

Christ Bearing his Cross. A work qf 

p. de Laer . 

, . 328 


. . 329 

Breughel . . 

. 330 

Fred. Kobel . 

. . 331 

Guido . . . 

. 382 

Fraucks . . 

. 383 

D.S. . . . 

. 384 

L. Carracci . 

. 385 


Carracci . 





Digitized by 



Gohsdus . . 

. 340 

La Gr^n^ . . 

. 341 

L. Van Heyden 

. 342 

Kobell . . 

. 343 

OstRdft . . 

. 844 

P.D.H. , . 

. 345 

Ostade . . 

. 346 

J. Van Eyck . 

. 347 



Gri£Ber • • 
Van Lint • • 

Le Due 

Morgenstera * 
O. MasBaeua • 








The deposition from the cross 

Interior, with the Virgin and Child^ and 

St. John with the lamb. Very eleyani 
St. Jerome, seated^ marking the paw of the 

lion^ in a rocky landscape 
A landscape^ with two cows lying down and 

one standing 
Interior^ with a group of four figures of 

Cavaliers aad ladies feasting before a 

chiteau, attended by musicians 
The prodigal^ keeping swine^ in a shed 
Interior^ with a monk introducing a gen- 
tleman to the Virgin and Child^ who are 

before a throne covered with a rich 

drapery, in a gothic chamber. Dated 

Head of Christina of Sweden^ in a Uue 

mantle trinmied with ermine 
A garden scene, with two mounted cava* 

liers, a carriage and a man with a hoop 

of hawks. From Mr. de BurtitCs CoU 

lection^ 1778 
A party of cavaliers and ladies in an 

A view on the Rhine 
View of an Italian town on a hill, witk 

figures — oval 
A Dutch lady and gentleman^ with their 

children and attendants^ near a table 

covered with a rich carpet, in an a- 

A monk praying before a shrine under a 

Fdiage, reptiles, and butterflies, at the foot 

of a tree 

Digitized by 



L. Garbau 

Dutch . . 
Q. Dow . 

Maes . 

Bazzi • 

A. Durer • 

356 A peasant family repoang near a building, 

a donkey and dog at their side 

357 Birds, in a landscape 

358 The artist playing the violin at a sculptured 

window, near which a vine is trained 

359 Portrait of a child, in a hat and feather, 

holding a goldfinch from a spaniel 

860 Head of a youth in armour, transfixed by 
an .arrow 



• • 


Titian . • 

• • 


Francks • 

• • 


Vertangen . 

• • 


A. Masaocio 

• • 


P. de Laer 

• • 


Old Teniers, 




• • 



• • 


iJeTries • 

• • 


V^etian « 

• • 


St Jerome, writing in his chamber, the lion 
and the lamb in the foreground. J%e 
celebrated eubjeet, engraved ly the 

The martyrdom of Christian virgins. A 
finished study, in grisaille 

Head of Pope Paul III. 

The disputation on the sacrament 

A cavern scene, with sculptured monuments 

and figures 
Head of a youthful saint with long hair ; 

landscape background 
Soldiers playing cards in a ruined building, 

figures at a fire in the foreground — 

A landscape, with peasants, cattle, and 

sheep, under a rocky height 
A lady, in a white satin dress and a yellow 

corset, seated at a table, playing the 

The Arts and Sciences^ receiving inspiration 
A woody landscape, with figures near a 

Head of a lady, in a rich dress^—^een in 


Digitized by 







373 A landscape, with figures travelling witb 

horses^ mules^ and sheep 

374 A rocky landscape, with a figure reclining 

in the foreground 

375 A frost scene, with buildings, and figures 

cm the ice 

P. Lastman • 


Van Dyck 


376 A grand landscape, with the meeting of 

Jacob and Esau, with flocks and herds, 
at the foot of a rocky height, a river 
seen on the left 

377 Arming a knight for a tournament A grand 


378 A grand battle piece 

379 Abraham entertaining the angels. ^Painted 

in a deep golden time, indicating much of 
the influence of Titianr-^Dr. Waagen 

Sir A. More • 

Steenwyck, 1596 

Francks • • 
Van Diest 

Michau • • 

Midiau • • 


380 Portrait of a gentleman, in a white silk 


381 Interior of a cathedral^ with a procession 

382 A rustic landscape, with cottages and 

figures — snow scene 

383 The repose of the Holy Family— small 

384 A pair of sea pieces, with Dutch vessels in 

a breeze 

385 A landscape, with horsemen, and peasants 

with waggons, on a road 

386 A village scene, with a post-waggon and 

figures— the companion 

Digitized by 



P.BriU ... 387 

Titian .... 888 

Vallaerl • • . 889 

MorgeiKtorn, 1790 990 

Van Goyen . . 891 

C. Dolce, after . 392 

: 893 

Francks&VanKessel 894 
Toeehsler, 1786 . 895 
G. Dow, after • • 396 

L« C/ranach 


P. de Laer 

Taverner . 


. 398 

. 399 

. 400 
. 401 

Van Huysum . • 402 

Van Huysum . # 403 

A woody landscape^ with horsemen and 

banditti— on copper 
Portrait of a boy, in a red dress, holding a 

A rocky landscape, with travellers on a 

Ipterior of a gothic cfaurcli, with figures 

A fortified town, on the bank of a river, 

with a carriage and -figures in a ferry- 
La Poesia 

Two children playing cards 
The Holy Family, surrounded by flowers 
A group of flowers, in a gold vase 
A girl with a brass pail, and a boy in a hat 

and feather, at a sculptured window 
Charles V., in robes, with the Golden Fleece, 

a hawk on his hand 
Interior, with a peasant playing the guitar, 

a woman behind him, and figures round 

a fire in the background 
Figures and horse in a stable, under an 

A woody landscape, with figures 
A seaport in the Levant^ with a cathedral 

and other buildings and shipping 
A classical landscape, with figures and 

sheep near a river, and mountainous 

distance — on copper 
A grand land storm— the companion 



405 A man's head — ^in an oval 

406 Portrait of ah officer, in armour^ his right 

hand resting on his helmet— -half-length 

Digitized by 



A. Del Sarto 
Holbein • 
Moretta • 
Cuyp • 

Guido Cagoacci 






Portrait of Lorenzo de Medici, in a fur 

dress and black cap 
Portrait of Sir T. More, in a crimson furred 

dress and gold chain 
Portrait of a gentleman, in a blaek drete, 

holding his gloves in his hand 
George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, 

when a youth, in a black slashed dress 

and white collar 
Louis XIV., in armour 
Hagar and Ishmael, conducted by 




F. T. Bippenhausen 419 St. Elizabeth of Hungary. A grand 

composition of numerous figures, very 
richly coloured 

C. Dolce, after . 420 St. Cecilia, playing on the organ 


Bronzino • 






Two noble Italian children, in black and 
crimson dresses and white collars, one 
of them holding a cap and feathers, a 
dog at their feet — whole-length 

Portrait op the Earl op Arundel, in 
armour, holding a baton, his left hand 
resting on the shoulder of a page, in a 
crimson dress, who is standing at his 
side, a rich damask drapery suspended 
behind— half-length 

A boy, in a black dress, reading at a table, 
and two children, in light silk dresses^ 
playing with a bird 

Digitized by 



Van Dtck • » 426 Charles I., in a black silk dress^ with the 

star and ribbon of the Grarter, his right 
hand resting on his hat on a table; he 
holds his gloves in his left hand 

BONE^ R.A. • . 426* Portrait of Sir Thomas More. A beautiful 

enamel . 

End of Fourth Day'e Sale. 

Digitized by 


Fifth Day's Sale. 

On FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1857, 






Bronzing . 


• • • 



B. Gennari, 1695 432 


Orizonti • • • 434 




A romantic rocky landscape, with effect of 

rain and lightning 
A romantic rocky landscape, with a bridge 

over a stream— evening 
The Marquis of Pab'otti, in a black dress 

and cloak, with a ruff 
A grand mountainous landscape, with a 

cascade, and figures in the foreground 
A classical composition, with ruins, and 

figures near a lake — ^t he .companion 
Thb Three Children of Charles I., 

WITH Spaniels. The well-known en- 

grca>ed subject 
A lady, in a white dress and brown mantle, 

seated, with a spaniel in her lap. Ad- 
mirably painted 
Sir John Falstaff 

445 Heads of an old man and woman 


Digitized by 



Jordaens . • . 448 

Castiglione • • 449 

B. Graat, 1682 . 450 

Canaletti • . 451 

A grand woody landscape, with Mercury 

and Argus, cattle^ and a pool of water 
Jacob*s journey, with camels, mules, and 

sheep, in a landscape 
Rebecca and Eleazer at the well^ with 

numerous figures and camels 
A composition of Roman architecture, 

sculpture, and figures 

Fior, 1836 

Fior . 


452 Her late Majesty Queen Adelaide, in her 

coronation robes, seated, the crown on 
the table at her side — whole-length 

453 Her Majesty the Queen, in robes, with the 

crown— -oval 


Raffaelle, after . 454 The Virgin and Child 

Early Flemish . • 

Wenceslaus Peter . 

Neapolitan . . 

Carracci . • . 

C. Van Haerlem . 

Van Dalen 

Robert • • • • 

Carracci • 


459 A fete, with numerous figures feasting and 

dancing on the bank of a river 

460 A fox and cub, with a pheasant 

461 A small battle piece 

462 A boy, in a yellow dress, his hand resting 

on a stick 

463 St. Sebastian, with two figures shooting 

arrows. Sdgned 

464 A palace, with figures under an archway 

465 A grand mountainous landscape, with build- 

ings and figures — snow scene 
468 A grand classical landscape, with a river^ 
and figure:> in the foreground 

Digitized by 



Robert . 

Early ItaVan 
SalemlMni • 

Moddm • 

P. de Laer 






Gampidoglk) • • 476 

Campidoglio • • 477 
Modern Italian • 478 

Modem Italian • 479 

Sir p. Lklt . . 480 

King . . • 481 

S. Bourdon . . 482 

Domenichino School 483 

Vanni . • • 484 

Carracci . . . 485 

Bolognese. . . 486 

Moilem . . . 487 

Gennari . . . 488 

Bloemart • . . 489 

Van Bbrobn 


A grand view in the Apennines, with a 

The Annunciation 

A grand altar-piece, with the Virgin and 
Child in glory, crowned by angels, noale 
and female saints in adoration beneath 

St. Donaventura standing before a niche, 
with a red drapery suspended behind 

The boar hunt 

The judgment of Paris, in a grand land- 

A landscape, with Cupids preparing the 
chariot of Venus, and giving water to the 
swans at a river 

A grand composition of fruits, in a land*- 

The companion 

A set of eleven heads of angels, singing, 
inscribed with texts. Beautifully paint' 
ed on gold ground 

A lunette, with two angels, seated, with 
emblems of the Passion— on copper 

Charles II. in his robes, seated — whole- 

Portrait of the Hev. John Jones 

Jacob and Rachel 

Head of Apollo 

Christ washing the disciples' feet 

A man's head 

Ecce Homo 

The Arch of Brutus, at Rome 

Diana and Calisto 

The feasts of the gods, in a classical land- 

A landscape, with peasants keeping cattle 
and sheep near a fountain 

D 2 

Digitized by 



Modern Italian 



Ten figures of saints, with gothic quatre- 
foil tops — on copper 

Henry the Lion, protecting the Emperor 
Frederick Barbarossa^ and Pope Adrian 
IV. (Nicholas Breakspeare) from an 
attack of rioters, as they left the church 
of St. Peter's^ at Ronje, fifter thp coro- 
nation of the Emperor — 24 ft. long 

S. Ferrate, after • 496 




495 Portrait of Mr. Percy, the celebrated 

modeller of the wax groups at Alton 


An altar-piece, with the Virgin aiyl Child 
enthroned, surrounded by angels, St. 
Dominic and St. Catherine kn^ling at 
the side 

Portrait of Cardinal Weld, in his robes, 
seated— half-length. Rome, 1838 

The monastery 

The vision of St. Gregory 

500 The Magdalen: her hands clasped in pi-ayer 

The conflagration of the Basilica of St 

Paul, at Rome 
Head of a capuchin monk 

A classical landscape, with the Flight into 

An eruption of Mount Etna 
Interior of the Coliseum^ with a raopk 

506 A Collection op Twelve Miniature Portraits of Dooes bv 
Venice* in Colours ; and Nine of Dutch and Flemish 
Artists, by Hoogzaal^ in Grisaille — in a maple frame 

Granet . . . 


Correggio School . 




Modern . . . 




Millfe .... 


Wright, of Derby . 


Modem . . . 


Digitized by 



507 A Series of Twenty-one Oval Miniature Portraits of 

Artists, beautifullt Painted in Grisaille, mant of 
THEM Signed by the Painters — in maple frame 

508 A similar Series 

509 Another 

510 Another 

511 Another 

512 Another 

513 Another • 
C. Dolce, after . 
Baroccio . 
Giiido^ after . 

S. Ferrate, after 
Domenichino . 
C. Maratti, after 
GuiDo • • • 

514 Salvator Mundi 

515 Head of the Virgiu, in a blue veil 

516 Head of the Virgin, in a blue and yellow 


517 The Madonna 

518 St. Catherine, holding a palm brandi 

519 The Virgin, reading 

520 Head of Our Lord, after crucifixion. 

Painted with grand effect : the frame 
carved with emblems of the Passion 

C.H. . . . 

. 539 

Spanish School 

. 540 

Baioccio . . 

. 641 

Guido . . . 

. 542 


A religious procession in the Coliseum 
The coronation of the Virgin 
The coronation of the Virgin 
The Crucifixion, with the Virgin and St. 
John— oval 


543 A pair of views of Heytherop House, Oxfordshire — in water 

. 544 Fruit, on a table 

. 545 Two children with a bird 

546 Rafiaelle presenting a drawing to Lorenzo 
de Medici ; and Tasso writing — a psur 
548 Eleven views of Naples — in body colours; and four — small 

Le Prince • 

Digitized by 



Spanish . • • 549 An oval miniature of a gentleman — on 


550 A frame, with nine oval miniatures, including Elizabeth Farnese, 

queen of Philip II. —on copper 

551 A lady: an oval miniature — on copper 



Chatillon • 

. 554 

Chatillon . 

. 555 

Lawrence, after 

. 556 

Lawrence, after 

. 557 

Chatillon . . 

. 558 


Janet . 

. 560 

Chatillon . . 

. 562 

Chatillon • 

. 563 

Chatillon . . 

. 564 

^onzales • 

. 565 


. 566 


. 567 

Jupiter, Minerva, and Napoleon: three 

miniatures— circles — in oils 
A family group — in water colours 
Head of Christ — «ma11 circle 
George IV. — on ivory 
Canova — on ivo^y 

Mary Queen of Scots — in water colours 
A pug dog on a cushion : a miniature 
A beautiful small miniature of Henri II. 

The Virgin visiting St. Anne 
An Italian peasant family 
An oval miniature of a lady^ with jewelled 

head-dress and necklace 
A pair of small river scenes 
A small landscape; a pug dog; and a 

view of Rosenau-^in water colours 


Dutch School . . 568 Four of the Senses 

Holbein . • • 569 Portrait of a gentleman, in a black dress^ 

holding a letter 
L. Spada . . . 570 St. Sebastian 

End of Fifth Day's Sale. 

Digitized by 


Sixth Dat/*s Sale. 

On SATUBDAT, JULY 11, 1857, 




. 571 

Queen Catherine or Arragon^ in a brown 
dress and black hood 

Modern • « 

. 572 

A pair of views in the neighbourhood of 

Hondikoeter . 

. 573 

A monkey, with birds 

Francks . . 

. 574 

The meeting of David and Abigail^ with 
numerous figures 

Rombouts • . 

. 575 

A wood scene, with cavaliers and attendants 

Blanchet • . 

. 576 

A lady with a spaniel 

Campidoglio • 

. 577 

A composition of flowers and fruit 

Van Hagen . 

. 578 

A wood scene^ with figures 


. 579 

A landscape, with a swan and ducks 

Ricci • . 

. 580 

A landscape, with classical ruins and 

R Moljrn . . 

. 581 

An extensive river scene, with figures and 

P. Molyn . . 

. 582 

A skirmish of cavalry — a sketch 

Breughel . • 

• 583 

The temptation of St. Anthony 

Vallaert . . 

. 584 

The Flight into Egypt^— moonlight 

Digitized by 



Ricci . 

. . 585 


. . 586 

R. Stoop . 

. . 587 

Bolognese . 

, . 588 


. . 589 

P. Moeyeart, 1 

635 590 

R. Ruysch 

. 591 


. . 592 

Drogdoot . . 

. 593 

Massteus . 

. . 594 

C. K. 16C0 . 

. 595 

Rubens . . 

. 596 



A landscape, with figures 

The monastery 

A cavern scene> with classical sculpture and 

Head of a youth 
Portrait of a doge 
The cup found in Benjamin's sack 
Butterflies^ reptiles, and fungi 
A garden scene, with goats, sheep, and 

A village festival^ with numerous figures 
Thistles, flowers, and butterflies 
A frost scene, with figures on the ice 
An infant princess, in a white dress, with a 

A lady, in a black silk dress and white collar 


Robert • . 

Robert • . 




J. Ostade . 


C. H, . . 

C.H. . . 

• • 


598 Dido lanieating the departure of MnQ&9. 

Capitally painted 

599 Juliana, Countess of Anglesea, iu a \Am$ 

dress and robe»— whole-length, 1750 

600 The temple at Tivoli, with figures and 

601 A woody landscape^ with a bridge ^er a 

stream— the companion 

602 A gentleman and lady, and a giri with dove9 

603 A man's head 

604 Pliny's doves 

605 A musician and a party of peasants before 

a cabaret 

606 A vaulted chamber, at Rome 

607 An artist and banditti in a rocky pass, near 

60& An artist taken prisoner by banditti 

Digitized by 




• • 



• • 



• • 



• • 


A view on the Tiber> at Rome 

The March of an Army, with ladies and 
numerous figures* A very elegant and 
beautijkil work. Signed by the Master 

The infant St. John 

Heads of Petrarch andDairte— onj^iq;^ 


614 Time unveiling Truth. A grand noork. 

615 A Dutdi gentleman and lady, and a child 
with a bunch of cherries, in an apartment 

616 A man in a hat and feather — a pokar 

617 A grand landscape, widi a temple on a 
rock, and figures^ Signed 

618 Italian peasants, with a hurdy-gurdy player, 

near Roman buildings 
H. Verschorino 619 A garden scene, with a cavalier and lady 

seated, playing the guitar; an attendant 

with a n^ite horse. Signed 
— *— — 620 Portrait of Francesco Capaccio when a 

child, 1605 
Modem • • • 621 Juliana, Q>untess of Anglesea, in a rich 

dress, 1761 
P. Potter • • • 622 A landscape, with a woman milking a eow 

De Troye, 1733 
F. Denis, 1651 

J. D. Vliet . 
A. Both • • 

W. Peter 






623 A hen and chicken, in a garden 

624 The tomb of CeciKa Metella 

625 A view of Rome, frtmi the Tiber 

626 A view of St. Mark's Place, Venice 

627 The Virgin and Child, and an angel— m 

water coloure 

Digitized by 



Breughel, Van Balen, 631 
and Van Kessel 

Modern . . • 628 An angel and pilgrim ; and the companion 

— arched tops 

— 629 A pai r of flower pieces — painted on porcelain 

- ■ 630 The Virgin : a small miniature, mounted in 

a metal frame, as a benetier 

A nymph playing the guitar, Cupid at her 
side^ with numerous musical instruments, 
on the terrace of a chateau — on copper 

Peace and war 

A nymph and cupid in a gallery, orna- 
mented with pictures and sculpture 

Venus seated, and cuplds gathering flowers 
on the terrace of a ch&teau 

A lady at a repast, attended by a satyr, 
dead birds, and fish in the foreground, 
and figures feasting in the background 

The garden of love, after Rubens — on 

The worship of Cupid : a composition of 
numerous figures 

The Sybils temple at Tiv oli> with figures 
in the foreground 

An Italian landscape, with a temple 

Interior, with four peasants smoking, and 
figures in the background 


Masaccio • • .641 Head of Christ, bound to the column* A 

very interesting specimen 

Murillo • • • 642 St. Francis, kneeling in prayer 

AlbertDurbr,1518 643 The martyrdom of St. Stephen, beneath 

an arched arcade, the high priest and 
other figures in a gallery above A very 
interesting work 

Ditto . . 

. . 632 

Ditto . . . 

. 633 

Ditto . . 

. . 634 

Ditto . . . 

. 635 

Van Balen 

. . 636 

Francks . 

. . 637 


. . 638 


. . 639 


. . 640 

Digitized by 



B. Peruzzi 

644 The adoration of the Magi A grand 
composition^ capitally coloured 



Francks • • • 
School of Baroccio 
Spanish • • ^ . 

Ribera, a(\er . 
N. Poussin 

Morone • 
English School 

645 A garden scene at Rome, with figures 

646 The Flagellation — on copper 

647 St. Veronica*s handkerchief 

648 The Virgin and Child, with two angels 

playing muncal instruments 
6:(9 St. Dominic 

650 The Virgin, St. Joseph, and the Infant, 

en:barking in a boat for Egypt. Very 

651 A child holding a drawing 

652 Portrait of two children, in a landscape 

Bronzino • 


F. Hals . . 

Rafiaelle, ader 

Venetian . • 



. 654 A lady, in a rich white dress, with jewels 

• 655 Portrait of an Italian nobleman, in uniform 

• 656 A child^ in a brown dress^ with a rosary 

• 657 Portrait of the artist 

• 658 Portrait of a lady^ in a rich dress and 


. 659 

Italian peasants — a pair; and a peasant 

660 Head of the Princess Charlotte — in water 


Raffaelle, after • 662 The Madonna della Sedia. A beautijiil 

copy^ in wafer colours 

Franks & Van Kessel 663 Ecce Homo, surrounded by flowers 

664 A lady, in a rich Italian dress — in water 


Digitized by 




HOLBEIN . . 665 A Trtptic, with the Virgin and Child, 

and St. Catherine and St« Barbara, on the 
door. The outside pcdnied with the 
arms and cypher of Sir T. More, to 
whom it is said to have been presented 
by Holbein 


Renibrandt School 666 The descent from the cross 

667 Two female heads-— circle 

668 Ecoe Homo 

669 A female saint — on copper 

670 The Circumcision 

671 The Holy Family, with St. John 

672 St. John; and St. Francis, praying* 

Paduanino • 
Correggio Sdiool 
C. Dolce . 
Early German 
Pontormo . • 
Early Italian . 

Bellini . • • 
Piombo . • 
P. da Cortona • 

Guerdno • 


673 St. Sebastian 

674 HeadofChariesV. 

675 St. Luke painting, and three other heads 

676 Portraits of Edward II. and Henry IV. ; 

and two of still life 
6f8 St. Jerome writing, and an angel — ^un- 

679 The prodigal son, in a landscape— un-> 


680 St. Jerome contemplating a skull 

Digitized by 



Eiigli3h • . • 
Early Floreotme . 

Soiloma . • • 

Early Italian . 

A. da Salerno • • 

Fra Aofrelico • 

A. da Salerno • 

Zeeman '• • • 

Correggio School • 

Tilborg . . . 

Bronziao • • 

Early Italian • 


Crivelli • • 

Tintoretto . • 



Domenichino, after 
C. Maratti . . 

Greek School • • 

681 Two ships 

683 A pair of figuvee of pamii^, ^tandv^ iinder 

arca4es, in a landscape. Beauti/UUy 


683 The Annunciation, with the Deity and 

angels above 

684 Head of an angel — circle 

685 A bishop, holding a book and cross, in a 


686 The coronation of the Virgin, surrounded 

by saints — tm gold ground 

687 St. John standing, in a landscape 

688 A naval engagement, between Dutch and 

Spanish fleets 
f?89 Ecce Homo 

690 Monks preaching to a party of peasants, 

in a village 

691 The Virgin and Child, and St. John 

692 St. Bernard 

693 A lady, as Minerva 

695 The Holy Family, with St. John 

696 St. Bernard 

697 Two saints, in a garden 

698 Figures witnessing figures contesting on a 

bridge in a game 

699 The Virgin and Child, with St. Catherine 

and St. Jerome, in a landscape. Very 
richly coloured 

700 Portraits of himself and his wife, as Perseus 

and Andromeda 

701 The Crucifixion — a poker picture 

702 The communion of St. Jerome 

703 The repose of the Holy Family, in a land- 


704 Two angels, with a medallion of a saint 

Digitized by 


Mola . . 

. 705 

Early Italian . 

. 706 

Cortona School 

. 707 

Early School . 

. 708 


The Repose, in a landscape, with St. John 
The Virgin and Child — on gold ground 
St. Philip Neri 
Two monks, preaching before a king 

End of Sixth Day's Sale. 

Digitized by 


Seventh Dai/s Sale. 

On MONDAY, JULT 13, 1857, 




711 A demi suit; consisting of crested helmet, gorgets breastplate^ 

pauldroD^ arm pieces^ and gauntlets 

712 Another ; with visor, helmet, gorget, pauldron, arm pieces, and 


713 Another; consisting of helmet, gorget, pauldrons, one cuisse, and 

a chain shirt 

714 Another; consisting of helmet, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces, and 

715 A helmet, with crest holder; and a crested helmet, with ear 


716 A pikeman's helmet ; and a crested ditto 

717 Two crested helmets 

718 A crested ditto ; a pikeman's helmet ; and a skull cap 

719 Three portions of helmets 

720 Three helmets, of different shapes 

721 A helmet, of curious circular form ; a pikeman's cap ; and part 

of a helmet 

722 A shirt, of chain mail ; and a gorget 

Digitized by 




723 A halberd, with short flat blade, engraved and partly gilt ; and 

one, plain, with spiked blade 

724 One, with narrow blade md pierced 9xe head, engraved with a 

head, &e. ; and one, with short broad blade, with arms — 
inscribed « Utrecht 1583 *' 

725 Two partisans, with long spikes and pierced blades 

726 A halberd, with short broad blade, engraved with monogram ; and 

two partisans^ one of them with long spiked blade 

727 One, with short broad blade ; a partisan ; and a halberd, with 

triple blade 

728 A partisan, with long spike and pierced axe head ; and two others, 

one of them a spear blade 

729 A partisan, with very long spike and crescent blade, engraved ; 

one, with plain broad blade ; and a partisan 

730 A partisan, with long spike ; and one, with spear-shaped blade 

731 A very fine parti9an, with long spear blade, engraved with Grerman 


732 A halberd and a partisan^ with plain blades; and one, with spiked 


733 One^ with long spike ; and two others, plain 

734 A plain partisan ; and a glaive, with broad blade and spe^r 

735 A spetum, for unhorsing a knight, with long spear 

736 A partisan, with long spiko and halberd 

737 A linstock, with spears; a plain spear ; and a partisan 

738 A halberd ; and a plain partisan 

739 A partisan, with short blade ; and one, imperfect 

740 A plain partisan ; and a halberd, with small blade, engraved and 


741 A fine partisan, with blade and long spike, engraved; and at 

halberd, with monogram 

742 Two partisans, with long spikes 

743 A halberd, with small plain blade; one other; and a partisan^ 

with spiked blade 

744 Two partisans, one with long spike 

Digitized by 



745 A linstock, with spear bead; a partisan; and a halberd^ with 

engraved blade 

746 A halberd^ with broad blade ; and a partisan, with long ^ike 

747 Two halberds ; and a partisan 

748 A beacon holder ; and a halberd, with broad blade 

749 Two halberds ; and a plain partisan, with broad blade 

750 Two partisans, with spike blades; and a halberd 

751 A halberd, the blade engraved with trophies ; and one, with spike 

and crescent blade 

752 A partisan ; a long spike ; and a spear - ^ 

753 Two plam partisans 

754 A spike ; and a triple-bladed spear 

755 A glaive, with broad blade and spike ; and a halberd, with 

engraved and gilt blade 

756 Two spears, with triple blades 

757 A partisan, with spiked blade ; and a spike 

758 A plain glaive ; and a halberd, with fleur-de-lis blade 

759 A plain partisan ; and a halberd 

760 Two halberds, with crescent blades 

761 Two ditto, one imperfect 

762 A partisan ; a halberd, with broad blade ; and one other 

763 A halberd, with engraved blade ; and a partisan 

764 A halberd, with crescent blade ; and a partisan 

765 A partisan, with double crescent blade ; and a halberd 


766 A figure, in three-quarter suit of black and gold armour ; consisting 

of casque, gorget, back and breast plates, cuisses, pauldrons, 
armlets and gauntlets, and Jeather boots, with a figure of a 
bear attached to its waist by a chab 

767 A fine two-handled sword, with serrated blade, the cross-guard 

and pommel engraved with ornaments 

768 Four couteaux de chasse ; and two backplates 

769 An oriental sword, with broad blade ; and an executioner's sword^ 

with cross-guard and very broad blade 

770 An oriental sword ; and a small sword 


Digitized by 



771 A three-quarter suit, of black and gold, consisting of gorget and 

pauldrons, back and breast plates, taces, and cuTsses 

772 A plain visor helmet 

773 A circular shield, engraved with ornaments 

774 A pair of halberds, with triple blades 

775 A visor helmet; and two backplates, plain black 

776 A figure, in a three-quarter suit and buff dress ; consisting of open 

helmet, gorget, back and breast plates, pauldrons, gauntlets, 
cuisses, and leather boots 

777 ^A fine glaive, with broad blade; and a sword, with swept hilt and 

broad blade 

778 A three-quarter suit, of black and gold ; consisting of pikeman's 

cap, gorget, back and breast plates, pauldrons, and cuisses 

779 A plain partisan ; ^nd a spear 

780 Two partisans 

781 Two halberds ; and a partisan 

782 A threes-quarter suit, of plain armour ; consisting of crested open 

helmet, gorget, pauldrons, globose breastplate, backplate, taces, 
and cuisses 

783 A pair of halberds 

784 A three-quarter suit ; consisting of visor helmet, gorget, pauld- 

rons, back and breast plates, with lance rest, taces, and cuisses 

785 A figure, in cap-a-pie suit; consisting of helmet, with fluted visor 

and plume, gorget, breast plates engraved and channelled, back 
plate, pauldrons, gauntlets, tassets, cuisses, jambs, and sollerets, 
holding a sword with iron hilt 

786 A visor helmet, and a back and breast plate 

787 Two partisans 

788 A halberd ; and a partisan 

789 Two halberds ; and a partisan 

790 An open helmet, gorget, and pauldrons ; and a painted breast and 

bnck plate 

791 A figure, in a cap-a-pie suit, partly engraved ; consisting of helmet> 

with barred visor, crest and plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm 
pieces and gauntlets, pointed breastplate, backplate, tassets, 
cuisses, jambs, and soUerets 

Digitized by 



792 A glaive, with broad blade ; and a sword^ with iron basket hilt 

793 A figure, in buff suit, leather boots, and a demi suit; consisting of 

visor helmet, with plume and serrated crest, with lobster breast 
and back plates, with engraved tassets, lobster pauldrons, arm- 
lets with gussets and gauntlets, holding a sword with broad 
Solingen blade — inscribed 

794 A figure, in buff suit and leather boots, and three-quarter suit; 

consisting of visor helmet, of salade form, with plume, gorget, 
pauldrons, arm pieces, and fluted gauntlets, backplate, fluted 
breastplate, with taces and fluted cbisses, holding a sword with 
pierced hilt and broad blade 

795 A helmet, the visor with upright bars, and a back and breast plate 

796 A figure, in a cap-a pie suit; consisting of visor helmet, with plume, 

gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces and gauntlets, back and breast 
plates, with tassets, cuisses, jambs, and soUerets 

797 A fine glaive, with pierced blade ; and a rapier, with pierced hilt 

798 A demi suit ; consisting of open helmet, pointed breastplate, back- 

plate, and cuisses 

799 A halberd ; and a partisan 

800 Two halberds ; and a partisan 

801 Two partisans 

802 A pikeman's helmet, engraved ; and a back and breast plate 

803 A figure, in a cap-a-pie suit, with visor helmet, and plume, gorget, 

pauldrons, gauntlets, backplate, breastplate and tassets of un- 
common form, lobster cuisses, jambs, and soUerets, holding a 
rapier with pierced hilt 

804 A BEAUTIFUL German Pikeman's Casque, engraved all over 

with coats of arms, trophies, and birds — inscribed *• Karl 
Schurst. Zu. Schenwor. etc' 

805 A demi suit ; consisting of gorget and pauldrons, back and breast 

plates, and lobster cuisses 

806 A casque ; and a back and breast plate 

807 A figure, in a cap-a-pie suit; consisting of visor helmet, and 

plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces and gauntlets, lobster 
breastplate, tassets, and cuisses, with serrated edges, backplate, 
jambs, and soUerets 

B 2 

Digitized by 



808 A fine glaive, with broad blade 

809 A rapier^ widi pierced-cup hilt and swept guard, and inscribed 


810 A demi suit ; cmisisting of casque, gorget^ and pauldrons, back and 

breast plates, and lobster cuisses 

81 1 A pair of halberds ; and a spear 

812 Two partisans; and two halberds 

813 An open casque; a channelled breastplate ; and a backplate 

814 A figure, in a cap-a-pie suit ; consisting of visor helmet, with door 

and plume> gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces and gauntlets, fluted 
breastplate^ with tassets and backplate, cuisses, jambs, and 

815 A plain glaive ; and a rapier, with pierced hilt 

816 A three-quarter suit ; consisting of gorget and pauldrons, a vety 

fine fluted breastplate, with taces engraved with figures, back- 
plate, and lobster cuisses 

817 A fine casque, with ear pieces, and high crested ridge and plume 

holder, engraved with trophies and Maltese crosses 

818 Two small plain spears 

819 A demi suit of black rmour; consisting of open casque, with ear 

pieces, gorget, 9> pauldrons, back and breast plates and 

820 Three plain halberds 

821 Four ditto 

822 A pikeman*s casque, with ridge, and a back and breast plate 

823 A Figure, in Finb Cap-a-Pic Suit; consisting of helmet of 

salade form, with fluted visor and phime, gorget, pauldrons^ 
' arm pieces, and gauntlets, a very fine breastplate, engraved 
with foliage and subjects of the Crucifixion and St. George and 
the Dragon, with rack for laiice rest, backplate, tassets, en- 
graved cuisses, jambs, and soUerets, with serrated edges 

824 A spear, with broad blade ; and a rapier, with pierced hilt 

825 A three-quarter suit of black armour; consisting of helmet, with 

visor, gorget, and pauldrons, back and breast plates, and cuisses 
with knee pieces 

826 A pair of halberds, with waved crosses 

Digitized by 



827 Two halberds ; and a partisan, with Ion; BfXke 


SUIT^ of plate armour, with twisted edges; consisting of 
ridged helmet^ with gorget attached, visor, and beaver, paid- 
drons, arm-pieces, with cossets and gauntletS| back and breast 
plate, with lance rest, lobster tassets, cuisses, jambs, and square- 
toed sollerets-^n square wood plinth. 

End of Seventh Day'e Sale. 

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Eighth Day^s Sale. 

On TUESDAY, JULY 14, 1857, 



829 Three spurs, one very large; an iron heel; and two other 


830 An air gun 

831 A single-barrel percussion gun, by Powell 

832 A black lobster tasset ; and a fine chanfrou, with spike 

833 An oriental dagger^ with metal sheath and handle; one, with 

engraved blade ; and one, with pierced handle 

834 A dagger, the blade engraved with figures — inscribed ^ Pandor" 

835 A cutlass, engraved with the Crucifixion. Date 1559 

836 A sword, with broad blade, engraved with the Crucifixion and 

St. Stephen, and German inscription, in leather sheath 

837 An oriental sword, with metal sheath and handle ; and a sabre, 

with lion's head pommel 

838 A BEAUTIFUL Breastplate, engraved with foliage in channels, 

a figure in armour^ kneeling before a crucifix, with German 
inscription. Date 1580 

839 A sword, with serrated back and chased guard, the handle of wood, 

carved with a lion's head 

840 A small sword^ with broad ridged blade, the guard, pommel, and 

hilt, chased with battle pieces in very high relief 

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841 A BEAUTIFUL CIRCULAR Shield, the border and part of the 

centre engraved with ornaments 

842 A case, mounted with metal, with a knife and fork, with brass 


843 A dagger, in pierced sheath, with mother-o'-pearl handle ; an 

Indian dagger ; and a pair of foils 

844 A sabre, in brass sheath, with chased hilt 

845 A knife and fork, with chased handles and metal sheath, mounting 

and chain, engraved 


HELMET, with lobster neckpiece and socket for bar, the 
whole engraved with masks and trophies of arms : it has been 
formerly gilt. Of the time of the Restoration 

847 A short sword, with flint-lock pistol attached, the brass hilt and 

guard chased with birds, and bird's head pommel, and shagreen 
handle — inscribed Juriaan Chorus, *' Rotterdam " 

848 A straight sword, with brass handle^ pommel, and cross, chased 

with foliage and lion's head 

849 A Splendid Circular Shield, with raised cantre of russet and 

steel, engraved with coats of arms and foliage 
849*A small sword, with brass hilt and handle, chased with figures ; 
and one, with brass hilt and pearl handle 

850 A very fine pauldron and arm piece, with gusset, engraved with 

foliage and other ornaments, partly gilt 

851 An oriental dagger ; and a pistol, by Griffin 

852 A fine chanfron 

853 A jristol, by Felix, Paris, the barrel inlaid with gold, the butt and 

lock mounted with silver, beautifully chased with medallions 
and flowers 

854 A sword, with brass cross, hilt, and sheath 

855 A BEAUTIFUL GoRGET, with a fine chasing of an engagement of 

cavaliers, the border engraved with trophies 

856 A couteau de chasse, engraved with figures and inscriptions, with 

agate handle and sheath, chased silver hilt and mountings 

857 A couteau de chasse, with engraved blade, and mother-o'-pearl hilt, 

mounted with silver 

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858 A brace of pistols, by Griflbi, mouBted with chased silver 

859 A VKRT FINE RiBB£D Chanfron, with plume holder 

860 A brace of pistols, by Delany, mounted with lions* masks in 


861 A TBRT BBAUTiFUL GoROET, of copper gilt, embossed and diased 

in high relief, with Alexander and Darius, and trophies 

862 A small sword* with triangular blade and silver hilt, chased with^ 

an eagle 

863 Another, with pierced guard, chased with figures 

864 Another, with cut-steel hilt 

865 A fine circular shield, with spike centre, and brass bosses round the 


866 A beautiful small sword, with triangular blade, the iron hilt inlaid 

with flowers in gold 

867 Another, with pierced grip, with flowers chased in high relief, 

and gilt 

868 A FINE GoROBT, chased with a relief of a cavalier of the time of 

Charles I., and engraved with trophies 

869 A small sword, with agate handle and iron gtiard 

870 A sword, with waved blade, the guard and pommel chased with 

horsemen in high relief 

871 A BEAUTIFUL CIRCULAR SHIELD, with spike centre, surrounded 

by embossed rays, the divisions and borders beautifully engraved 
with scrollwork and twisted rim 

872 A small sword, with pierced blade, and chased brass hilr, and 

porcelain grip ; and one, with ivory handle 

874 A pistol tinder box 

875 Two couteaux de chasse, with engraved blades 

876 A VERY FiNB Circular Shield, with twisted edge and spike 

centre, engraved, surrounded by six masks in high relief 

877 A very fine morion, with high crest, engraved with a medallion 

and scrollwork 

878 Another, of nearly similar form, engraved with scrolls in diamond- 

shaped compartments 

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879 A curious back and breast plate, to open in the cei^re : it has 

been pierced by a bullet 

880 Three pairs of Solingen foik ; and a small model of a casque 

881 A circular shield^ of carton-pierre, with subjects in relief from 

ancient history 

882 A couteau de chasse, with engraved blade ; and a dagger 

883 A very fine backplate, with lobster garde de reine 

884 A leather powder flask and strap; a ditto bottle; and an 

engraved horn 

885 A powder flask, of ivory, engraved, with leather bag and belt 

886 A horn powder flask, carved with an historical subject in relief 

887 Two horn powder flasks, engraved with hunting subjects 

888 A circular ring powder flask, inlaid with ivory 

889 A oowhom powder flask ; an engraved tube ; Bebsoni's shot belt ; 

a pair of sabots ; and an iron scull cap— y^iom Tanffiers 

890 A powder flask ; n bit ; the mounting of a pouch ; and one other 


891 A bbster breastplate ; and a backplate 

892 A pair of curious wooden stirrups, mounted with iron 

893 A black helmet, with visor and beaver 

894 A very fine wheel lock, chased with animals and engraved with 


895 Another, mounted with brass, and engraved with a hunting subject ; 

and one other 

896 Another, chased with figures, and engraved with subjects 

897 A steel crossbow, with engraved wooden butt 

898 Another, of steel 

899 Another, with windlass, and an iron bolt and guard 


900 A partisan, engraved with arms and inscription 

901 A powerful fighting sword, with cross guard and ponuuel, chased 

with trophies 

902 A FIGURE, IN A PINE CAP-A-PIE SUIT: consisting of 

helmet, with plume, pointed visor, with chased sides, and twisted 

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edges, pauldroQ8> arm pieces, gussets and gauntlets, engraved 
and channelled, gorget of uncommon character, backplate, 
breastplate, lobster tassets, engraved with medallions and 
trophieis, plain cuisses, jambs, and soUerets 

903 A fine partisan, with engraved blade 

904 A sword, with broad waved blade and modern hilt 


consisting of helmet, with plume and fluted visor, gorget, the 
pauldrons, and arm pieces with very fine gussets, with engraved 
borders^ and scale gauntlets, the back and breast plates, and 
lobster tassets engraved with medallions and trophies^ with 
plain cuisses, jambs, and soUerets 

906 A very fine halberd, the blade covered with ei^raving 

907 A battleaxe 


of tilting armour; consisting of ridged helmet, visor, triple 
beaver, gorget attached, pauldrons, with roundels, armlets, 
with gussets and scale gauntlets, back and breast plale, with 
lance rest, tassets, cuisses, black leather boots, and gilt spurs — 
on square wood plinth 

909 A partisan, the blade engraved with arms and inscription 

910 A powerful fighting sword, with iron hilt pommel, and guard, and 


911 Two halberds ; and two partisans 

912 Two spears ; and a partisan 

913 Two black pikemen*s casques 

914 A helmet, gorget, pauldrons, back and breast plates, of black 


915 j\ figure, in a three-quarter suit of black armour; consisting of 

helmet, with barred visor and plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm 
pieces and gauntlets, back and breast plates, with taces, cuisses, 
knee pieces, and leather boots 

916 A partisan; and a sword, with cross guard 

917 Two halberds ; two spears; and a spetum 

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918 A figure> in a three-quarter Uaek suit; consisting of helmet, with 

barred yisor and plume, gorget, pauldrons, gauntlets^ breast 
and back plates, lobster cuisses, knee pieces, and leather boots, 
holding a sword with pierced hilt and swept guard 

919 Two black pikemen's casques 

920 A visor helmet, and back and breast plates, of black armour 

921 A figure, in a three-quarter black suit ; consisting of helmet, with 

barred visor and plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces and 
gauntlets, back and breast plates, lobster cuisses, and leather 

922 A halberd ; and a figure, with pierced hilt 

923 Four halberds ; and a partisan 

924 A figure, in a black cap-a-pie suit; consisting of helmet, with 

visor and plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces and gauntlets, 
back and breast plates, with tassets, cuisses, jambs, and sol- 

925 A partisan ; and a sword, with barred hilt 

926 Two black pikemen's casques 

927 A black visor helmet, gorget, and back and breast plates 

928 A figure, in black cap-a-pie suit ; consisting of visor helmet, with 

throat piece and plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces and 
gauntlets, back and breast plates, lobster cuisses, jambs, and 
soUerets v 

929 A partisan ; and a fighting sword, with broad blade, inscribed 

930 Three halberds ; and a partisan 

931 A figure, in a black cap-a-pie suit ; consisting of helmet, with 

visor and plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces and gauntlets^ 
pointed breastplatiu backplate, with taces, lobster cuisses, and 
iron boots ^ 

982 A halberd, with broad blade ; and a sword, with pierced hilt 

933 Two black pikemen's helmets 

934 A black casque, and a back and breast plate 

935 A figure, in a black cap-a-pie suit; consisting of visor, helmet and 

plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces and gauntlet, back and 
breast plate, lobster cuisses, jambs, and sollerets 

936 A partisan ; and a fighting sword 

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937 Two partisanB ; and three halberds 

938 A figure^ in a black cap^a-pie suit ; consisting of visor, helmet and 

plume, gorget^ pauldrons, arm pieces, gauntlets, back and breast 
plates, cuisses, and iron boots 

939 A halberd ; and a fighting sword, with basket hilt 

940 Two black pikemen's casques 

941 A black visor helmet, gorget, back and breast plate, with tassets 

942 A figure, in a black cap-a-pie suit ; consisting of visor, helmet 

and plume, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces, with gussets, jambs, 
and Bollerets 

943 A partisan; and a sword, with pierced hilt 

944 A spetum ; a partisan ; and three halberds 

945 Two black pikemen^s helmets 

946 A black salade-shaped helmet, gorget, back and breast plates 

947 A figure, in black cap-a-pie suit ; consisting of helmet, with visor, 

plume, and neck piece, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces, and 
gauntlets, back and breast plates, cuisses. Jambs, and sollerets 

948 A halberd; and a sword, with very broad blade and basket hilt 

949 A very fine pierced halberd, with long spike, the blade engraved 

with ornaments 

950 A Chinese shield, covered with hide, and ornamented with kylins 

and other figures 

951 A pair of halberds, with triple blades 

952 A figure, in a three-quarter suit; consisting of open hdmet, with 

ear pieces and high ridge, embossed with fleuf*-de-lis and other 
ornaments, gorget, pauldrons, arm pieces, and gauntlets, back 
and breast plates, and cuisses, engraved with figures and arms, 
and leather boots 

953 A fine two-handled sword, with serrated edge, the blade and eroes 

hilt engraved 

End of Eighth Day'$ Sale. 

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Ninth DaTft Sale. 

On WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 1857, 

AT TW EL V J o'clock FBSOIflELT. 


954 A wheel lock gun^ with windlass, with inlaid butt 

955 Another, with plain butt 

956 A windlass; and a very powerful double windlass 

957 A very powerful crossbow, the butt of wood and ivory 

958 A pistol crossbow, imperfect ; and four curious bolts 

959 A very powerful steel crossbow, the butt carved with a crouching 


960 Another, with wooden bow and ivory butt 

961 Another, with steel bow and barrel, and sight 

962 A horseman's hammer, with spike end 

963 A mace, with spiked end and fluted shaft 

964 A curious match-lock gun 

965 A powerful two-haadled fighting sword, engraved 

966 Another, with date 1340 

967 A Burmese sword ; three English bayonets ; and a small iron hand 


968 A rifle gun barrel, date 1684> the stock inlaid with ivory 

969 A rifle, with wheel lock, engraved with a hunting subject 

970 A wheel-lock carbine rifle barrel, the stock inlaid with ivory; and 

a wheel-lock pistol 

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971 A wheel-lock pistol, with bail end, inlaid with hunting subjects in 


972 Two spiked clubs ; a gun stock, inlaid with ivory ; and part of a 

wheel lock 

973 A blunderbuss ; and a three-barrel short wheel-lock gun 

974 A short wheel-lock gun, engraved; and another, with chased 

barrel and carved stock 

975 A curious wheel-lock pistol ; and one other 

976 A very long match-lock gun 

977 Another, mounted with brass 

978 A gun, with ribbed barrel, chased, and flint lock 

979 A short wheel-lock gun, with inlaid stock 

980 A long iron spear ; a linstock ; and another spear, with chased 


981 A battleaxe, with iron handle and knife ; and one other, of 

curious form, silver mounted 

982 A glazed case of trophies found on the field of Waterloo 

983 Another, with a model of an armoury • 

984 A circular Indian shield, of buffalo hide 

985 A circular stand, with twenty-five muskets, with brown barrels 

and percussion locks, by Powell, and leather pouches 

986 Another stand, with twenty-five ditto 

987 Another stand, with twenty-five tower muskets, with flint locks ; 

and bayonets and sheaths, with leather pouches 

988 Another stand, with twenty-five ditto 

989 A 4-lb. carronade, on carriage, with sponge and charger 

990 A ditto 

991 A pair of small brass models oT cannons, on wooden carriages, with 

coat of arms 

992 A pair of ditto, with arms and date, 1792 

993 A single iron ditto, on stand 

994 A mortar ditto, on stand 

995 A small cannon, on carriage 

996 A pair of gates, formed of thirteen large and twelve smaller 


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fluted ; consisting of salade-shapcd helmet^ in one piece, with 
the gorget, hack and breast plates, roundels and lance rest, 
pauldrons, arm pieces and gauntlets, hatVwing cuisses and 
jamhs^ tassets, taces, and sollerets, with long pointed toes 

998 Two fine halberds, with engraved blades^ one with a coat of 


999 A sword, with broad blade, swept guard, and fluted pommel 

1000 A VERY FINE Circular Shield, with spike centre, engraved 

with ornaments in compartments, divided by raised flutings 

1001 Another, equally fine, of difierent form, with spike centre and 

engraved ornaments 


armour^ engraved ; consisting of ridged helmet, with men- 
toniere, a very fine specimen of manteau d'armes, with cross 
bars, back and breast plates, taces and tassets, lance rest, 
roundel for the right arm, pauldrons, arm pieces, gaimtlets, 
cuisses and jambs, and pointed sollerets 

1003 A long broad sword, with chased swept guard and chased 



beautifully channelled and engraved; consisting of ridged 
helmet, with visor and beaver, gorget attached^ fine pauldrons, 
arm pieces and gauntlets, back and breast plates, with 
lance rest, lobster tassets, cuisses and jambs, and very broad- 
toed sollerets— date about*1550. A magnificent specimen^ 
of the highest quality 


OF GLOBOSE FORM ; consisting of ridged helmet, with 
beaver, the pauldrons with pass guards attached^ back and 
breast plates, with lance rests^ taces and tassets, arm pieces, 
with very fine specimens of gussets, gauntlets, cuisses, and 
jambs^ and very broad-toed sollerets : of fine German work 
—date al^out 1550 

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1006 A fine bmad swotd,^ the^flat pommel and swept guard beautiruUy 

chaMJhwith tu>raem€a aod other figures^ the blade inscribed 

1007 A i^l, Whk broad blade, eti^ved 

1008 A WNB G1.AIVE, with broad blade, engraved 

1009 A BEATTTiFUL Cium^R Shield, with spike centre, richly 

engraved witiifoHige 

1010 Another, of similar rorm, engraved with different ornaments 
10} 1 A beautiful fighting sword, the swept hilt, guard, and pommel 

elaborately engraved with figures 


in a complete cap-a-pie suit of fine plate armour, partly fluted ; 
consisting of helmet of curious form, with twisted crest and 
plumeholder, fluted visor and chain neck piece^ back and 
breast plates, with roundels, pauldrons, arm pieces^ with bat's- 
wing gussets and gauntlets, taces and tassets, cuisses, jambs, 
* and square-toed sollerets, chain shirt, and very long spurs ; 
the horse of carved wood, with chanfron, with cheek pieces* 
lobster manefaire, croupier, poitral^ reins, bit, and steel saddle ; 
the figure holds in his right band a beautiful state swbrd, 
inscribed ^' Ego sum Talbotti, pro vincere inimicossuos," &c. ; 
the handle and cross of brass enamelled, with blue velvet 
cloak, and heraldic housings and coronet-— on carved Gothic 
oak stand, emblazoned with coats of arms in panels 



1013 Three blue banners, with arms 

1014 Three bannerets 

1015 A pair of banners^ with coats of arms 

1016 Three blue banners, with arms 

1017 Three banners 

1018 A red silk flag/ inscribed witn the batdes of the Peninsula and 


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1019 A blue sUk flag. Carried by the Earl qf Shrewsbury at the 

funeral of William IV. 

1020 The flag of a Greek pirate. Brought to England by Sir Oren' 

vitte Temple 


1021 An Indian spear, with carved shaft ; a wooden pillow ; two 

spear shafts ; and four paddles and dubs 

1022 An Indian spear, mounted with chased silver ; and another, with 

waved blade 

1023 An Indian spear shaft ; another, pamted ; and four paddles and 

J024 A scull of a shark ; and two small crocodiles 

1025 A scull of a rhinoceros. A fine large epecmen 

1026 A scull of an elephant. A fine large specimen 

1027 A scull of a hippopotamus. Afijie large specimen 

1028 A pair of horns of the sea unicorn 

1029 A cane, with met^l box head; and on^ with an eagle's head in 

1090 A gong — ^imperfect 

1031 A pair of bullock's horns ; and sundry fish hooks and belts 

1032 A South Sea adze; a basalt club; part of a sheath, of horn; 

and a belt, with sword 

1033 A small adze; a water bottle; a head, in stone; and a flax 


1034 A grass shield ; sundry arrows and bolts ; and three carved wood 


1035 A palm-leaf hat; two long arrows, with firfi bones; a carved 

implement ; and a club 

1036 A pamted staff; three dubs; a flax beater; and a woodwi 


1037 Four clubs, of different shapes 

1038 An Arctic deer-skin dress ; a green jade idol ; and various 

ornaments and belts 


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1039 Three sword-fish speen ; a pair of shoes ; a pair of niooassiiis ; 

various arrows ; a flute ; two booe implements ; and two 
iddUf carved in wood 


1040 Two pairs of elk horns 

1041 Two pairs of buffalo boms 

1042 An Indian bull's horns, with skull 

1043 A group of twelve horns and a riiinoceros hom^ arranged as a 


1044 Six ditto ; a rhinoeeros horn ; and three pairs of small bonis 

1045 A gong 



1046 A figure of Nqpoleon^ in bronze*— 23in. high 

1047 A model of a Chinese p;s^goda> of bronze and v^etal gilt, witH 

small bells, on wood plinth— :about 6 ft. high 
|048 Figure^pf Le Grand Talbot and bis oountesz-r-cartc^rpierre, 

1049 An obelisk, of Derbyshire spar, on squaise white marble pedestal* 

with festoons of fruits — ^34 in. high 

1050 Charles Martel : a group, in bronziej by Gechter, 1839—19 in. 


1051 Jeanne d'Arc : the companion groiqp, by Gediteri 1839r-27 in* 


1052 A trophy in the form of a column, formed df cannon and sbel^ q{ 

alabaster, on square white marble pedestal, with eagles at the 
G^les — 62 in. high 

1053 A pair of glazed oak cases, containing polished specimens of 

pebbles — ^28 ia by 16 in. 

1054 An ancient stake, found in the Thames, in glazed case 

1055 A carved ivory Chmese pagoda, under glass case — i^UL bigl^ 

1056 A small model of a man-ot-war, in ivory, and glass case 

1057 Three models of Chinese junks 

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1058 A small glazed case^ containing a bottle, of antique glass, and 
five vases; and a lamp, of terra-cotta— ^/bimcl at Delos and 

1059' A fine old Vmietian bronze figure of a lion, with handle to form a 

1060 Another, with handle to form a jug 

1061 An enamelled tile, and a terra-cotta relief of keys, 1775— ^om 

the Alhambra; a slab-profit Corinth; and an enamelled 
iWo—from Reading Abbey 

1062 Six petri&ctions ; a stone axe head; a cannon ball; and four 

pieces of t^ra-cotta 

1063 A bust of Sir Gilbert Talbot, of Grafton Manor, carved in wood 

and coloured 

1064 A blown glass wig, in glass case 

1065 A kneeling figure of Vishnu, with the hooded snake, in white 


1066 A pair of bronze naphtha lamps, supported on triangular pedestal, 

with children 

1067 A handsome scroll square-shaped pedestal, of vdned marble— 

4 ft. 5 in. high 

1068 The companion^ 

I06ff Heads of St. Peter and St. Paul— reliefs, in metal gilt 

1070 An inkstand ; two letterweights; a match stand; and a medallion 


1071 A dmall clock, in or-moulu case, by^ Waltrin 

1072 A japanned glazed case, with relics ; and two benetieres 

1073 An ebony frame, with a relief in metal gilt of the Entombment, 

the Maries beneath the cross above 

End of Ninth Days Sale. 


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Tenth Day's Sale. 

On THUBSDAT, JULT 16, 1857, 




1075 A pair of noble jars and covers, of fine old japan, with figures 

and flowers in gold and colours — 34 in. high 

1076 A pair of jardinieres and stands, deep blue, with flowers enam- 

elled in colours and compartments 

1077 A beautiful bowl, with landscapes in Indian ink, in compartments, 

the border enamelled in colours, in delicate patterns, and fish 
inside — 15 in. diameter 

1078 A padr of beakers, seagreen, with butterflies and flowers enam- 

elled in colours— 13 in. high 

1079 A pair of garden seats, enamelled with figures, with fruit and 

butterfly borders, on seagreen ground 

1080 A Pair of noble Jars, turquoise ground, enamelled with 

Chinese figures, butterflies, and flowers in colours — 32 b. 

1081 A pair of fine jars and covers, deep blue, with landscapes and 

flower borders beautifully pencilled in gold, one imperfect—- 
24 in. high 

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1082 A handsome bowl, richly enamelled with Chinese figures, flowers, 

and butterflies, on gold ground^ turquoise ground inside 

1083 The companion 

1084 A very fine dish, of old japan, with landscapes and chrysanthe- 

mums in gold, on deep blue— 24 in. diameter 

1085 The companion 

1086 A Pair of beautiful Vases, with dragons in grey and brown, 

on deep blue ground, mounted, with rims and handles of or- 
moulu — ^20 in. high 

1087 A pair of flat jars and covers, with handles, deep blue, pencilled 

with landscapes and ornaments in gold, surmounted by kylins 
24 in. high 

1088 A fine jar and cover, deep blue, with landscapes and foliage in 

gold — ^23 in. high 

1089 Another, of rare black ground, rocks and flowers in green and 

white — 22 in. high 

1090 A pair of garden seats, enamelled with flowers and butterflies, on 

seagreen ground 

1091 A Pair of beautiful large Jars, with Chinese imperial 

figures and flowers, and trellis, on seagreen ground-^3 in. 

1092 A pair of handsome jars, enamelled with Chinese figures and 

butterflies in colours — 25 in. high 

1093 A pair of garden seats, with figures and borders of flowers and 

butterflies enamelled in colours 

1094 A Pair of fine largb Jars, enamelled with procesdons of 

figures and implements, and ornaments on green ground, the 
colours very brilliant and delicate, turquoise inside— ^32 in. 


enamelled with plants, flowers, and butterflies on white ground, 
and borders of brilliant colours, the lids surmounted by 
kylins— 50 b. high 

1096 The favourite dog of the Empress Catherine, of Dresden, on 

crimson and g(Ad damask cushion 

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1097 A vase, of oriental a]^b^ter — 12 ia. bigb 

1098 A column^ lumacbella marble^ witb base ai^d capital pf statuary 

43 in. higb 

1099 A Bust of Caracalla, on socle 

1100 A pair of half-columns, of Sienna marble, n^b ^M^mrj base — 

38 in. 

1 101 A square tazza^ of ori^ntal alabaster^ wiih iwans at the, sxif^t^ 

qn verd-antiq;ue plinth — 14^ in. high 

1102 A square tazza, of veined antique alabaster, fluted, with four 

handles — 15 iu. high 

1103 A Pair of Columns, of red and green qaarble, witb. Corinthian 

capitals and bases of statuary — 6 ft. 3 in. hi^ 

1104 A fluted circular tazza, of giallo^ with hand)ea. 

1105 A green circular tazza» on porphyry plinth 

1106 A Roman male bust, in toga, on socle 

1107 A half-column, of lilac and white marble, on stat»ary b a o o ^** 

52 in. high 

1108 A circular tazza, with handles of dark green serpentine, on por- 

phyry plinth 

1 109 A half-column, of giallo, on statuary base — 37 in. 

1110 A Bust of the Empress Marie Louise, on socle 

till A half-column, of giallo marble, with statuary base— 50 in. 

1112 A circular tazza, of Derbyshire spar, on square black marble 


1113 A half-colunm> of Verona marble, on statuary base — 36 in. 

1114 A i^A^LL Hajuf Column, of fine Oriental Alabaster, 

beautifully veined with red, on giallo pedestal' and verd- 
ai^tique pli^|h»*2Q in. high 

1115 A half-columi^ of dark green marblq, with statuary base and 

verd-antique plinth— 37 in, high 

1116 A Statuette of ^sculapius — 30 in. high 

1117 A column, of verd-antique, with bas^ and capital of statti^rgf^ 

43 in. 

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1118 A VERY FiHB Amphora^ of Oriental Alabaster, with 

upright handles and cover, on plintb— 36 in. 

1119 Avert fine Amphora, of Bianco e Nebo Aimoo, of similai' 

form, on plinth— 36 in. 

1120 A Pair of fine Giallo Half-Columns, with statuary bases 

— 38 in. high 

1121 A Bust of Pius VII, in robes, on socle 

1122 A half-column, of verd-antique, on statuary base — 47 in. high 

1123 A Bust of Cardinal Gonsalti, on socle 

1124 A fine half-column, of verd-antique, with statuai^ base-^SPin. 



on a footstool, by Gott, with the Doria and Shrewsbury arms, 
on black marble plinth— -24 in. wide 

1126 A PINE BUST OP POPE PIUS IX., of heroic si«e, in his 

robes, on socle 

1127 A square pedestal, of grey marble, with base and capital— 49 in. 


1128 A circular tazza, of black basalt, the handles broken 

1129 A fine circular tazza, of serpendne, with handles — 18 in: diametenr 

1130 A Pair of rats CoLdiiNs, of ydlow and grey oriental marble> 

With lode capitals and bases of statuary — 5 ft. lO in. high 
1181 Tbb DaktzathicBi after Canova — 37 in. high 

1132 A half-column, of granite, on statuary base— 45 in. high 

1133 A circular tazza, of oriental alabaster, on green marble base, the 

handles imperfect— 17 in. diameter 

1134 A half-«olumn, of purple and white antique marble, with statuary 

base — 41 in. 

1135 A BiTST op Pauis, in Phrygian cap 

1136 A half-column, of black veined marble» on statuaiy base— 45 in. 


1137 A Bust of Hblbn, on sode 

1138 A half-column, of black veined marble, on statuary base— 45 in. 


1139 A FiKB Canopus, of oriental alabasterj with hieroglyphics and 

catshead cover«— 18 in. high 

Digitized by 



1140 A column, of purple and white veined marble, with statuary base 
and capital — 46 in. high 

1141' A FiNB Bust of Franklin, on socle 

1142 A half-column^ of grey and red antique marble, on statuary base 

— 42 in. high 

1143 A Statuette of Flora, on grey marble base, one hand im- 

perfect — 30 in. high 

1144 A granite half-column, on statuary base— 45 in. high 

1145 A FINE Bust of the Dug db Bordeaux, by Tenerani 

1146 A column, of Egyptian green alabaster, with statuary base and 

capital— 46 in. high 

1147 A Bust of the Princess Borohese, on socle 

1 148 A granite half-column, on statuary base— 45 in. high 

.1150 A fine Half-Column, of Giallo, of rich colour, on statuary 
base— 45in. high 

1152 A Half-Column, of fine Giallo, on statuary base— 45 in. 


1153 A VERT ELEGANT CIRCULAR Tazza, of giallo, with three masks, 

on fluted tripod stand, supported by three terminal heads 
and feet of lions, on black marble base— 33 in. high 

1154 A granite half-column, with statuary base — 45 in. high 

1155 A BEAUTIFUL Tazza, of rosso, on tripod legs and lions' paws, 

on statuary plinth — ^28 in. high 

1156 A column, of Egyptian alabaster, with statuary base and capital 

— 43 in. high 

1157 A pair of small busts of Antinous and Augustus, crowned with 

laurel wreaths^ on secies 

1158 A PAIR OF Beautiful Columns, of verde-antique, with statuary 

bases and capitals — 6 ft. 6 in. high 

1159 A FINE Bust of Diana, of the French Museum^ on socle 

1160 A half-column, of giallo, on statuary base — 38 in. high 

1161 The Town ley Clytie, on socle 

Digitized by 



1162 A half-column, of gialIo> on statuary base— ^ in. 

1163 RAFFAELLE, BY CECX3ARINI: a beautiful statue of the 

great artist, life size : he is seated looking at a sketch of the 
Transfiguration, which he holds in his hand, painting imple- 
ments lying at his feet— on stone pedestal. This noble work 
of art is inscribed ^ Johannis Ceccarini Scvlpsit, anno 1833'* 

1164 An elegant tazza, of rosso, on tripod stand, sculptured with vine 

leaves and grapes, on circular verd-antique base — IQ^in. high 

1165 A circular tazza, of Verona marble, on fluted tripod stand, and 

plinth of black marble 


]165*A HANDSOME Oblono Tablb, ou massive stand of black 
marble, the slab inlsud with specimens of coloured marbles in 
diamonds — 64 in. by 33 in. 

1166 A FINE OBLONG TABLE, on massive stand of black 

marble, the slab inlaid in squares with specimens of rare 
antique foreign and English marbles, and border of verd- 
antique--6 ft. by 3 ft. 


1168 An elegant Table, the stand ebonized, with rich mouldings 

of or-moulu, the slab formed of a Cyclopean group of rare 
marbles, with broad black marble border — 34 in. by 22 in. 


ferent rare marbles, agates, and antique glass, arranged in 
festoons on green ground, on stem of red marble and statuary 
plinth-— 33 in. diameter 


the circular centre are exotic birds, surrounded by flowers 
and fruit on black ground, enclosed in a band of conyolvoli 
and ribbon, beyond which is a beautiful circle of flower 
arabesques, on white ground, a^d outer band of grew olive 
leaves, mounted with metal rim, fuid supported on a beautiftil 
giallo stem, sculptured with ao^thus leaves. An exquisite 
work of the kigkest quality 

Digitized by 





on triangular stand> richly sculptured with acanthus leaves 
and Grrecian honeysuckles, lions' heads and claws at the 
angles, festoons of flowers and fruits above, surmounted by a 
fluted tazza— about 8 ft. 6 in. high 

1172 A PAIR OF Columns, of Yellow Italian Marble, with 

bases and capitals of statuary^— 5 ft. 10 in. high 

1173 An elegant circular tasza^ with han^es of Egyptian granite, on 

black marble base 

1174 A circular tazza, with handles of grey Italian marble 

1175 THE WARWICK VASE: a noble copy, in statuary marble, 

the size of the original, on square grey marble pedestal and^ 
stone baso— 'the whole about 7 ft. high 

1176 A GRAND Two-handled Vase, of brown and white alabaster, 

sculptured with acanthus leaves and masks, on stone plinth— 
6 ft. 6 m. high 



117'8 Bust of Napoleon^ after Canova, of heroic size 

1179 Bust of Napoleon, after Canova, at a different petiod 

1180 A draped bust of Cicero, on black socle 

1181 A draped bust of Seneca, on black socle 

1182 A pair of sqnaie pedestals, of veined white marble-^37in. high 
1188 Apahrofditto 

1184 A BBAirriFOL Candblabrvm, of statuaty marble, on tripod 
fUntb, supported by dolphins, ^he stem sctdptur^ itith acan- 
thus leaves, surmounted by a fluted tazza, on grey marble 
base— 6 ft. 6 in. high 

Digitized by 



1185 A STATUE OP WINTER— 4 ft. high 


hand imperfect— 4 ft. 2 in. high 


ing a cornucopia of fruits— 5 ft;. 9 in. high 

1188 A STATUE OF MINERVA, draped, with legif, helmet, and 

spear — 6 ft. 4 in. high 

1189 A STATUE OF FLORA: a very elegant draped figure— 

5ft. 9i&higb 

1190 A STATUE OP FLORA: equaUy elegant— 5ft.8in.high 


STATUARY, with double masks at the handles, birds and 
fish in relief on the side% raised on triangular stands, beauti- 
fully sculptured with sacrificial bulls and goat^ heads at the 
angles, on grey marble plinths — about 8 ft. high 

End of TeiUh Dajft ScOe. 

Digitized by 


Eleventh Day's Sale. 

On FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1857, 




1193 A copy from an Etruscan amphora, of English china 

1194 A pair of beautiful oriental jars and covers, with birds and flowers 

in colours, in compartments, on deep blue ground, mounted 
with rims of or-moulu 

1195 A pair of elegant vases, with chrysanthemums, in red and gold, on 

deep blue ground 

1196 A VBRT FINE Barrel-shaped Vessel, of fine old Dres. 

DEN, with minute landscapes, in colours and pink, on rare 

canary ground, on tripod stand, surmounted by an infant 

1197 THE GRECIAN DAUGHTER. A superb group, of the 

finest old Chelsea, of unusual size 

1198 A small ruby glass ewer, engraved with foliage, on a lacquered 



1199 A model of a Roman biga, on verd-antique plinth 

1200 Dogs attacking stags, on giallo plinths— « pair 

1201 A pair of small candelabra, of Pompeian design 

Digitized by 



1202 A model of a Roman biga, on Verona marble plinth 

1203 Ariosto's inkstand ; and a watch stand 

1204 A pair of modem French tazzi, with dragon handles and masks 

1205 A POODLE DOG AND A CAT. A Pair op vert fine 

Old Frbuch Bronzes^ on rich plinths, with legs of or- 
moulu, with chasings of drapery and foliage 

1206 A small bracket, of beautiful old red boule, with or-moulu 


1207 A microscope^ in case ; and a fan skreen, in lacquered case 

1208 A bronze lizard paper weight, on giallo plinth 

1209 A small Berlin iron statue of Frederick the Great ; a bronze 

medallion head of a gentleman; and three small bronze 

1210 Canova^s lions, in terra-cotta — a pair; a satin wood card stand; 

and a pair of japanned skreens 


1212 A column^ of green marble« with statuary base and cup-— 42 in. 


1213 A FINE Mask of Medusa, after the antique 

1214 A FINE Half-Column, of green Egyptian alabaster, with 

statuary vase— 5 ft. high 

1215 A FINE Statuary Bust of a Nymph— small life size 

1216 A FINE Half-Column of Brocatelli, on statuary base— 

5 fi;. high 

1217 A pair of Roman male busts 

1218 A pair of grey granite half-columns, on statuary bases— 45 in. 


1219 A fluted circular tazza^ of Brocatelli^ on square plinth— 20 in. 


1220 A small bath, of giallo 

1221 A large bath, of yellow antique marble, on porphyry plinth 

1222 A bath, of the same^ on black and yellow marble plinth 

1223 A small bust of Venus 

1224 A small group, of two lions fightmg 

Digitized by 



1225 The obeHsks of the Lateraa and Sta Maria Maggiore, of rosso, 

on verde antique plinths 

1226 A siAall bust of Napoleon, by Trentanova, 1828 


1227 A Pair of bbavtifvl Globular Bottlbs, of Modern 
Drbsdbn, encrusted with flowers and fruit in brilliant 

1238 A group of flowers and fruit, ili a plate, with openwork borders, 

of the same— glass shade and stand 

1229 The companion — ^larger 

1230 A beautiful Vasb, of Bbrlin, with a medallion of a female, 

surrounded by roses, in white biscuit, on deep blue ground 
the stem gilt and pencilled with gold— ^lass shade and stand 

1231 An oval S€vres plateau, with a group of shells, and in deep blue 

and gold border 

1232 A beautiful set of red and white carved ivory chessmen 

1233 A Dresden figure of a Bsonkey, in a geBdemaa's dress^-en higlk 

standi encrusted with flowers 

1234 A square match stand, of French porceIaiB> with Chikiese figures ; 

and n ruby botde 


1335 A pair of ortental jars and covers, widi Chinese kndscapes and 
flowers, on green ground 

1236 A beautiful Jar, of deep crimson^ mtii landleieapeSi birds, Md 

flowera m eoispafftments, in eolours, ob white gifound, tbe 
cover brds«a 

1237 A pair of seagreen bottles, enamelled with* Chkiese figures in 


Digitized by 



1288 A pan* of flower pott and stands, seagreeo, enamellsd widi flowers 

and butterflies 
1239 A pair of ditto, witk Chinese figures and birds 
124D A pair of rare jars, yellow ground, with green chrysanthemums 

1241 A beautiful jar, with a subject of Chinese figures and butterflies, 

on seagreen ground, enamelled, in cokmrs 
1343 A pair of fine jars, black ground, with flowers and foliage in 

green and white^-H>ne of them imperfect 

1243 A beautiful scalloped ewer and basin, enamelled with birds and 

flowers — ^the ewer imperfect 

1244 A pair of lilac bottles, with Chinese landscapes pencilled in gold 

1245 A pair of Grerman beakers, with pastoral landscctpes, in colours, 

and deep blue borders— one imperfect 

1246 A flat coffee pot, enamelled with flowers and birds ; a Chelsea 

teapot — imperfect ; and three pen trays 

1247 A bottle, of Venetian schmelze 

1248 A small Worcester inkstand; an inkstand — imperfect; and a 

small oriental figure 
1849 A pair of small candlestidLs, formed of q^ihinxes; and a pair of 
small vases, with eruptions of Vesuvius, of Neapolitan 

1250 An kbst^nd of the same, in ovtJ tray 

1251 A pair of fine oriental jars, with dragons in colours, on green 

gioi]iid-«*-25 in, hi^ 

1252 A fine jar, seagreen, with plants in blue — ^25 in. high 

1253 A pair of jars, richly enaiMUfd, with Chinese figures, birds, and 

flowers, in colours and gotd^ en sea^reen ground^SS in« higb 

1254 A pair of old globular jars, enamelled mAi landscapes, in com- 

partments, on gremi graiiad« eowed with butterfliM and 
floweisr^26.ia. hj^ 

ma A noble; sws of threb jabs and two bea- 
kers, with blue flowered ground, amd birds, plants, and 
monk^ raised iA eoloum, on geld gnmnd, ia eompartmento^ 
tk^ ap¥era sum^eunted by gfid kylku^ the eentre vas^ S6 in. 

Digitized by 



1256 A pair of beakers^ ridily enamelled with Chinese figures, and 

butterflies and flowers, on gold ground 
1257' A pair of fine old vases, deep blue, with landscapes in brown 

and Indian ink^ slightly raised — 15 in. high 

1258 A fine old jar, seagreen ground, with landscapes and animals in 

blue, raised — ^25 in. high 


OLD DRESDEN, partly openwork, encrusted with flowers, 
and grand bouquets of flowers on the tops, figures of Venus 
and Cupid at the sides. These superb specimens are about 
46 in. high 

1260 A fine blue and white jar and cover, with chrysanthemums — 23 

in. high 



1261 A tazza, of giallo marble— imperfect 

1262 A tazza, of oriental alabaster — ^imperfect; and a small half 

column, of giallo 

1263 A small tazza, of rosso ; and a bronze dove, on marble plinth 

1264 A pair of bronze candlesticks, of classical design ; and a bronze 


1265 A rosewood card rack ; two letter boxes ; and a small gold japan 


1266 Eighteen sulphur casts irom captular seats 

1267 A rabbit, in bronze, on marble plinth; a telescope; and a 

candle skreen 

1268 A tazza, of oriental alabaster, with four masks "" 

1269 A bronze model of the temple of Vesta, forming an inkstand 

1270 A giallo model of the tomb of Cornelius Scipio, surmounted by a 

small bust in rosso 

1271 A pair of small lamps, of giallo, on black marble plinths 

1272 A bear, in bronze, on marble jdinth; and two other paper- 


Digitized by 



1273 Pour candle skreens ; an instantaneous lamp ; and a pair of 

dusting bellows 

1274 A small inkstand ; a horn ; a small Etruscan vase ; three en- 

caustic tiles ; and two small boxes 


1275 A pair of vases^ on pedestals of alabaster^ sculptured with classical 

figures and foliage— 4 ft. high 

1276 A pair of ditto^ with flowers, on square pedestals — 50 in. high 

1277 A pair of ditto, with masks and foliage — 50 in. high 

1278 A pair of elegant ewers, of the same, on black and gold marble 

pedestals — 4 ft. 6 in. high 

1279 A pair of circular tazzi, of the same> with foliage, on fluted 

pedestals — 27 in. high 

1280 A vase, of ditto, with a frieze of cupids — 32 in. high 

1281 A pair of noble vases, of the same, with a frieze of masks and 

chimer»> and handles of chimerse, on pedestals— -50 in. 



1282 A two-handled vase, with bouquets of flowers, and deep blue and 

gold borders 

1283 A pair of two-handled vases, painted with fruits and flowers on 

green ground 

1284 A set of three vases,* of the Warwick form, with gold twisted 

handles and vine leaves, beautifully painted with fruits in 
colours on green ground 

1285 A set of three elegant two-handled vases, on pedestals, with 

bouquets of flowers in compartments, on green ground, pen- 
cilled with gold 

1286 A plateau, with two handles, with flowers in colours, on turquoise 


Digitized by 




1S87 A eoDcert of monkeys — a set of dgbt small figures, of old 

1288 A pair cfcaps and samcerS) of dia same, encrasted irith fi>rget- 


1289 A coffee pot and standi milk jog, and sugar basm and eo?er» of 

the same, encrusted widi flowers 

1290 A pair of elegant Dresden Tases, encrusted with firuitii And 


1291 A pair* gwnilar 

1292 A Beriin cop and saucer, with a medallioa portrait of the King 

of Prussia 

1293 A ditto, with a prince of Prussia 

1294 A ditto, of Dresden, with a portrait of Gh)etbe 

1295 A French cup and saucer, in imitation of white lace ; and a 

Berlin cup and saucer, with forget-me-nots 

1296 A Sevres cup and saucer, with heart's-ease 

1297 Another, light blue, with flowers 

1298 A Berlin cup and saucer, with imitations of mosaics 

1299 A ditto, with portrait of the Duke of Mecklenburg 

1300 A ditto, with a royal portrait 

1301 A Vi^uia ditto, with playing cards, on gold ground 

1302 A ditto, with tazzi 

1303 An oriental cup and saucer, enamelled with flowors on gcid 

ground — imperfect ; and three small oriental cups 

1304 A BBAOTiFUL Oval Cup, of finb Old Limoqss Enamsl, 

with l^eads of Judith and Holofemes, birds, and arabesques. 
A very fine specimen^ brilliani in colour * 

1305 An inkstand, of Frendi biscuit, with a female before a terminus ; 

and a very small ewer 

1306 A fine oblong snuffbox, of old Dresden enamel, with a shepherd 

and diqpherdess with sheqp, and flowen;, mounted with nMsl: 

Digftized by 



1307 Aiiother, nearly similar 

1308 An or-moulu taper stand, with flowers, of fine old Dresden 
1809 A Pair of bbautiful Oriental Bottles, with flowers on 

yellow ground, mounted as ewers, with snake handles and 
mask. In fine old taste 

1310 A Pair of Ditto, green ground — one imperfect 

131 1 A pair of elegant candlesticks, of or-moulu 

1312 A handbell, of or-moulu; a gilt paper knife | and two marble 

1S13 Two Bohemian glass scent bottles 

1314 A ruby and gold ditto ; and a ruby bell 

1315 A pair of light blue glasses; and one, green 

1816 A blue and white glass, mounted with metal gilt ; and a pen 
wiper, with a female figure 



bleu and gold^ exquisitely painted with views of Versailles, 
and portraits of Liouis XIV. and ladies of his court, con- 
sisting of teapot, sucrier, two milk jugs, basin, and eight cups 
and saucers 




of olive leaves, on socle, on square white marble pedestal 


OLYMPUS, on socle and square white marble pedestal 

'" ^ on her head, on socle, and veined marble pedestal 


socle, and veined marble sacrum pedestal, with sculptured cap 

1322 A pair of grey marble columns, with statuary capitals and bases 

—5 A. 11 in. high 


Digitized by 



1323 A pair of green Eg3rptian marble oolumns, with statuary bases 

and caps — 7 ft. 1 in. high 


with masks and upright handles^ on grera porphyry plinth—- 
42 in. high 

1325 A BEAUTIFUL Amphora, of similar form, of rare red and grey 

13*26 A pair of lai|;e grey marble half-eolumnsy with white bases — 
47 in. high 

1327 An elegant tazza, of verde-antique> on tripod stand and Sienna 

plinth, and circular stone pedestal— 45 in. high 

1328 An elegant tazza, of gre^ and white Egyptian marble, with 

lions* .pawsy on verde-antique plinth and coloured marble 
pedestal — 37 in. high 

1329 A bas-relief of a lion's head and skin, suspended from rings— 

51 in. wide by 15 in. high 

1330 A square white marble pedestal^ on stone plinth 

1331 A pair of red and wh'te marble columns, with statuary caps and 

bases — 5 ft. 10 in. high 


statuary marble^ on triangular plinths^ sculptured with foliage, 
and goats' masks at the angles^ surmounted by fluted tazzi — 
6 ft. 6 in high 

1333 A models in stucco^ of the altar-tomb^ and the recumbent statue 

of John Talbot, painted and gilt^ and surrounded by shields, 
emblazoned with arms — 1453 

1334 A model of a tomb with recumbent statue, the pedestal sur 

rounded by figures in gothic niches, coloured 

1335 A pair of alabaster vases, on pedestals, sculptured with vines and 

masks— one imperfect 

1336 Two hundred and thirty square encaustic Staffordshire tiles, ' 

pierced with gothic flower ornaments in relief, in colours 

End of Eleventh Day*s Sale. 

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Ttoelflh Day's Sale. 
On SATUBDAT, JULY 18, 1857, 




1340 A pair of frames, containing sixteen beautifully modelled wax 

busts of the royal femilies of Russia^ Prussia, and England ; 
and one frame> with five 

1341 A pair of ditto, with royal and illustrious persons from James I. 

to Greorge II. 

1342 A pair of ditto, with George IV.« and great men of his time 

1343 A pair of ditto, with illustrious characters from Henry VIII. to 


1344 A pur of ditto, with poets and statesmen 

1345 Four ditto-^George III., Sterne, &c. — coloured 

1346 Lord Duncan, Burdett, Romilly, and Roscoe-^a set of four 
' 1347 Priestly, Wesley, &c-^five 

1348 Napoleon, &c. — ^four 

1349 Richard Reynolds — whole-length 

1350 Brutus and Cassius 

1351 Queen Caroline— whole-length 

1352 An old woman, seated ; and a pair of portraits 

Digitized by 





1353 Lord Mansfield^ Lord Nelson, Home Tooke, and Fox 

1354 Lord Thurloe^ Earl of Chatbam^ Princess Charlotte, and Prince 


1355 Four copies from marble busts — George IIL, Duke (tf Wellington, 

&c. — ornamental objects 

1356 Canova's Venus— 23 in high. A beautiful small copy, inetatuary 

1357 A basket of flowers, formed of different shells, under glass shade 

1358 Four enamelled flowerpots and stands, of gothic flower pattern 

1359 Four ditto 

1360 Four ditto 

1361 Four ditto 

1362 Six ditto 

1363 A pair of gothic-pattem pedestal flower stands— 30 in. high 

1364 An openwork stand, in imitation of ori6iitaI-^2 ia. 

1365 A paur of gothic-pattem garden seats 
1S66 A pair of ditto, rustic pattern 
1367 A pair of ditto, oriental pattern 
1868 A pair of ditto 

1369 A pair of ditto 

1370 A pair of green ditto . . , . 

1371 Two dittOi white ipround; and a green flowerpot 

1372 A pair of rustic flowerpots 


1373 A Set of Six Groups of Rustic Figurbs, yix., pne of 

market figures; one of fishwomen, quarrelling and dripkfag{ 
a gypsey family ; a prize fight ; a race of chimney-sweq)^ oq 
donkeys ; and a soldier and pea8ants->-eaeh 31 in. hj 2\ In.^ 
in carved and gilt frames, inserted iiiti|[Otliicoak booki^OH^ 
with two shelves beneath, 11 ft. 6 in. wide, M^delle^ ami 
coloured with wcndetful truth to nature, iy Utrcjf ^ 

Digitized by 



1374 Two DITTO— A huntsman and peasant &mily at a cottage do(u-^ 

and a Greenwich pensioner ; and two other figures, by Percy 
— in similar frames, in upright Gothic oak bookcase, 4 tL I'm, 

1375 Two DITTO— The club; and a village dance — the companion 

1376 A low oak bookcase — ^9 ft. 10 in. long 

1377 A small statuary marble bust of Ceres 

1378 A circular table, of verd-antique, on column and plinth of scag- 

liola — 37 in • diamater 

1379 A set of six cedar chairs, of Tudor pattern, with turned backs, 

the seats covered with crimson Utrecht velvet 

1380 A brass pole and rings 

1381 An oak case, with glazed rising lid, containing a collection of 

about one hundred large and numerous small shells, pearl 
oyster, ehowries, &c. — 53 in. by 24 in. 
1383 A ditto, containing about three hundred specimens of foreign and 
English agates, eight cut crystals, two necklaces of agates, a 
piece of landscape stone, a fly in amber^ two specimens of 
hoMiiatite^ and aventurine 

1383 A ditto, containing sixty-dght named shells. Same rare sped' 


1384 A ditto, containing thirty-two specimens of rare antique marbles, 

being fragments from celebrated temples at Rome 

1385 A ditto— empty 

1386 A ditto 

1387 A ditto 

1388 A rosewood loo table, on pillar and legs 

1389 A carved and gilt gothic pier table^ with statuary marble slab— - 

38in. by 22in. 

1390 The companion table 

1391 A model of the church of the Holy Sepulchre, in oak and mother- 

o'-pearl, under glasashade 
1393 A BBAUTiFUL SEATED FiGURE OF PoPE Glbmbnt XII., in his 

robes, by Braccbi, of Rome — the hand imperfect 
1393 Astatiuiry.bust of t}^ I^jadonna, in relief^ in elabomte metal-gilt 

oval frame 

Digitized by 



1394 A glazed oak table case — 53 in. by 23 in. 

1395 A ditto 

1396 An impresfflon of the seal of Prince Holkar, of Persian characters 

1397 A miniature portrait of Mahommed Akbar Khan, who took 

Lady Sale prisoner during the Affghan war 

1398 A pebble, picked up on the beadi near Portland, Dorsetshire, by 

H.R.H. the Princess Charlotte of Wales, and giren by 
H.R.H, to Lady Harriet Frampton^ in 1814 

1399 An amber necklace ; and five specimens of marble 

1401 A bronze medal of George Stephenson ; one, of Prior Park ; and 

a silver episcopal medal 

1402 A cameo head of Gregory XVI.; a small silver medal of 

Pius IX ; a small gold coin of John V. of Portugal ; and a 
silver seal 

1403 A curious ancient lock, with the crown and royal arms of England 

emblazoned in colours 

1404 A pair of hawks' bells, of silver gilt enamelled 

1405 A miniature of St. Carl Borromeo ; and a monk 

1406 A bronze medallion of the Due de Bordeaux; and a plaster 

medallion of the Duchess of Dessau 

1407 A beautiful tall bottle^ of fine old Venetian schmelze; Formerly 

the property of Maria Mancini, Princess of Cologne 

1408 A moulded snuffbox, of brown agate, mounted with metal gilt ; 

and a double box, inlaid with mother-o'-pearl 

1409 A small Roman mosaic, set in an oval slab of rosso-antico 

1410 A small round Chinese box, of carved ivory, containing mother- 

o*-pearl counters 

141 1 A bracelet, formed of diamond-shaped agates, gold mounted-— 

Donne par le Prince de M ontfort 

1412 A model of an Indian palanquin, in ebony ; and Goldsmith's 

almanack for 1765 

1413 A bronze gilt medal of the Duke of Clarence, Lord High 

Admiral ; NapOleon ; the King of Rome ; Oudinot ; and 
one of M. Angelo, and Raffaelle 

Digitized by 



1414 A large medal of Pius IX ; a small ditto ; Cardinal €ronsalvi ; 

one on the transfer of the relic of St Vincent de Paul; a 
biscuit medallion of a cardinal ; a shell ditto ; and four 
plaster medallions 

1415 A miniature of a female saint, after Guido 
14] 6 Two miniatures of Spanish gentlemen 

1417 Three ditto; and a lady 

1418 An enamel miniature of the Cardinal of York 

1419 A miniature of a cardinal, after Guido 

1420 A ditto of a gentleman^ after Rubens — in case 

1421 A minute miniature of Charles h, in black and white, in a gold 


1422 A metal ring, made of metal of the Basilica of St. Paul, at 


1423 A gilt German chamberlain's key ; and a cardinal's seal 

1424 Lord Chesterfield's compasses ; a nail ft^m the saloon of the 

Chateau de Grignan ; and a piece of wheel iron, from 

1425 A small reclining figure, in amber ; a small mosaic ; and three 

small ivory boxes 

1426 A carved ivory box ; a Persian cylinder, of wood ; a Moorish 

wooden snuff4>ox; a bottle of otto of roses; an egg-shaped 
wood box ; and a piece of palm wax, from Rio Janeiro 

1427 A beautiful bracket, of French biscuit 

1428 A gold coronation medal of 'WHliam IV. 

1429 A gold piece of James 1. 

1430 Ahead bag, worked by American Indians ; and a pair of slippers, 

sent by the Bishop of Cindnnati 

1431 A bit of Mary Stuart's bed curtain 

1432 A piece of the rock of St. Helena; and a piece of the curtain of 

Napoleon's bed and the aota, at Frejus ; a piece of the Royal 
George ; and a relic of the saddle of Bertha, of Swabia 

1433 A pair of Turkish slippers, worked with gold ; a bone spoon, 

from an Etruscan tomb; five pieces of pottery; and three 
small pieces of .ancient glass 

Digitized by 



1434 Tw0 easdowary eggs, from Java^ ia «pecimmi of aAestos^ tkr^ 

pieced of antique metal work; and fifteen specimens of 

1435 Three seak of Bishop Talbot; the seal of the ccmvent of Sion 

House; and an abbey seal 

1436 Two state keys, from Crested abbey 

1437 A rosary^ made of mosaic^ from St Paul's, at Rome, with mother^ 

o*-pearl cross 

1438 A pearwood spoon, with a 'figure a£ St. F^ter 

1440 A small silver crucifix, on cross, ^made of wood, from York 


1441 A small cross, of the wood of Melrose Abbey ; and a rosary and 


1442 A rosary, of pear wood ; and a rosary, made by Don Pedro II., 

of Brasil 

1444 Three small metal crosses ; and a rosary, with brass medalliona 

1445 St Jerome : a beautiful carving in boxwood, in relief 

1447 A mother-o'-pearl shell, carved with the Nativity 

1448 Another, witii St Lawrence 

1450 A deed of restoration of Sion House, 1557 

1451 An indidt granted by Pope Pius IV.j to^ioa House, with.sed : 

1453 Three small medals of Pius IX.; and a bronste gUt medal 

1454 A cameo head of a pope^ on SidUan ishell 

1455 Head of Christ ; a china medallion ; and a brass reliquary 

1456 Ecce Homo: a minature, by Harding, after Guide 

1457 An ancient Byzantine painting of two saints 


1459 A BEAUTIFUL Shrime, OF Bbont and Itort, with the crucifix 

and other figures of or^mouhi, coliunos of prtentsft^alabaster at 
:the sid(9s, lafHSfdasuli and other stones in the borders 

1460 „ A Cnictfia;^ of motbervo .-^pearl, eiq;vaved with various figures— 

Bik/iLliA. high 

1461 The erucifixiofi : beautifiilfy /modelled in reSie^ and coloured -^ 

1462 A orucifiacy in bronse,.on foot of white and gik metsil 

1463 A cross and pedestal, of red'boule 

Digitized by 



1464 A benetier^ of mother^^-pearl jnd coral 

1465 A BBAUTIFVL SU.TBR BRKSTiKm, sttTrouiided bj flowers of 

exquirite filagree work 

1466 Thb Entombment : a beautiful plaque of Lbnoges eaamd, in 

colours^ in frame of tortcnseshell and ebony 

1467 A medallion head of oar Safiour, of metied gilt, in ebony frame 

1468 A statuette of the Virgin and Child, in biscuit^ und^ glass 


1469 A pair of figures of our Saviour and the '\^gin, of biscuit 


elaborate and beautiful carving in ivory, by Fiamingo, in high 

1471 THE ASCENSION OF THE VIRGIN— the companion 

1472 A German videroom^ enamelled with figures of the apostles 

1473 A Derby vase; and a pair of small bottles and covers 

1474 A boy, with a sheaf of corn ; and a giri dancing, of white BelviHe 


1475 A girl, with a basket of flowers; and a boy, imperfect, of the 


1476 A pair of white and deep blue jars, inscribed ** Ave Maria ** 

1477 A small statuary marble bust of the Indian Bacdius 

1478 Four plainWedgwood candlesticks ; and a cup, inscribed *'Bertrand'* 

1479 Wax medallion heads, of two angels 

1480 A white-metal flat candlestick^ leaf-shape; and a bronze metal 

plate, with the apostles ; and a bell 

1481 A Pair of bbautifol Candlesticks, of crystal, mounted 

with metal gilt 

1482 A tazza, of light Uue porcekda, pencilled with gold ; and a glass 

engraved with a church and inscription 

1483 A crucifix, of mother-o'-pearl, engraved with figures, on oak 


1484 Two wooden boxes 

1485 A shrine, ebonized with a miniature of Christ mocked, in architect 

tural firame, with white-metal fiame, and brass ornaments 

1486 A handsome or-moulu stand for a crucifix, chased with angels 

and scrolls 

Digitized by 



1487 A Derby bowI« dark blue, with flowers 

1488 An inkstand ; a small vase^ of lapis-laxuli ; and a piece of por- 


1489 An oval alabaster tazza^ with handles 


l489aA highly finished miniature of Prince Charles Edward, by 
Kamm^ Paris, 1749 

1489iA beautiful shaped snuff-box of hoematite, gold mounted 

1489c A cornelian seal, with the Piazza of St. Peter's, with handle of 
enamel and aventurine 

1489c2A tortoiseshell snuff-box, lined and mounted with gold, with an 
exquisite enamel miniature of Charles Yilliers Duke of Buck- 
ingham, on the lid 

i489e Claude's mill. An exquisite miniature copy in mosaic 

1489/'A group of three Roman figures: a beautiful oval enamel 

1489gA BEAUTIFUL CROSS, in frame of white metal, set with 
pearls and coloured 

End of ITwelJih Day's Sale. 

Digitized by 


Thirteenth Dat/'s Sale. 

On HONDAT, JULT 20, 1857| 




1490 A pair of pot-pourri jars and covers^ of old Nankin^ blue and 


1491 A fine jar and oover^ of the same, with chrysanthemums 

1492 A Pair of Noble Jars and Covers, of the same, with large 

subjects of Chinese figures and buildings 

1493 A Pair of Magnificent Jars and Covers^ of the same, with 

compositions of Chinese domestic subjects and flower borders 

1494 A jar and cover, of the same, with Chinese warriors and standard- 


1495 A pair of jars, deep blue ground, with foliage, birds, and figures 

in compartments — imperfect 


1496 A pair of vases, of vitro di Trina, yellow, red, and white lace stripes 

1497 A set of three fine tall German glasses, exquisitely engraved 

with landscapes and animals 

1498 A set of three ditto, of convolvulus flowers 

1499 A pair of ditto, with friezes of flowers 

Digitized by 




1500 A gres de Flandres jug, with bosses on blue ground^ with metal lid 

1501 A gres jug, with brandies^ deep blue and purple, with pewter lid 

1502 A delft jug, with Chinese figures, blue and white^ metal mounted 

1503 A white gres jug, with a frieze of figures dancing, with inscriptions 

beneath, metal mounted 

1504 An ewer, of white gres, with a frieze of arabesques, in Italian 


1505 A small blue and white gres jug, with groups of foliage, metal 


1506 Another, with bosses on blue ground 

1507 One, star pattern 

1508 Another, with bosses on blue ground 

1509 A jug, with foliage and leaves, blue and brown, and medallion of 

a king and queen. Dated 1691 

1510 A BEAUTIFUL TALL FLAT Blub Ores Juo, with a shield of 

arms, and imperial anns above, metal mounted, with a fion and 
a shield on the lid. Dated 1589. An important specimen 

1511 A Cologne tatikard, with the apostles, in colours, and a medallion 

of the^lamb on the front 

1512 A Nevers-ware jug, light blue, with birds and leaves iii dark blue, 

the surface Spirally fluted 
1&13 An oval dish, of Palissy ware, with a figure emblematic of the 

1514 Another, nearly similar 


1515 A pair of small scalloped dishes, with Venus and Cupid in the 

centres, and arabesque borders, after 6. da Udine 

1516 A tazzanshaped fruttiera, with Caesar receiving ambassadors 

1517 A plote^ with a sl^heid seated in a bay scene / v 1 

1518 A scalloped fruttiera, with a battle 

1519 A plate^ with a Ronaaai horseman 

1520 A plate, with Cupid, and border of milita^ trophies 

Digitized by 



1581 A MsTALLio LOSTRB Plats^ With a female buit, eumniDded by 
Bulilary trophies^ on blue ground — a monc^ram on the bade 

1522 A BEAUTIFUL Mbtalug ltotrb Platb, with a helmet and 

troj^es, and arabesque border, on blue ground. A very 
choice example 

1523 A small plate, of late ware, with a landscape 

1524 A FINE Labob Pish, with M. Curtius leaping into the gulph. 

Very brilliant colours 

1525 A jar, with busts of a warrior and lady, and iruit bcnrders, on 

blue ground, metal mounted 

1526 A scalloped fruttiera, with Cupid> and arabesque bordersi after 


1527 A SUPERB CIRCULAR CISTERN, on foot, with a classical 

landscape, marine monsters forming the handles, the inside 
with fish swimming in the sea. A very important example 
1 538 A pair of small plates, and one larger, with landscapes, a cardinal's 
arms above 

1529 A plate^ with huntsmen, a cardinal's arms and %ures, with a 


1530 A fine metallic lustre dish, with a bust in the sunk centre, and 

trophies in the border. Dated 1537 — ^imperfiact 

1531 A small scalloped dish, with head of St. Peter, and arabesque 

borders — imperfect 

1532 A dish, with sunk centre, with Venus and Adonis, with rabUts in 

the centre, with inscription, and scales on the back 

1533 A metallic lustre dish^ with leaves in arched compartments 

1534 A BEAUTIFUL DiSH, with arabesques and chimerse, in light 

brown, on brilliant deep blue ground 



1585 A MAGNIFICENT CHANDELIER, of old Dresden, of 

openwork octagon form, with scroll brandies for twelve lights, 
i . . painted and encrusted with flowers* and small bouqueto of 
flowers suspended under each branch 

Digitized by 



1536 A pair of Derby semicircular jardinieres, painted with flowers 

1537 A set of three flowerpots, of the same, painted with landscapes; 

an oval dish, with flowers ; and a match pot 


1538 A pair of handsome or-moulu candelabra, of scroll pattern, with 

branches for three lights each 

1539 A glove box, foimed as a book, covered with crimson velvet, 

worked with flowers, and the coronet and cypher of the 
Countess of Shrewsbury, in gold 


with trees and flowers in colours, mounted, with rims, handles, 
and stems of or-moulu, in the finest old taste 

1541 A pierced plated stand, with three ruby glass bottles 

1542 A PAIR OF SUPERB Sevres Vases, gros bleu, mounted with 

stem, satyrs' head handles, and rims of or-moulu-^16 in. 
high ^ 

1543 A basket, formed of a Derby plate, painted with flowers, and 

mounted with or-moulu 

1544 A set of four oriental vases, ribbed, with flowers on green and 

yellow ground 

1545 A pair of small oriental jars, with Chinese figures on red and 

blue ground 

1546 A small dark green bottle ; and a light green bottle, enamelled 

with flowers 

1547 Two small bottles, enamelled with flowers ; and two flat ditto, 

with figures 

1548 A pair of flat bottles, enamelled with figures and Chinese 

characters on white ground 

1549 Three cups and saucers, enamelled with Chinese figures and 


1550 A teapot, with figures on red ground ; and nine small oriental 

cups and six saucers, with flowers in colours 

1551 An oval dish, with figures ; a match pot wd cover ; and a cup 

and saucer 

Digitized by 



1552 ive very small oriental bottles; a pair of match pots; and a 

pair of dishes, enamelled with figures • 

1553 A set of four circular dishes^ enamelled with figures, and flower 


1554 An hexagonal stand, of old japan, with figures and flowers, 

handle and spout^ supported on three figures 

1555 A pair of oblong plateaux, enamelled with landscapes and 

flowers on copper 

1556 A pair of circular boxes and covers, enamelled with figures and 

flowers on copper 

1557 A Dresden taper stand; and a pair of or-moulu ditto, with 

Dresden flowers 

1558 An oriental cup, mounted on tripod stand of or-moulu 

1559 A pair of elaborate groups of Chinese figures, buildings, and 

landscapes, in coloured porcelain . 

1560 An oval dish, with a landscape and Chinese figures, enamel on 


1561 A BEAUTIFUL Inkstand, of brass gilt, inlaid with patterns of 

small slabs of lapis-Iazuli, consisting of an oval plateau, and 
four vases, with the arms of the Cardinal de Medici 

1562 A pair of metal pug dogs, supporting nozzles for lights 

1563 A pair of square brown canisters, enamelled with purple; and 

three match pots 

1564 A pair of brown-ware candlesticks; and a pair ot brown 


1565 A Derby icepail, with bouquets of flowers, and deep blue 


1566 A pair of handsome or*moulu scroll-pattern candlesticks 

1567 A pair of ditto 

1568 An inkstand, formed of a sea monster, of bronze— on statuary 

marble plinth 

1569 An oval plated tea caddy, engraved with flowers 

1570 A small black marble tazza ; a papei-weight, with doves, in or- 

moulu ; and a brown marble cup 

1571 A black and gold japan envelope box; a marble paperweight V 

and a bronze lanthorn inkstand 


Digitized by 



1572 A bronze column watch stand ; a box ofsconts; one other; and 
* a paperweight^ with an owl, in mosaic 

1573 Four black and gold japan hand skreens 

1574 An ebony pen tray; a porcelain ditto ; a pair of hand skreens; a 

mother^'-pearl paper knife, &c. 

1575 Two pincushions^ covered with damask and lace ; a feather brush; 

and three small silk covers, edged with laoe 

1576 A silk cover, with gold tassels ; a satchet^ with needlework ; and 

two blotting books 

1577 An oriental bowL enamelled with flowers— ^imperfect ; and a 

japan bowl, with flowers 

1578 A ruby and gilt bottle ; a tazza ; and a cup, of the same 

1579 Three cut-glass scent bottles 

1580 An old French clock, in elegant c^^e, ^or^nioulu 

1581 A large blue and white jar and cover — 2S in. bigh 


1582 A pair of alabaster vases, with vines in relief, on fluted pedestak 

1583 A Chinese garden seat, enamelled in colours 

1584 A French porcelain clock, in the form of a gothic temple — under 

glass shade 

1585 A pair of French porcelain toilet bottles, with Chinese figures ; 

and a pair of flower stands, of the same 

1586 A Pair op Vases, of Old Sevres, gros bleu and gold, with 


1587 An elegant Derby vase, green, with vine leaves and grapes, in 


1588 A pair of beautiful oviform vases and covers, of Furstenburg, 

fluted, with medallions of flowers, and gilt friezes 

1589 A Derby inkstand, green and gold ; and a pair of figures, of a 

Highlander and a female 

1590 A set of four small figures, of Swiss peasants 

1591 A pair of Worcester cups, with views of Hereford and Gloucester ; 

and a small tazza 

Digitized by 




1592 A pair of oriental cups, mounted with or-moulu ; and two small 

jars and covers 

1593 An oriental enamel cup and cover> on metal ; and two gmall 

trays» of the same 

1594 An English match pot ; two small dogs ; a small tray ; and a 

bronze dog 

1595 A green glass toilet bottle, and two glasses ; a white glass, on 

stem ; and a toilet bottle 

1596 A plated tea canister^ with gadrooned edges 

1597 A workbox, with flowers, enunalled ; a box of scents; and two 


1598 A boule pen tray; a gilt paper knife; a blotting book; and a 

silk cover 

1599 A pair of alabaster vases 

1600 Five small biscuit figures of Dr. Syntax 

1601 A biscuit figure of a peasant woman ; four ditto of sheep and 

dogs ; and two baskets 

1602 A Worcester vase, painted with birds 



' 1603 The Queen and Prince Albert, after Winterhalter — a pair — proofs 

1604 The Prince of Wales in sailors* dress, after ditto— proof 


1605 The Queen and Prince Albert, after Chalon— ^oo/& 

1606 The Prince of Wales, when an infant 


1607 Joseph Bonaparte, after Gerard, by Pradier— whole length — 

proof before letters 

1608 The Duchess of Shrewsbury 

1609 The King and Queen of Bavaria — ^whole length 

1610 The Napoleon Family — six portraits 


Digitized by 



1611 The Russian and Prussian Royal Families — seven 

1612 Guinea pigs — a pair — in oils 

1613 Portrait of a lady — in water colours 

1614 Ferdinand^ Emperor of Austria — whole length 


1615 Portraits of the French Provisional Government, 1848— 


1616 Portrait of a hAy-^lithograph ; the Window at Hampton Lacey 

— coloured; and a brigand— a sketch in oils 

1617 Heads of Napoleon and the King of Prussia — a pair of medal- 

lions^ in gilt frames 

1618 Chatillon: Italian peasants — a drawing in water colours; 

buildings on a river ; a pair of Chinese^fignres — on glass ; and 
a portrait of a musician — in oils 

1619 A small four leaf candle skreen^ with views 


1620 Maria Theresa; and the Duchess de Montpensier^ by Poilly — a 


1621 The Arundel Family, by Vertue; and Lady Cavendish 

1622 Louis XITI. ; and the Queen of Bavaria 

1623 The Children of Charles I., by Strange 


1624 A young lady, in a hBX-^-H^oured 


1625 The Gallery Royal of Costumes— a set of ten figures— co/bured 


1626 Six views of gentlemen's seats 

Digitized by 




1627 Laying Down the Law^ after Landseer-*^oo/* 

1628 Passing of the Reform Bill, after Hayter; Princess Victoria ; and 

the Duke of Sussex 

1629 Sir W. Scott ; and Lord Byron 

1630 The Duke of Rutland ; Henry Howard, Esq. ; and Denis Mahoun 

1631 The Bedale Hunt — -proof; and Stoneyhurst 

1632 The Ladies of Llangollen, vrith their autograph 

1633 The Duchess of Kent, &c.— lithographs 6 

1634 The Duke of Shrewsbury, &c. 7 


1635 John Earl of Shrewsbury 

1636 The Virgin, and two saints 

End of Thirteenth Day'e Sale. 

Digitized by 



Fourteenth Day's Sale, 

On TUESDAY, JULY 21, 1867, 



1640 A king's-pattern soup ladle 

1641 A ditto 

1642 Four sauce ladles 

1643 Two butter knives; and four salt spoons 

1644 Two ditto; six salt shovels, with foliage handles; and a tea 


1645 Twelve tea spoons ; and a pair of sugar tongs 

1646 Twelve ditto ; and ditto 

1647 Twelve ditto ; and ditto 

1648 Twelve table spoons 

1649 Twelve ditto 

1650 Twelve ditto 

1651 Twelve ditto 

1652 Eighteen ditto 

1653 Twelve table forks 

1654 Twelve ditto 

1655 Twelve ditto 

1656 Twelve ditto 

1657 Twelve ditto 

1658 Twelve ditto 

Digitized by 



1659 Twelve king's-pattern table forks 

1660 Twelve ditto 

1661 Twelve ditto 

1662 Twelve ditto 

1663 Twelve ditto 

1664 Twelve ditto 
^^1665 Twelve ditto 

1666 Twelve dessert spoons 

1667 Twelve ditto 

1668 Twelve ditto 

1669 Twelve dessert forks 

1670 Twelve ditto 

1671 Twelve ditto ; and a pair of asparagus tongs 

1672 Twenty-four table knives, with kingVpattem silver handles 

1673 Twenty-four ditto 

1674 Twenty.four ditto 

1675 Twenty-four ditto 

1676 Twenty.four ditto 

1677 Eighteen ditto 

1678 Eighteen small ditto 

1679 Eighteen ditto 


1681 A mustard pot> with silver lid ; and a silver muflBneer 

1682 Four plain gravy spoons 

1683 Four ditto 

1684 One ditto> with strainer ; a salad fork; and a soup ladle 

1685 A plain soup ladle 

1686 A plain toast rack 

1687 An oval teapot^ with chased edges 

1688 Eight plain table j^poons 

1689 Eight plain table forks 

1690 Six ditto dessert spoons 

1691 Six ditto tea spoons ; and two salt spoons 

1692 Eight silver-handled table knives ; and six ditto dessert knives 

Digitized by 



1693 Twelve plain table spoons, of different patterns 

1694 Twelve ditto 
*1695 Fourteen ditto 

1696 Twelve table forks 

1697 Twelve ditto 

1698 Twelve ditto, two of them broken 

1699 Twelve ditto dessert spoons 

1700 Twelve ditto 

1701 Ten ditto 

1702 Nineteen old dessert forks; fourteen knives, with silver handles, 

of different patterns, some pistol handled 

1703 Twenty-four silver-handled table knives, different patterns 

1704 Twenty-four ditto 

1705 Twenty-four plain tea spoons 

1706 Twenty-one ditto ; two sugar spoons ; eight salt spoons ; and a 

pair of sugar tongs 

1707 A fish knife, with chased border 

1708 An old ditto^ with ivory handle 

1709 An old plain coffee pot 

1710 A cruet stand, with three pepper castofs and two cruets, with 

silver tops, of old pattern 

1711 A plain basin, with beaded edge 

1712 A smaller ditto 

1713 A handsome oval scalloped bread basket, with upright handle, 

gadrooned and shell edge 

1714 A set of four scalloped soufflet dishes, with engraved borders 

1715 A plain saucepan 

1716 A small saucepan 

1717 A handsome coffeepot, embossed with scrolls and flowers, on 

standi with lamp 

1718 A small coffee pot, with a gadrooned edge 

1719 A cheese toaster. Formerly belonging to the Beefsteak Club 

1720 A ditto 

1721 A dish stand and lamp, with shell feet 

1722 A cheese knife ; and a fillet of veal skewer 

1723 A lamp and stand for a coffee pot 

Digitized by 



1724 A punch strainer^ with beaded edge ; and a wine strainer 

1725 A plain toast rack 

1726 Thirty-one decanter labels 

1727 Three marrow spoons ; and six skewers 

172^ A pair of asparagus tongs ; and two fluted sauce ladles 

1729 A teapot, handsomely chased with scrolls and flowers 

1730 A pair of old pierced antique obelisks. From Sion House 

1731 A set of four pierced decanter stands 

1732 A set of six ditto, Etruscan pattern^ with beaded edges 

1733 A handsome teapot^ chased with flowers and scrolls 

1734 A set of four gothic column candlesticks^ on square feet 

1735 A set of four very handsome scroll and flower-pattern ditto 

1736 A pair of handsome candlesticks, chased with goats* heads and 

17'^7 A handsome 18-inch circular salver^ with scalloped, gadrooned, 
and shell border, on lions' feet 

1738 The companion 

1739 Twelve handsome shaped table plates, with gadrooned edges 

1740 Twelve ditto 

1741 Twelve ditto 

1742 Twelve ditto 

1743 Twelve ditto 

1744 A HANDSOME Tea Service ; consisting of teapot, sugar basin, 

and milk jug, richly chased with figures and landscapes 

1745 A set of three handsome tea caddies, chased with Chinese build- 

ings, figures, and scrolls 

1746 A handsome chased milk jug, with figures and scrolls 

1747 A pair of 9-inch circular waiters, with gadrooned edges, on feet 

1748 A pair of butter boats, richly chased with flowers, and dragon 


1749 A pair of elegant oval openwork baskets, with scroll edges, and 

upright handles chased with floweis 

1750 A pair of circular ditto, similar 

1751 A set of four very handsome salts, chased with flowers, on feet, 

gilt inside 

1752 A set of four salts, smaller, on scroll feet 

Digitized by 



1753 A pair of salts, with festoons of flowers and lions* masks 

1754 A plain oval teapot 

1755 A handsome coffee pot, chased with Ao'Wets and scrolls 

1756 Three small sugar basins, chased with flowers 

1757 A pair of larger ditto 

1758 An ancient ditto, chased with flowers, on ball feet, partly gilt. 

Dated 1666 

1759 Another, chased with pheasants ; and one, with a wreath and 


1760 Another, with medallion heads of flowers, on ball feet 

1761 A pair, chased with animals, on openwork feet 

1762 A fluted two-handled ditto, chased with foliage 

1763 Two small cream jugs, spirally fluted, and chased with flowersi, 

gilt inside 

1764 Two ditto 

1765 Two ditto, chased with flowers 

1766 One, with scrolls ; and one, with foxes 

1767 Two ditto, with scrolls and flowers 

1768 Two ditto 

1769 Four plain egg cups, gilt inside 

1770 An old plain sugar castor 

1771 A pierced foliage mustard pot; and three tea strainers 

1772 A plain toast rack, on feet of foliage 

1773 A vttLt uktro^oun Otal Piercbd Brbai> Basket, the bor- 

der richly chased with masks, scrolls, and firuit 

1774 A HANDSOME Tea Urn, chased with flowers and scrolls, and 

gadrooned edges 

1775 A WOBLB Oval Waiter, with fluted border, gadrooned, lioti^' 

heads at the handles — 36 in. by 24 in. 

1776 THE WARWICK VASE: a beautiful model, the masks of 

frosted silver, by Thomason 


on fluted column, with flower capital, on octagon plintliy 
with fourbranehesof rich scroll pattern for lights, tod pointed 
central ornament, by Thomason 


Digitized by 



openwork border of vines and dogs, in frosted silver, on pine 
feet, beautifully modelled in frosted »lver, with looking-glass 
ground — ^20 inches diameter 



the cover, spout, and feet of foliage. Ftom the Duke of 
Sussex's Collection 

1781 A SftT OP Three beautiful Tea Caddies and Covers, 

of moulded form, chased with flowers and scrolls 
17% A toast rack, on chased scroll feet 

1783 A toast rack — similar 

1784 A small sugar basin, chased with scrolls ; and a small ribbed 

cream pail 

1785 Three apostle spoons, with figures, and twisted bandies 

1786 Three ditto, smaller 

1787 Four foliage-pattern salt spoons, surmounted by eagles, of elegant 


1788 Two king^s-pattern ditto 

1789 Two small sugar bastns, chased with scrdls and flowers 

1790 A fiANDSOME Or At PfturrBASKET, the bowl beautifully chased 

of gothic design, the border with a rich band of flowers, 
partly gilt, on gilt octagonal stand 

1791 An oval Basket, with plain centre, and border of flowers, 

chased and gilt 


agonal stems, with Gothic tracery, in panels and cornices, the 
nozzles chased with flowers — 36 in, high 

1793 A pair of metal-gilt tops for candelabra, with gothic scroll 

branches for six lights eeudh. 

1794 A king's-pattern cream ladle ; and a sugar ladle 

1795 A ditto and ditto 

1796 Two pairs of carving knives and forks, with shell silver-gilt 


Digitized by 



1797 Twelve dessert spoons, king's pattern 

1798 Twelve ditto 

1799 Seven ditto; and six forks 

1800 Six shell and hour glass-pattern serving spoons 

1801 Six threaded and shell dessert spoons; two knifes and forks; and 

a knife— <lifferent 

1802 A pair of king's-pattem ice spades ; and two pairs of sugar tongs 

1803 Eighteen kingVpattern egg spoons 

1804 Six king*s-pattern table knives; and six shell ditto^ with steel 


1805 Twelve shell-pattern dessert knives, with silver-gilt blades 

1806 Eighteen ditto 

1807 Twenty-four dessert knives, with fluted and shell handles and 

steel blades 

1808 Twenty-four shell and hour glass-pattern dessert forks 

1809 Eighteen king's-pattern tea spoons 

1810 Eighteen ditto 

181 1 A pair of circular salts, chased with flowers and lions* heads 

1812 A dinner service, of scroll and foliage pattern; consisting of 

twelve spoons, twelve forks, twelve knives, with silver-gilt 
blades, and twelve, with steel blades— in a case 

1813 A dessert service, of shell and foliage pattern; consisting of 

fifteen spoons, fifteen forks, fifteen tea spoons, fifteen knives, 
with silver-gilt blades, and fifteen vrith steel blades 

1814 Twelve cofiee spoons, chased with masks and vines— in a leather 


End ofFwrteenih Day" 9 Sale. 

Digitized by 


Fifteenth Day's Sale. 

On WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 1857, 



1815 A very handsome tea urn, on standi chased with flowers and 

scrolls in high relief 

1816 A coffee pot and stand — similar 
18] 7 A chocolate pot and stand 

1818 A teapot, sugar basin, and milk jug 

1819 A similar set 

1820 An 18-inch circular waiter — similar 

1821 A set of three tazzi, of flower form, on moulded plinths, chased 

with scrolls and foliage 

1822 A set of three ditto 

1823 Two pairs of grape scissors, chased with vines 


1824 A very handsome circular sideboard dish, with the Shrewsbury 

shield in the centre, with a frieze of coronets and mottoes on 
the borders, partly gilt, of goihic design, quite new— 30 in. 

1825 A smaller ditto, with shield mottoes and gothic ornaments, and 

circular bosses in the border — 25 in. 

1826 Another, the design diff^erently arranged— 24 in. 

Digitized by 



1827 Another, with enamelled shield in centre, surrounded by foliage 

—22 in. 

1828 A pair of ditto, with roses, and scale sunk centres — 18 in. 

1829 A pair of gilt ditto, with lions and mottoes in the borders — 19} in. 

1830 A pair of silvered ditto, with cypher S, and border of foliage- 

IB in. 

1831 A pair of ditto— 16 in. 

1832 A pair of ditto, with fish^ and gothic border, partly gilt — 16 in. 

1833 A VERY HANDSOME Centrk Tablb Ornament, in the form of a 

temple, of cut glass and or-moulu, with a cupola supported on 
four columns, a glass dish beneath, and glass flower vase in 
the centre 


1834 A set of four handsome salts, formed of shells, on eagles' backs 

1835 A set of four openwork gothic vases, with cut-glass liners 

1836 A set of four ditto 

1837 A set of four oval stands for sweetmeats, chased with foliage, and 

glass stands 

1838 A pair of handsome cornucopise stands, with flowers and foliage, 

and cut-glass liners 

1839 A centre, similar 

1840 A pair of handsome fluted ice pails, chased with flowers and scrolls 

1841 A pair, similar 

1842 A pair, similar 

1843 A pair of 11-inch circular salvers, richly chased with flowers, on 


1844 A Noble Centre Candelabrum, formed of a fluted gothic 

column, on octagonal plinth, with branches for six lights 

1845 The Companion 

1846 A pair of handsome two-burner sideboard lamps, on fluted 

pillars and plinths, surmounted by vases 

1847 A Pair op elegant Vases and Covers, fluted, with groups of 

flowers and vines chased, and vine handles,^on stands, the 
borders chased vdth oriental figures hunting boars 

Digitized by 



1848 A very handsome plateau, the border of scrolls, vines and dogs 

chased in openwork, on five feet^ with looking-glass stand — 
about 10 ft long and 2 ft. wide 

1849 A circular plateau^ similar — 29 in. diameter — glass broken 

1850 A pair of very handsome drcular dishes^ on stands^ with borders 

of flowers and scrolls^ richly chased 

1851 A set of six smaller ditto, on openwork feet 

1852 A set of four low ditto 

1853 A set of four ditto 

1853* A pair of fluted stands^ with chased vine borders, and cut-glass 
dishes for ice 

1854 A pair of handsome 13-inch circular salvers, chased with flowers 

and scrolls 

1855 A set of four salt cellars* chased with vines and dogs 

1856 A set of four ditto 

1857 A set of four ditto 

1858 A pair of handsome icepails, fluted^ with frieies of vines and 

grapes* the branches forming handles* with fluted shell 

1859 A pair of two-handled vases, fluted* and chased witb foliage and 


1860 A pair, similar 

1861 A HANDSOME CiRGULAi^ Plateau* With border of figures and 

flowers* surmounted on each side by a female figure holdiiRg 
cups for flowers — 29 in. diameter 

1862 A pair of very handsome gothic candelabra* with angels seated at 

the foot of the stem* a corona above* and four branches for 
lights— 36 in. high 

1863 A pair of or-moulu candlesticks 

1864 A pail of ditto 

1865 A pair of ditto 


1866 A pair of small round outlet dishes and covers 

1867 A toasted-oheese dis]^ vnth shdl apd fciUage border 

Digitized by 



1868 A set of four entree dishes^ covers, and heaters^ with chased flower - 


1869 A 23-inch venison dish, with gadrooned edge 
1S70 A ditto 

1871 A handsome waiter, with gadrooned edge and two handles — 34 in. 

by 23 in, 

1872 A pair of candelabra, with scroll branches for four lights each 

1873 A set of four plain decanter stands, with gadrooned edges 

1874 A pair of handsome candelabra, with foliage branches for three 

lights each 

1875 A set of four table candlesticks, chased with foliage 

1876 A set of four ditto 

1877 A pair of old ditto ; and a pair of small candlesticks 

1878 A toasted-cheese dish and cover 

1879 Eight pkdn oval dishes 

1880 A pair of circular fluted stands; a teapot; two milk jugs; a 

cucumber slice ; a coffee pot and stand ; and a cocoa 

1881 A pair of oblong pedestals ; four decanter stands ; a soup ladle ; 

the top of a lamp and chain ; eight decanter stands ; and a 
dish cross 

1882 Seven mince pie dishes, with gadrooned edges 

1883 Four scalloped chamber candlesticks 

1884 Four ditto 

1885 Four ditto 

1886 A teapot, coffee pot, sugar basin, and milk jug, engraved with 

foliage, of electro 

1887 A coffee pot, similar 

1888 A handsome tea kettle and stand, similar 

1889 A set of six baskets, of stems and leaves of openwork, with glass 


1890 Four pairs of candlesticks, with square feet and gadrooned 


1891 Three pairs of plain ditto; sdxteen plain chamber ditto; and 

three cruet stands 

1892 Twelve chamber candlesticks, with gadrooned edges 

Digitized by 



1893 Pour inkstands; four snuSef stands and buffers; twelve taper 

eandtestidcs ; a sandwich hax ; and a circular salver 

1894 A handsoitie tea urn, the handles and feet diased with foliage and 




1895 A fine bust of Mercury, in statuary, on socle 

1896 A bust of the ApoUino, on socle 

1897 A bust of Voltaire 

1898 A bust of a gentleman 



1899 A cabaret^ of Berfin porcelain, green and gold gothic pattern ; 

consisting of plateau^ teapot^ sugar baan, milk jug, and two 
cups and saucers 

1900 A figure of Joan of Arc> in biscuit ; and a horn basket 

1901 A pair of miniature views of Vesuvius and the tomb of Cecilia 

Metella^ in metal frames 

1902 BaisB and Posilipo — ^a pair, smaller 
190& Tivoli— a pair of ditto 

1904 An Italian noble^ and a lady — a pair of miniatures, in a case 

1905 An or-moulu clock, by Deniere,in scroll-shaped case, chased with 

views, surmounted by a vase 

1906 A BEAUTIFUL CuANDELiER, of metal gilt, with flowers and 

figures of old Dresden, surmounted by birds of the same, a 
vase in the centre, with branches for six lights 

1907 A Sdvres-pattern china inkstand ; a candlesdck ; and a pen tray 
l^B A case, containing a paper knife, ruler, and a pen, of steel, 

inlaid with gilt 

1909 *t\itee pairs of hand skreens, painted with flowers and birds 

1910 A papier mach4 blue and gold blotting book 

Digitized by 



1911 Tiro blottiiig books, painted with flowers 

1912 A dusting brush; a piece of crimson velvet; two pen wipers; 

a bronze pen; a small mirror* in ivory frame; an ivory 
brush ; a painted mirror ; and a snuff box 


1913 A pair of scroll-pattern or-moulu candlesticks 

1914 A pair of horn candlesticks 

1915 Two Derby plates, painted with figures and flowers ; and a green 

scent bottle, with flowers 

1916 An oriental enamel plate, mounted with or-moulu; a green 

glass vase ; and a basket, with artiflcial flowers 

1917 Two pairs of japan dusting bellows; a card tray; a magnifying 

glass, in tortoiseshell frame; and a carved wood souvenir . 

1918 A pair of small Frendi vases, on pedestals, gre^ with figures 

and flowers in gold and colours 

1919 A pair of pink and white striped glass vases ; and two pairs of 

opalized ditto, with medallions and flowers in gold and 

1920 A pair of opalized and ruby glass candlesticks ; a pair of small 

vases, with flowers ; a blue glass vase; and four scent bottles 

1921 A pair of ruby and white opalized glass vases, painted with 


1922 A pair of or-moulu candlesticks, with flowers^ and small Dresden 

figures seated on the feet 

1923 A metal-gilt stand, with a bird and flowers ; and two glass bottles 

1924 A taper candlestick, with porcelain flowers ; and a small vase, 

with flowers encrusted 

1925 A concert of monkeys : a set of six small Dresden figures 

1926 A set of four small Dresden figures 

1927 A small Dresden vase, encrusted with mayflowers and birds 

1928 A Worcester vase and cover, painted with a view of Cobham 


1929 Two German cabinet cups and saucers, painted with views; and 

one, with flowers 

Digitized by 



1930 A Vienna flower-shaped cup and saucer ; a pair of vases, wkh 

flowers encrusted; a pug dog; and three soudl pieces 

1931 An enamelled box, metal mounted 


1932 A pair of Dresden candlei^ticks, with a boy and girl 

1933 A sugar basin and cover, and two cups and saucers, painted 

with views 

1934 A pair of vases, of Spode ware, deep blue and gold 

1935 A pair of pink bottles and covers, with flowers 

1936 Three small flower stands; and an inkstand, English 

1937 A Berlin cup and spoon ; and three small Dresden figures 

1938 A small Derby vase, on pedestal ; three scent bottles; a small 

cup ; and two saucers 

1939 A pair of Dresden boxes, formed as pigeons 

1940 A globular vase and cover, of Dresden, encrusted with flowers 

1941 A Derby plate ; a black and gold cup and saucer ; a scent bottle ; 

and a small figure 

1942 A small oriental tazza, mounted with or-moulu ; an oriental 

plate ; and a pair of match pots 

1943 A pierced oval basket^ cover, and stand, of Nassau 

1944 Three Derby vases, painted with flowers, &c. 

1945 An ewer, with flowers encrusted; and a pair of vases, one of 

them imperfect 

1946 A Derby teapot ; and a psur of bottles 

1947 A Derby ewer, green, with exotic birds in colours 

1948 A set of three Derby vases, with Chinese figures, and imitations 

of precious stones 

1949 A pair of Derby vases, with fruits in colours, on green ground 

1950 A group of humming birds, under glass shade ; two alabaster 

vases ; and a yellow flower glass 

1951 A pair of opalized glass flower stands ; a drinking glass, with a 

landscape ; a small pink tazza ; and a plate 

1952 A pair of glass lustres; aocl tkea trays, with writing in^le- 



Digitized by 



1959 A small tortoiseahdil work box, mounted with dr-mouhi ; a broiuse 
owl inkstand; a letter weight; a pipe bowl; and a small 
Bombay box 
1954 A Swiss carved wood figure ; and a small book tray 
gilt, and blue, red, and green enamel, with the Crucifixion in 
the centre, with small subjects from the bible, and figurei in 
circles above, below, ahd on the vnngs, surrounded by Latin 
texts. A very fine specimen 

1956 The Vihgik, bbated, holdino the Infant on Her Lkt, 

A very beautiful early TtaKan eartfing^ in ivory 

1957 The Flight into figypt : a group-*in Parian 


1958 A curious fruit-shaped teapot, of early red ware 

1959 An M Dresden vase and cover, enamelled with flowers, and 

mounted with or^moulu — imperfect 

1960 A Derby icepail and cover, with birds and flowers on black 

ground ; and a ditto inkstand, with flowers 

1961 A cup, cover, and stand, of old Dresden, in the form of an apple, 

on a leaf 

1962 An oriental cup, mounted as a pincushion ; a small Worcester 

cup and saucer ; and a pair of match pots 

1963 A Dresden group of four figyres, dancing round an orange tree 

1964 A bronze dog paper weight ; two bells ; a tray ; and a basket 

1965 A chased or*-moulu tazza, on stem 

1966 A rosewood book tray ; and seven small gtB3S bottles 

1967 A blue enamelled workbox ; and a Bombay piqpier knife 

1968 Two pairs of japanned hand skreetis ; and a pair of p^ted ditto 

End of Fifteenth Daye Sale. 

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Sixteenth Dc^'s Sale. 

On THUBSDAY, JULY 23, 1857, 




1969 An oak desk, on turned legs 

1970 A settee, with high back and arms; and an umbrelta stand 

1971 A handsome oak settee, with high back and arms^ with poppy 

heads, and cupboard seat^ the back carved with beads in 
medallions — 7ft Sin. long 
] 972 An iron gothic-pattem stove 


1973 An qbM lurm chair, with earved bad: and stuflTed seat 

1974 Six oak chairs, with high backs and twisted pillars, willi oval cane 

backs and seatst 

1975 Four turned wafamt Tudor^vpattem tugh baok-okairBi, whh red 

leather seats 

1976 Eighteen turned walnut Tudor-pattem chairs, the seats covered 

with red leather 

1977 Ten carved oajc high^baick chws^ inlh twkttd inlkrs, cw^d 

with boys and foliage^ with case 9e§!» and baoks 

Digitized by 



1978 Six ditto, nearly similar, with oval cane backs 

1979 Seven ditto, carved with shells and flowers 

1980 A'pair of ditto^ carved with foliage, and oval backs 

1981 A handsome carved oak settee, with snakes and foliage— 7 ft. 7 in. 


1982 A very handsome carved oak settee^ with arched back, boldly 

carved with fruit and flowers, and turned pillars— 6 ft. 7 in. long 

1983 The companion 

1984 Another, similar-— 4 ft. 1 in. long 

1985 The companion 

1966 A handsome carved oak settee, the back and arm, carved with 
medallions and foliage — 5 ft. 6 in. long 

1987 Another, carved with cupids and dragons — 5 ft. 3 in long. 

1988 Another, with foliage, without arms — 5 ft. 7 in. long 

1989 Another, with foliage— 6 ft. long 

1990 An oblong oak table, on carved pillars, and with friezes of foliage 

—6ft 6m. by 3ft. 11 in. 

1991 The companion table 

1992 An oak table, on turned legs, with slab of grey granite— 5 ft. 2 in. 

by 2 ft. 7 in. 

1993 A handsome octagonal carved oak table, with masks and vines, 

and truss legs on plinth — 4 ft. 6 in. diameter 

1994 A carved painted and gilt table, with slab of green marble— 

6ft. lin. by 2 ft. Sin. 

1995 Five iron gothic lanthoms, with coloured glass 

1996 The lead to the floor— about 60 yds. by 4 ft. wide 

1997 The lead to the Picture Gallery— 80 yds. by 4 ft. wide 

1998 An octagonal bronze [lanthom, on foot, panelled with ground 


1999 The printed drugget to the Armoury— 60 yds. 

2000 A ditto, to the Picture 6allery--about 80 yds. 


2001 A BEAUTIFUL MoDEL OF A 100-GuN Ship, ub ivory, fully 

rigged, in a glass case 

Digitized by 



2002 A table, on massive oak turned legs, with grey granite slab— 

61 in. by 31 in. 

2003 A table, on similar stand, with green veined marble slab— 74 in. 

by 37 in. 

2004 A similar table, with black aiKl grey marble slab 

2005 A nmilar table, with Egyptian green marble slab 

2006 A mahogany table, on carved legs, with slab of lumachella 

marble, with border of verd-antique, and slabs of oriental 
alabaster— -57 in. by 36 in. 

2007 A pair of bronze camphine lamps, on tripod stands, with figures 

2008 A gold pheasant and macaw, in rosewood glazed case — ^27 in. 


2009 A model of a Swiss cottage, in walnut glazed case 

2010 A group of seven exotic birds, in a glass case 

2011 A collection of about 150 spedmens of polished agates, and other 

stones, in an oak glazed case — 53 in, by 28 in. 

2012 A collection of about 130 specimens of rare antique and modem 

Italian marbles, some from celebrated buildings, also 
medallion heads of Galba and Caracalla, in an oak glazed 
case — 58 in. by 36 in. 

2013 An oblong oak table, the stand of simple antique design 

2014 A collection of thirty-eight cut and polished amonites, and other 

specimens of fossil marbles, in an oak case — 56 in. by 36 in., 
the glass broken 

2015 An oblong oak table, the stand of simple antique design 

2016 A collection of about 100 specimens of polished amonites^ and 

other fossil remains, in oak glazed case — 57 in. by 36 in. 

2017 An oblong oak table, similar to the preceding 

2018 A collection of amonites, fossQ bones, and teeth, in an oak glazed 

case — 42 in. by 32 in. 

2019 A hawk : a fine specimen, in glass case 

2020 A fine specimen of a white owl, killed in Scotland, in 1843, in 

glass case 

2021 A collection of crystals, ores, and agates, in an oak glazed i 

51 in. by 27 in. 

2022 An or-moulu lamp, with branches for four lights 

Digitized by 



2028 An or-moi|lu lamp^ with branches for four U^hts, 

2024 A ditto, for three lights 

2025 A dUto 

2026 A ditto^ for four lights 

2027 A ditto 

2028 A ditto 


3029 A pair of gothic-pattern pendant lamps^ blue, crimson, anfl gp^d, 
glazed with coloured glass 

2030 A pair^ similar 

2031 A pair, similar 

2032 A pair, similar 

2033 A pair of bronze gothic octagonal-pattern candle lamps 

2034 Four red cloth cushions, forming an octagonal seat 

2035 Six iron hanging lamps and chains, with vase-shaped groiV)^ 


2036 A grand new gothic iron stove 


2037 An oblong ebonized table, of Elizabethan design, with arcade 

beneath — 60 in. by 27 in. 

2038 The companion table 

2039 A similar table— ^ in. by 25 in. 

2040 A beautiful cabinet, of rosewood, with numerous small drawers 

with tortoiseshell A*ont ; a door opens in the centre enclosing 
smaller drawers 

2041 The companion 

2f)f^ A viB9;T FIV9 CABiufBT, OF Ow UAnv^v^TViVs^ witb laii^ 
scapes and huntsmen, in colours, on black ground^ with fold- 
ipg-dQors ^Q^siv^ dr^wei:9» qq 6Aai»d of the scwe^ w¥i^ 
drawer and twisted legs, and ebony c9iniiQe #)Ove— 49in. 

Digitized by 



2043 A FiNB Square Scallopbo Table, ^f fim? old. luliao mar* 

queterie^ with grotesque hoads aad fgliag^. tbQ qj^ iq ivory^ 
on twisted ebony legs and stretcher — 46 io, by 38 io. 

2044 The companion Table 

?045 A KNBEHOLE UBRARY TABUB^ of fio^ old redbiniW 
with figures dancing, and araJbesques, or«moulu mouldings, 
and eight drawers, on elegantly shaped legs — 43 in. by 26 in. 

2046 A FINE OBLONo ITALIAN Tablb, of rosewood^ inlaid with 

flowers and binte in ivory, and tiellisi of ebony and iv^ry, on 
qpirally fluted legs and stretcher— -48 in, by 30 in. 


door carved with Abraham offeriog up Isaac, and other 
iSgures and flowera in relief; the side doors each with iour 
slabs of rare Florentine pietre-commesse mosaic^ of birds and 
butterflies, massively mounted with terminal biuts and moulds 
ings of oTvmomlu, surmounted by a moulded statuary mai*bla 
slab— 4 ft. 1 in. wide 


2049 An. occasional tabW, with two flaps, of pollard oak, an standard* 

of gothic d^ign 

2050 A UAVMQUi^ PxDEserAi;^ Cabinet, q( led boule», with dancing 

figures and arabeaque%ma&ksaod rich mouldi^g^ of or-I9o^l(^% 
drawer above, swrmounted by a bluck marble slabr— 30 in. wide 

2051 A FINE OLD Italian CAaiNKT^i of E90NT, with fold«i( 

doors enclosing an architectural d^igu^ witb oolumn^^ of 
lapis^lazuli and crystal, slabs q( vanAua marbles, and smaH 
statues of or-moulu, forming numerous drawers^**«31 in. wide 

2052 A BJiAUTIFUl. CABINET, OF J5BONY, with nina sbba 

of fine Florentine pietre-dure mosaic, ^ith subjects of 
grotesque %ur€m Urd^i aod U^teirflias, wi^h termnal figtm% 
and rich manldingspf Qr-moMlUf and moulded statuaiy marblii 
slab — 51 in. wide 


2054 A settee, covered with cirimson Utrecht velveti adg^ with fringe, 
and ornamented with metal-gilt nails in ijm kim 9f ipQs^a*^ 
6 &. long 

Digitized by 



2055 Th« companion settee 

2056 A similar settee, without back — 7 ft. loog^ 

2057 The companion 

2058 A sofa, en suite 

2059 A set of twelve chairs, of Tudor pattern, covered all over wifli 

Utrecht velvet, edged with fringe, and studded with metal 
gilt rose nails — ^the cypher T, worked in gold and silver laee 
on the backs 

2060 A set of twelve Tudor-pattern walnut chairs^ the seats and backs 

covered with needlework, with shamrocks in yellow on blue 
ground — the cypher S, on the back, the borders of blue veivet 
studded with metal-gilt rose nails 

2061 A set of eight Tudor-pattern ebonized chairs, the seats and 

backs stuffed, and covered with crimson Utredit velvet 

2062 A set of six ditto 

2063 A set of six very handsome carved and gilt fauteuils, covered 

with yellow satin, beautifully embroidered with flowers in 
coloured velvets, of the time of Louis XIV. 

2064 An arm chair of oak, of Tudor pattern, covered with needlework 

and purple velvet, with Prince Albert'ii arms and cypher, 
surrounded by flowers, and studded with metal gilt naj^ 

2065 A carved mahogany arm chair, the seat and back covered with 

crimson silk, with the Talbot arms in yellow 

2066 A carved mahogany arm chair» covered with rich old brocade 

2067 A pair of footstools, covered with crimson Utrecht velvet 

2068 A pair of gilt stools, covered with yellow silk damask, with flowers 

in colours 

2069 A pair of ditto, covered with crimson silk, with the Talbot arms 

in yellow 

2070 A pair of footstools, covered with crimson silk velvet 

2071 A large square box ottoman, covered with crimson Utrecht 

velvet, studded with gilt rose nails 

2072 A pair of oak and gilt tripod pole fire skreens, with long silk 

banner mounts, of rich old silk brocade 

2073 A pair, similar 

2074 A Portiere curtain, of rich crimson and yellow silk brocade . 

Digitized by 



2075 A Turkey carpet— 12 ft. by 10 ft. 

2076 A ditto 

2077 A ditto 

2078 A ditto 

2079 A ditto 
2060 A ditto 

2081 Two Turkey rugs 

2082 Two ditto 

2083 About one hundred yards of Wilton carpet* of gotfaic pattern, to 

the sides of the Gallery 

2084 About eighty yards of printed felt 


Hardman* with the Talbot motto and shields, on crimson and 
blue enamelled ground^ with branches fat sixteen lights, and 

2086 A DITTO 

2087 A DITTO 

2088 A DITTO 

2089 A DITTO 

2090 A DITTOx 

2091 A DITTO 
2091*A DITTO 

2092 A pair of handsome or-moulu candelabra, on triangular stems, 

supported cm sphynxes, with branches for seven lights each : 
of the time of the French Empire 

2093 A set of four or-moulu candelabra, with twisted stems for five 

lights each 

2094 An or^moulu chased model of Trajan's column, on white marble 

base — 35 in. high 

2095 The Antonine column — ^the companion 

2096 The obelisk of St. Peters^ in or-moulu, on granite plinth — 27 in. 

'2097 The obelisk of the Piazza del Popolo^29in. high 

2098 Marcus AureUus : a small copy, m or-moulu, of the equestrian 

statue, on marble plinth — 26 in. high 

2099 An or-moulu clock, by Le Roy, in the form of a gothic church 

Digitized by 




with figures in medallions in colours, with folding doon 
enclosing drawers^ on stand of the same— ^9 in. wido 

2101 A BEAUTIFUL Casket^ of metal gtlt^ inlaid with diamonds of 

agates and jaspers, the borders richly chased with the rose^ 
shamrock, and thistle, the Talbot dogs at the apgles-^under 
glass shade 


2101aAn accession metal-gilt medal of Pope Pius IX. 

2101&A gold, or metal-gilt medal of Pope Pius IX., by Girometti 

2101c Eight silver medak of the Emperor Napoleon III. 

2101<^A fifty franc gold piece of Napoleon III. ; and forty^ twenty, 

ten^ and five franc pieces of Jerome Napoleon 
21016 A gold coronation medal of Queen Victoria 
2101/A ditto 

2101^ A gilt medal of the Duke of Wellington^ by Rouw 
2101A A gilt medal of Pope Innocent XI. ; and two silver ditto 
2101t Medals of Popes Clement XIV., Gregory XVI., Pius VI., 

and Pius yill. 4 

2101A:A medal of Pope Pius IX., by Girometti ; Cardinal Cbrsini ; 

and a gilt medal of Pope Gregory XVI. 
210U A silver coronation medal of Queen Victoria ; one, on tho 

Queen's Visit to Paris; the Prince Imperial ; Jerome 

Napoleon ; and two others 
3IOI91A gokd piece of Queen Elizabeth; one of Charles I.; and 

three ccnns found at Alton Castle 
aiOlnA silver medal of the Cardinal of York (Henry IX.) ; and 

two medals of Henry V. 
2IOI0 Pewter and gilt medftb 4 

:ilQ]t/»Copper medals of Pope Pius IX., Louis Napoleon^ frc. 17 

End of Sixteenth Day*s Sale. 

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Seventeenth Day^e Sale. 

On F BID AT, JULY 24, 1857, 



2102 A Set of Five Pairs of Crimson and Green Silk Damask 

Curtains, lined with silk, with fringe valences, and gothic 
cornices, painted and gilt 

2103 Two Pairs of Ditto; and a Pair to t|iE Bay 

2104 A FINE OBLONG WRITING TABLE, of ebony, with 

border of old black boule, with a frieze of masks and orna- 
ments of or-moulu, round the sides and down the straight 
legs, the top covered with green morocco— 64 in. by 34 in. 
Of the time of Louis XVI. 

2105 A small mahogany two-flap table 

2106 A mahogany reading table, with desk 

2107 An oblong ebonized Elizabethan writing table, on standards, with 

arcade beneath 

2108 A small rosewood cabinet, with folding doors, lined with green 


2109 A pair of ebonized folio book stands, with turned pillars 

2110 An oak portfolio stand, with gothic pillars 

2111 A smaller ditto 

2112 An open dwarf oak bookcase, with five shelves, gothic pillars, 

and brass galleries 

Digitized by 



S113 An oblong oak box, carved round the sides with cupids and 

2114 An oak banner fire skreen 

2115 A set of MX chairs^ with canred oak scroll-shaped legs, with 

stretchers, the square backs and seats covered with scarlet 

2116 A set of six carved oak high-back chairs^ the seats and backs 

covered with old velvet and silk brocade 

2117 An ebonized carved sofa> covered with cid green and yellow silk 


2118 The companion 

2119 Three ottoman seats, covered with embroidery 


TABLE, with rich panels, figures, and pilasters, with pedestal 
closets, the top covered with maroon leather — ^9 ft. by 6 ft. 

2121 A handsome carved oak inkstand, with friezes of foliage 

2123 A HANDSOME Fbbnch Library Tablb^ of king and tulipwood^ 
with three drawers^ and or-moulu mouldings^ the top covered 
with green leather — 50 in. by 28 in. 

2123 A HANDSOMB Tablb, larger, nearly similar — 70 !n. by 35 in. 

2124 An oak desk ; a mahogany ditto ; and a book tray 

2125 A double birch book stand— 6 ft. by 25 in.> 3 ft. high 

^126 A handsome carved and partly gilt gothic cheval skreen, with a 
panel of a silver pheasant and flowers, of needlework 

2127 A set of folding mahogany library steps 

2128 A HANDSOME DwARP Ebony Open Bookcase, with rich or- 

moulu mouldings, surmounted by a moulded statuary marble 
slab — 4 ft. 3 in. wide. 

2129 The Companion Bookcase 

2130 A HANDSOME GoTHic Oak OPEN BooKCASE, with gilt comico^ 

and inscribed '< Wisdom strengtheneth the wise more than ten 
men ** — about lift;, high, 61 in. wide 

2131 Another, inscribed '* He that walketh with the wise shall be 

wise " — 67 in. wide 

2132 Another^ inscribed " He giveth wisdom>out of his mouth cometh 

knowledge ** — 50 in. wide 

Digitized by 



2133 Two BBAunFUL Gothic Oak open Bookcasbs, demgned 

by Pugin^ inscribed ** Truth will only dwell with those who 
love her'' — about 8 ft. 6 in. high, 40 in. wide, and 31 in 

2134 A Pair^ similar 

2134* A Single Ditto— 26 in. wide 

2135 A similar Bookcase, larger — 48 in. wide 

2136 Another— 52 in. wide 

2137 A VERY HANDSOME OcTAOONAL Oak Table^ carved with a 

frieze of animals and foliage round the 8ides> with four drawers, 
on square stem and plinth ornamented with chimerae — ^about 
6 ft. in diameter 

2138 A mahogany reading desk, with screw riang stem 

2139 A satinwood inlaid writing table, with two drawers, the top covered 

with red leather, and brass gallery — 51 in. by 25 in. 

2140 A HANDSOME OLD GERMAN CABINET, of rosewood, with colunuis 

and cornices of ebony, a frieze of foliage in the projecting 
panels, two drawers beneath, and a shield of arms above — 
6 ft. 6 in. wide, and about 7 ft* 6 in. high 

2141 A HANDSOME OLD Marqueterib Table, inlaid with flowers 

and foliage, on twisted legs and stretcher, with drawer, and 
plate-glass top for curiosities — 44 in. by 26 in. 

2142 The Companion 

2143 A GRAND Horizontal Pianoforte, by Zeitter, with patent 

sounding board, in rosewood case, 6j^ octaves 

2144 A handsome carved oak pedestal, with six drawers, the panels 

with figures, birds, and foliage — ^29 in. square, and 46 in. high 

2145 A sofa, covered with needlework and red silk damask 

2146 An easy library chair, covered with maroon leather 

2147 A set of six elegant rosewood chairs, with square-shaped turned 

frames, the seats and backs covered with maroon leather 

2148 A pair of handsome old French walnut marqueterie round-back 

chairs, the seats and backs covered with crimson dlk figured 


2149 A set of three carved oak pole skreens, with long silk banners of 

velvet brocade 

Digitized by 



"21 SO A fbot ottoman, covert tddi neddl^work ; and one, cdirered Whfa 
crimson silk damask and gold fringe 

2151 A set of six old French carved walnut cabriole chafrst covered 

with crimson Utrecht vdvet 

2152 A set of six ditto> of different pattern 

2153 A chimney glass, in handsome carved frame, grained oak, with 

gilt moulding — 7 ft. 9in« high, trnd 41 fai. wide 

2154 A HANDSOME AxMiNSTER Carpbt — about 30 R. by IS ft. I and 

a rug 

2155 A Turkey carpet— about 28 ft. by 18 ft. ; and a rug 


quisitely carved in pearwood in the style of Yerbruggen, with 
flowers, fruits, and foliage, surmounted by a pair of doves, 
with a canopy of flowers — ^the plate 28 in. by 21 in. 

2157 A CHIMKEY GLASS, in frame, exquisitely carved in pear- 

wood with birds, group of shells, and fruits, surmounted by a 
basket of fruits and children's heads at the angles — the plate 
49 in. by 42 in. 

2158 A pair of handsome carved oak high-back arm chairs, lions* heads 

at the elbows, covered with maroon morocco 

2159 A small Turkey carpet and rug, in Poet's Bay 

2160 A pair of bronze gothic-pattem lamps, with branches for two 

burners each 

2161 A pair of ditto 

2162 A ^othic iron grate, with bright fleur-de-lys bars and irons ; and 

a gothic fender and fire irons 

2163 A ditto; and ditto 

2164 A small gothic iron fender and fire irons 

2165 A clock, by Le Dure, in case of bronze and or-moulu, surmounted 

by the Madonna della Sedfia and Infant in bronze 

2166 A very small clock, by Payne, New Bond Street, in or-moulu 

case, with thermometer in glazed suspending case 

2167 A rosewood writing desk, with two itjk glasses, mounted with 

silver gilt 

2168 A German figure, seated, of carton-pieire ; and Joan of Arettf 

biscuit— small 

Digitized by 



^169 A pur of very batidsome or^moulu candelabra, with bnmeheB 
for four lights each : in the classical taste of the French 
. Empire.. 

2170 An or-moulu chandelier, of gothic design, for ten lights 

2171 An inkstand, of red boule, with two glasses 


2172 Fits Pairs op Wimik>w Curtains, of beautiful Irish 

Poplin, crimson, with the Shrewdniry arms in yellow, lined 
with amber Irish poplin, trimmed with gimp, with silk cords 
^ and tassels 

2173 Two Pairs of Portibrbs, of the same 

2174 A BANDSoiiR Wilton CARPST^-about 28 ft. and 18 it; and a 


2175 A small DITTO, nmilar carpet in the bay 

2176 A handsome or-moulu gothic chandelier for eighteen lights^ and 


2177 A ditto, for twenty.four lights 

2178 An iron and steel grate, with fleur-de-lys bars, and brass and 


2179 A gothic brass and steel fender and fire irons 

2180 A roruontal Grand Pianoforte, in mahogany case, by 

Broadwood — 6^ octaves 

2181 A small oblong table, of red boule, with drawer, on stem and 

tripod, with or^moalu moulding 

2182 The companion 

2183 A pair of gilt stools, covered with crimson silk poplin, with the 

Shrewsbury arms 


carved and gilt, in tbe Qnest taste of the time of Loub XVI., 
covered with crimson and yellow satin damask 

2185 A MAGNIFICENT SOFA, en suite, the back surmounted 

by a musical trophy 

2186 THE COMPANION— smaller 

2187 A comer settee, carved and gilt in the style of Louis XIV.^ 

covered en suite 


Digitized by 



2188 A large circular centre ottoman, covered en suite, surmounted by 

a gilt basket 


QUBTBRIB, with foliage and flowers on ebony ground, on stem 
and four carved legs, tbe top covered with green leather 

2190 A BBAUTiFUL Tablb, formed of a very fine oval slab of porce- 

lain, beautifully painted with flowers by Nigg, in frame of 
chased or-moulu, on carved tripod stem, painted in colours 

2191 A small work table, of black and gold japan, with drawer 


RED BOULE, with Chinese figures, animals, and ara« 
basques, with five drawers^ on eight scroU legi^ mounted widi 
or-moulu> the centre of the top covered with maroon leather 
— 5ft. 9in. by 2 ft. 7 in. 

2193 A large square ottoman, covered with Persian carpet 

2194 A music chair, covered with crimson silk damask 

2195 A set of six carved and gilt cabriole chairs, the backs and seats 

covered with needlework : in the style of Louis XIV. 

2196 Six black and gold japanned chairs^ with gilt cane chairs 

2197 A handsome carved white and gold cheval skreen, with needle- 

work panel of an Albanian horseman 

2198 A pair of carved and gilt pole fire skreens, with crimson and 

gold silk banner mounts 

2199 A small carved and gilt pier bracket, with statuary marble slab— 

22^ in. wide ; and a pier glass, in gilt moulded frame, in two 
plates, the larger 6 ft. 6 in. by 13 in. 

2200 An or-moulu French clock, of rich moulded form, on plinth 

2201 A beautiful small etagere, of tulip and kingwood, with two glass 

: shelves, in or-moulu frame, with looking-glass back and small 
cupboard beneath, with plaques of Sevres porcelain, turquoise 
painted with flowers 

2202 A pair of handsome or-moulu candelabra, with branches .for five 

lights each 

2203 A HANDSOME PiBR Glass, iu moulded gilt frame — about 9ft. 

by4ft. 3in. 
S204 Thb Companion 

Digitized by 



2205 A NOBLB Chimney Glass, in moulded gih frame— about 9 ft. 

by 5 ft. 4 in. 

2206 A Paib of Pier Glasses, similar— about 10 ft. high by 20 in. 

2207 An ottoman stool^ covered with red and yellow silk damask 

2208 An oak footstool, covered with crimson velvet; and one, covered 

with carpet 

2209 An open dwarf book stand, of birch, the top covered with crimson 

velvets— 5 ft. 9 in. wide 

2210 The companion 


2211 A beautiful Circular Mosaic Slab, with a tazza and 

butterflies, in rare coloured marbles, on black ground, moimted 
in oak frame on stand 

2212 A mahogany Pembroke table 

2213 A pair of card tables^ of root of oak» of gothic pattern 

2214 An old carved Venetian fdding chair, the seat covered with 

crimson silk damask 

2215 Two painted chairs, with gilt cane seats and backs ; and seven 

paper baskets 

2216 An oak pole skreen^ with banner mount ; and a brass pole and 


2217 A piece of Wilton carpet — yds. 

End of Seventeenth Dw/t Sale. 


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Eighteenth Dajf'e Sale. 

On 8ATUB0AT, JULY 25. 1857, 



2218 Four Paibs op haudsoms Wiin>bw Curtains, dT brimson silk 

damask, lined and trimmed with yellow, pxap ootds, laid 
fringe^ and four carved and gOt gothic oomioes 

2219 FiVB Pairs of Ditto 

2220 A pair of crimson cloth ditto 

2^1 Six; pairs of blu^ and gold Irish silk poplin curtains, with fleurs- 
de-lis in yellow, lined with merino and trimmed, and six 
carved and gilt gothic cornices 

2222 An oak console table^ with carved and gilt ornaments, of gothic 

pattern, the top o| three slabs of Egyptian green alabaster^— 

2223 Another, with finb Slab op Oriental ALabastbr— 60 in. 

by 80 in. 

2224 Thb Companion 


RED BOULE, with chimeras, arabesques, and birds, on dx 
legs and stretcher, of black boule, with drawers— 48 in. by 
28 in. 

2226 THE COMPANION, on slighdy different stand 

2227 A two-flap 8o& table, of oak, gothic pattern 

► Digitized by 



3228 The companion table 
2329 A ditto 

2230 An oak loo table, on gothic pillar and plinth 

2231 Another, plainer 

2232 An oblong cedar table, on Xnixabethan standards^ and gallery— 

. 52 in. by 26 in. 

2233 A roselWood loo table^ on pillar and plinth 

2234 A circular table^ of rosewood, on pillar and stem, the top inlaid 

with small diamonds of various rare marbles 

2235 The companion table 

2236 A mahogany bagatelle table 

2237 A Rosewood Oblono Table, on carved pillar and daws^ the 

top inlaid in diamonds with specimens of rare marbles, and 
verd-antique border — 57 in. by 30 in. 

2238 An octagonal work stand, of birch; and a circular ebonized 


2239 A rosewood occasional table, with two drawers, on standards and 


2240 A set of six arm chairs, painted and gilt, the seats and back 

covered with blue and yellow fleur-de-lis worsted woik, with 
crimson velvet borders and fringe 

2241 A set of ten smaller chairs^ with painted and gilt backs, covered 

en suite 

2242 Six ottoman footstools, covered en suite 

2243 A set of ten handsome carved and gilt fiaiuteuils, Louis XIV. 

pattern, the seats and backs covered with crimson and yellow 

2244 A pair of ditto> covered with crimson silk 

2245 A set of thirteen painted and gilt gothic-pattem chairs, the seats 

covered with needlework of floweirs, with crimson oik velvet 

2246 A large painted and gilt sofa, covered with crimson silk damask 

2247 A ditto 

2248 A ditto 

2249 A large square ottoman, covered with Persian carpet ' 

2250 Two ottoman seats, covered with old needlework 

Digitized by 



2251 Four pillows, covered with tapestry . 

2252 Four ditto 

2253 A large gilt sofa^ covered with blue and yellow fleurs-de-lis of 

needlework^ with crimson silk velvet border and fringe 

2254 The companion so& 

2255 An oak ditto, en suite 

2256 Four pillows, covered with the same 

2257 Four ditto 

2258 Six table covers, of cloth 

2259 Five ditto 

2260 Four small low ebonized book stands 

2261 A birch bookstand— 6 ft. long 

2262 A pair of small ditto— 33 in. Jong 

2263 A low ebonized book stand — 59 in. long 

2264 A pair of low birch bookcases — 6 ft. 6 in. long 

2265 Four small rosewood trays for books 

2266 Two oak book trays; a diess and backgammon board and men; 

and a magnifying glass 


MARQUETEBIE, with flowers and arabesques on black 
ground, heightened with ivory, with folding doors enclosing, 
on twisted ebony legs and stretcher — 5 ft. 4 in, wide 

2268 A chimney glass, in painted and gilt gothic frame— 53 in. by 

47 in. 

2269 The companion 

2270 A similar glass — 42 in. by 50 in. 

2271 The companion 

2272 A blue, red, and yellow damask portiere to the great arch, lined 

with red and fringe 

2273 A pair of painted and gilt pole fire skreens, with blue and gold 

needlework banner mounts 

2274 A pair of ebonized ditto, with old silk brocade mounts 

2275 A pair of ditto 

2276 A pollard-oak gothic-pattem oommode, with folding wire doors 

below and*three shelves above, with looking glass backr— 
44 in. wide 

Digitized by 



2277 The oompamon commode 

2878 A pair ct crimson Utrecht velvet curtains 

2279 Four pahrs of crimson and yellow damask curtains, lined with 


2280 A green striped and flowered cut-velvet table cover, with 


2281 Abhieditto 

2282 A ditto 

2283 Another, covered with flowers 

2284 A grand central gothic or-moulu chandelier, with branches for 

twenty-four lights 

2285 A smaller ditto> of scroll design^ for eighteen lights 
2286'A ditto 

2287 A ditto for twelve lights 

2288 A ditto 

2289 A ditto 

2290 A ditto 

2291 A ditto for eighteen lights 

2292 A pair of candelabra, of or-moulu, with pelicans and rams* head^ 

on tripods, with sphinxes, and branches for rix lights 

2293 An oak canterbury 

2294 A rosewood ditto 

2295 A carved and gilt stool, covered with needlework and crimson 


2296 A LAROB Wilton Carpet 

2297 A small Turkey carpet 

2298 A ditto 

2299 Two Persian rugs 
2800 Two ditto 

2301 Two ditto 

2302 Three Turkey ditto 

2303 A small Turkey carpet 

2304 A ditto 

2305 A dttto 

^806 Two Turkey rugs. * 

2307 Two ditto; and a piece of Brussels carpet 

Digitized by 



2808 A pair of very handsome or-mouhi cancklabra, in the form of 

Roman martial trophieS| with horn branches for sixligfata 

each*— 36 in. high 
2309 A pair of ditto^ similar 
3810 An elegant French clocks of or-moulu, with Phoebus in his cha* 

riot, on a rainbow, the movement in the wheeh^ on plinth of 

verd-antique, with or-moulu mouldings, under glass shade-*- 

29 in* wide 
2311 A handsome or-moulu French dock, by Le Roy* surmounted by 

a group of a peasant woman and two children, on plinth of 

or-moulu, under glass shade — 2 1 in. wide 


Geoi^e Gruning, in architectural case of ebony, with cdunons, 
mouldings, and enrichments of or-moulu, with' elaborate inu* 
sical movement ; above the dial is a landscape, with a Seaport, 
and ships moving by mechanical action, and sheep on a road, 
on a moulded pedestal of ebony, with looking-glate jpanels; on 
circular plinth — 7 ft. 6 in. high 
3318 A pair of handsome or-moulu candelabra, wiUi palni*tree stems, 
with griffins and twisted tine brandies, witii branches for four 
lights each 

2814 Apabofditto 

FINEST OLD BLACK BOULE, yeUow abd white metal, 
on tripod round legs, with masks and rich mouldings of or- 
moulu— 4 ft. 2 in. high. Qf the Mffhest quality 

2316 Another Pair, of Red Boulb, brass and white metal, on tripod 

stands, with or^moulu, goats* masks and feet*^ ft; 3 in. high 

2317 A FINE Old French Clock and Bracket, ' of Black 

Boole, with figures and rich mouldings of or*moulu 

2318 Tub Oompanion Clock 

2319 A pair of alabaster vases and pedestals, sculptured with foliage— 


2320 A mahogany box 

2821 Thr#B pairs of gothic brackets, carved, and partly gilt 

2822 A pair of large ditto 

Digitized by 




2323 A large portiere, of crimson, green^ and yellow damask, lined 

with crimson 

2324 Six long cushions^ and two chair cushions, covered with needle- 

work and velvet 

2325 A Turkey carj^ ; and two narrow pieces 

2326 Nine chairs^ the backs and seats covered with ancient needlework 

2327 Eleven wabut chairs, the backs and seats covered with red alk 


2328 An octagonal gothic hanging lanthom 

2330 An ehn bench, with cast iron fleur-de-lis heads, and kneeling step 
16 ft. 3 in. high 

End df Eighteenih Da%ft Sale. 

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NiheteeiUh Day's Sale. 

On MONDAY, JULT 27, 1857, 



2332 A beautiful washstand, of king and tulipwood^ with or-moulu 

handles and mouldings, and Sienna marble slab and rim^ and 
purple and gold toilet service, gilt glass bottle, and two 

2333 A beautiful tulipwood washstand on Ieg8> surmounted by a slab 

of Sienna marble 

2334 A deal dressing table, with worked net and silk cover 

2335 Two black and gold japan chairs, with gilt cane seats 

2336 A handsome carved and gilt Louis XIV. cheval skreen, with a 

panel of needlework of birds 

2337 A small gothic brass and steel fender and fire irons 

2338 A pair of handsome or-moulu candelabra, with branches for four 

lights each 
2839 A chimney glass, in moulded gilt frame— -about 5 ft. 6 in. high, 
36 in. wide 

2340 A small Wilton carpet and rug 


2341 Two Pairs of Rich Amber Satin Brocadeb Damasil 

CuBTAiMS, lined with India silk, with valance and deqp firinge, 
and two painted and gilt cornices 

Digitized by 




2343 An or-moulu and steel gothic fender and fire irons 


PIER TABLE, of rich scroll paitern, of the Ume of 
Louis XIV.^ surmounted by a Sienna marble slab 


2346 A VERY FINE WRITING TABLE, of boule, of brass and 

white metaU with foliage^ masks, and rich mouldings of 
or-moulu^ and two drawers, the top covered with red leather — 
46 in. by 27 in. 

2347 A BBAUTiFUL Chest of Five Drawers, op fine old Red 

BouLB> with figures and arabesques, or-moulu mouldings and 
niasks — 38 in. by 23 in. 

2348 A Pedestal Cabinet, of fine old Red Boulb^ with 

glazed door — 29 in, wide 

2349 A very handsome Cabvkd and Gilt Settee^ with arms, 

of the time of Louis XIV., the seat and back covered with 
violet satin, beautifully worked with flowers in coloured silks 

2350 A Set of Four Cabriole Chairs^ en suite 

2351 A handsome carved and gilt cheval skreen, with needlework panel 

of a Turkish horseman 

2352 A chimney glass> in handsome gilt frame — about 7 ft. high^ by 

40 in. 

2353 Four black and gold japanned chairs, with gilt cane seats 

2354 An or-moulu clock, by Hevart, in the form of a gothic monument 

2355 A pair of handsome or-moulu candelabra, of gothic design, with 

branches for four lights each 


2356 A NOBLE Carved Oak Wardrobe, with figures of the Virgio 

and Child, and saints, above and below, the panek ornamented 
^ with scroll work — 6 ft. wide 

3857 A vert handsomb low Wardrobb, of carved oak, with 
figures on the panels, and bagpipes at the ui^e8» and scroll 
borders above and below — 5 ft;. 2 in. wide 

Digitized by 





SKRVENy with landscapes and figures on one side, and bird» 
on the other side-^about 7 ft. 6 in. high 
2859 *A mahogany ditto 

2360 A ditto 

2361 A mahogany hall seat, carved with the Talbot and Shrewsbury 

arms, and handsome carved ends — 4 ft. 6 in. wide 
2862 A gothic iron fender and fire irons; and a model of a tower, in 

2363 A small carpet 


2364 Two han^ng or-moulu lamps, with shades and balance chains 

2365 Two ditto 

2366 The carpet to the corridor 



BROCADED CURTAINS, Uned with amber India silk 
damask and gros de Naples, trimmed with valences of deep 
.fringe, and carved painted imd gilt cordoes 

2368 A SUPERB AXMINST]^^ CARPET-^about 20 ft. square 

and a rug 

2369 An iron and steel gothic grate, with fleur^dc'lys bars and 

or-moulu and irons surmounted by fleur-de-Iys 

2370 A beautiful gothic fender, of or-moulu and polished steel, and 

fire irons 
S371 THE STATE BEDSTEAD, U goOue design^ painted and 
ridily gilt, with lofty issoffjpy and hangings of the richest 
amber satin damask bromide, lined and riohly trimmed, the 
footboard panelled with the same f and a paillasse 

2372 iA'spring hair mattrais 

2373 Two feadier bdstersytwo pillows^ anda blanket 

Digitized by 



9S74 A BBAUTtFUL Embroidbrsd Satin State Bed Covbe 

2375 An elegmnt washstand, of king and tidipwood, With or*moi]lu 

mouldings, surmounted by a slab and rims of SiaoBA marble, 
with green and gold poroelab . fitdngs — 3ft. Sin. wide; an4 
a pair of gilt glass goblets, and a bottle 

2376 A pair of old French cupboards, of king and tulipwood» With <Nr* 

moulu handles and mouldings^ and Sienna marble slabs 
2S77 A Pair or bbautifpl Sbmi-cibouiiAR old Marqobtb&ib 
Cabinets^ with the Shrewsbury cypher and coronet^ and or- 
moulu rims— -53 in. wide 
8378 A beautipol high Cabinet, op Tuupwood, with folding glased 
doorsj shelves, and looking-glass back . ^bove^ and folding 
doors in imitation of drawers beneath, rich or-moulu mould- 
ings, and fiiejEe above — 7ft. 6 in. high^ 3 ft. 9in* wide 

2379 A SMALL fine old Cabinbt, op Ivort^ elaborately ^ngr^^red: 

with landscapes and flower borders, with ftdldown flap^ en- 
closing small drawers, and drawers above and below, sur- 
mounted by a pediment — ^23 in. wide 

2380 An oblong table, of fine old Italian marqueterie, with flowersi in. 

colours, on black ground — 44 in. by 27 in. 

2381 A smaller table, of fine old Italian ma^queterie, with flowers, in; 

colours, on black ground, with spirally twisted legs and 
stretcher— 37 in. by 27 in. 

2382 An elegant marqueterie taUe, with flowers, in kingwood on tulip- 

wood, with drawer enclosing writing apparatus— 48 in. by 
19 in. 

2383 A small circular marqueterie table, with gothic ornaments, inlaid 

on tripod stem of carved oak 

2384 A deal toilet table, covered with fine net, embroidered in colours, 

trinuned with lace, and lined with amber silk ; and a dressing 
stool, en suite 

2385 An arched top moulded dressing glass, in frame, of king and 

tulipwood, with rich or-moulu mouldings 

2386 Another^ sim3^, smaller < 

2387 FOUR SUPERB FAUTEUILS, carved and gik of the best 

pmod of Louis XVI., covered with amber satin brocade 

Digitized by 



2388 A gothic piainted and gilt fhsAr, the back and seiat covered with 

scarlet clothe with the cypher H/ worked in gold on the back, 
and gold lace taasels 

2389 A handsome Louis XIV. carved and gilt sofe, covered with amber 

satin. brocade 

2390 A carved and gilt stool, covered en suite 

2391 A pair of foot ottomans^ en suite 


of flowers^ mounted with a fine panel of old Gobelin tapestry, 
with a subject of peasants after Teniers 

2393 The Companion 

2394 A suPBRB Statb Chbst, of gothic design, painted in colours and. 

gilt^ and lined with amber satin 

2395 The Companion 

2396 A brilliant scarlet cloth cover and cushion, for a state prie-dieu, 

with gold lace tassals 

2397 A cushion, covered with cloth of gold and silver lace, and gold 

frieze and tassels 

2398 Another, covered with purple velvet, embroidered with the Shrews- 

bury cypher and coronet 

2399 A pair of towel stands, mounted with brass 

2400 A ditto 

2401 A beautiful cheval glass, in frame of tulip wood, with rich mould- 

ings and ornaments of or-moulu, and branches for lights— 
59in. by28in. 

2402 A handsome chimney glass, iif carved and gilt frame — 7 ft. 5 in. 

by 45 in. wide 

2403 A handsome pier glass, similar — 6 ft. 9 in. by 3 ft. 6 in. 

2404 A pair of elegant tripod candelabra, carved and gilt, with festoons 

and rams' heads, surmounted by statuary marble slabs— 4 ft. 
10 in. high 

2405 A pair of ditto 

2406 A pair of handsome or-moulu candelabra for four lights each 

2407 A pair of ditto 

2408 A pair of ditto 

Digitized by 



2409 An elegant or-moulu dock, in the fisrm of the west front of the 

Cathedml of Rfadms, under glass riiade 


2410 A handsome Turkey carpet — 22 ft. square 

2411 An engraved steel fender and fire irons ; a wire guard ; and a 

japanned coal box 

2412 Three pairs of crimson silk damask window curtains^ with red 

yellow silk Vandykes, and carved oak cornices 

2413 A set of mahogany dining tables^ on reeded legs — 16 ft. by 5 ft. 

8 iiio and green baize cover 


BOARD> with spiral columns, and friezes of animals and 
foliage, and classical masks, with cupboards and three drawers 
•^12 ft. long 

2415 An oak side table, on massive legs, with frieze of arabesques, and 

two drawers 

2416 A pair of plain mahogany side tables 

2417 A deal side table ; and a stool, covered with red velvet 

2418 A set of nxteea ebonized chairs, of Tudor pattern, the seats and 

backs stuffed, and covered with crimson morocco 

2419 A pair of cheval skreens, covered with oval panels of old tapestry 

2420 A BEAUTIFUL GoTHic CoRONA Lucis, vrith nozzles for six 

lights, of brass, with inscription, on red and blue ground, 

2421 Eight plain turned oak brackets 

2422 A six-leaf skreen, covered with stamped Venetian leather, with 

scrolls and flowers in gold and colours 

2423 Six oak brackets, carved with masks 

2424 Six ditto 

2425 Six ditto 

2426 Six ditto 

2427 Seven tttto 

Digitized by 




2428 Four red and yellow silk portieres, lined with eloth 

2429 Six hanging candle lanaps, of or-moulu, with ground-glass bell 


2430 A piece of pile carpet — 22 yds. 

2431 Eight pieces of Indian matting 


2432 A large iron grate^ with backplate and steel ornaments 

2433 A ditto 

2434 A hearth, of encaustic tiles 

2435 A ditto 
2486 An iron stove 

2437 A small rosewoood table, with box top ; and two chairs^ with 

leather seats 


2438 A hair brush ; a mat ; and two cocoa mats 

2439 A mahogany hat stand and an nmbrella stand ; and various 

door weights 

2440 A pair of ball deats, of mahogany, carved with the Shrewsbuiy 

cr^t ..,,-.... 
2441, The oilcloth to the hall and lobby 

2442 An iron stove 

2443 A hanging lamp, with glass globe 


2444 The oilcloth, planned 

2445 A glazed gothic-pattem cabinet 

2446 A barometer, by Barron, in mahogany case 

2447 A han^ng lamp, with glass globe 

2448 A small black bonle bracket .... 

2449 The Turkey carpet, from Entrance Hall to Chapel Corridor ^ 

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2450 The stair carpet to Doria Landing, and rods 

2451 A clock, by Jefferson, in white alabaster case^ with a group of 

sale of cupids, supported on sphinxes 

2452 Three alabaster vases^ one carved with a bouquet of flowers 

2453 A pair of fluted alabaster yases and covers 

End of Nineteenth Day's Sale. 

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Twentieth Day's Sale. 

On TUESDAY, JULY 28, 1857, 



2454 Three dozens of Pale Sherry, bottled in 1849 Cellar 1, Bin 21 

2455 Three ditto 

2456 Three ditto 

2457 Three ditto 

2458 Three ditto 

2459 Four ditto, more or less 

2460 Three dozens of Gold Sherry, bottled in 1849 Cellar 1, Bin 15 

2461 Three ditto 

2462 Three ditto 

2463 Three ditto 

2464 Three ditto 

2465 Four ditto, more or less 

2466 Three dozens of Pale Sherry, bottled in 1854 Cellar 2, Bms 2 & 3 

2467 Three ditto 

2468 Three ditto 

2469 Three ditto 

2470 Three ditto 

2471 Three ditto 

2472 Three ditto 

2473 Three ditto 

Digitized by 



2474 Three dozens of Pale Sherry, bottled in 1 854 Cellar i. Bins 2 & 3 

2475 Three ditto 

2476 Three ditto 

2477 Three* ditto 

2478 Three ditto 

2479 Five ditto, more or lew 

2480 Three dozens of Brown Sherry, bottled in 1854 Cellar 2, Bin 5 

2481 Three ditto 

2482 Three ditto 

2483 Three ditto 

2484 Tliree ditto 

2485 Three ditto 

2486 Three ditto 

2487 Three ditto 

2488 Three ditto 

2489 Three ditto 

2490 Three ditto 

2491 Three ditto 

2492 Three ditto 

2493 Three ditto 

2494 Three ditto 

2495 Three ditto 

2496 Four ditto, more or less 


2497 Three dozens of Port, bottled in 1848 Cellar 1, Bin 17 

2498 Three ditto 

2499 Three ditto 

2500 Three ditto 

2501 Three ditto 

2502 Three ditto, more or less 

2503 Three dozens of Port, bottled in 1848 Cellar 1, Bin 19 

2504 Three ditto 

2505 Three ditto 

2506 Three ditto 


Digitized by 



2507 Three dozens of Port, bottled in 1848 Cellar 1, Bin 19 

2508 Three ditto 

2509 Three ditto 

2510 Three ditto 

2511 Three ditto, more or less 

2512 Three dozens of Port, bottled in 1854 Cellar 2, Bin 

2513 Three ditto 

2514 Three ditto 

2515 Three ditto 

2516 Three ditto 

2517 Three ditto 

2518 Three ditto 

2519 Three ditto 

2520 Three ditto 

2521 Three ditto 

2522 Three ditto 

2523 Three ditto 

2524 Three ditto 

2525 Three ditto 

2526 Three ditto 

2527 Three ditto 

2528 Three ditto 

•2529 Five ditto, more or less 

2530 Three dozens of Port, bottled in 1854 Cellar 2, Bin 6 

2531 Three ditto 
5532 Three ditto 

2533 Three ditto 

2534 Three ditto 

2535 Three ditto 

2536 Three ditto 

2537 Three ditto 

2538 Three ditto 

2539 Three ditto 

2540 Three ditto 

2541 Three ditto 

2542 Three ditto 

Digitized by 



2643 Three dozens of Port, bottled in 1854 
2544 Three ditto 
3545 Three ditto 

2546 Three ditto 

2547 Three ditto, more or less 

t n'3 •'• . - . - 


25i^ji^hree dozens of very old Madeira 
2549 lliree ditto 
|55Q Three ditto 

2551 j^ive ditto> more or less 

2552 Three dozeps of old Madeira 

2553 Three ditto 

2554 Three ditto 

2555 Five ditto, more or less 

2556 Twenty*one bottles of Madeira^ more or less 

Cellar 2, Bin 6 


Cellar 1, Bin 1 
Cellar 1, Bin. 2 

' Cellar 1, Bin 3 

** *,* •' •'. i ii.. 1 

2557 Forty-four pints of Sack ' Cellar 1, 

2558 Three dozens of red Hermitage Cellar 1> 

2559 Three ditto, more or less *- . u -< i ' ^ 
2560. :Sixteen bottles of Burgundy ,, ' ., 

2561 Four dozens of Teneriffe. and other wines, mixed. 
256?/ Four dozens of red J^isbon, in pints^ more or less r 
256j^^Three dozens of Sweet Mountain /,/..,,,/ , , ^, 

2564 Three ditto ** u > » . 

2565^ Two ditto, more or less ^ 4o/ *, 

2566 Two dozens of Champagne ' «». . ^ . 

2567 One dozen and six bottles of ditto, more^orless ^^ i. . , 
2568jrhirty-two bottles of Hock, various; and nine of Bucellas 
2569.^Twenty-two bottles of C^ret, more or lessj 1844 ,*^ , 
25:^0, Three dozens of Sauteme :n.<,,.a K. f .:. ^ . 

2571 Three ditto 

2572 Three ditto ^ 

2573 Two ditto, more or less 

Bin 27 

Bin 13 

Bin 6^ 
Bin 5 
Bin 6 

Bin 18^ 

[' {<.v2 

Bin 10^ 
Bin" 14^ 

r - 

s JX.) 

Digitized by 



2574 Four dozens of Moselle Bin 24 

2575 Four ditto, more or less 

2576 Two dozens of Lunelle Bin 11 

2577 Two ditto 

2578 Three ditto, more or less 

2579 Three dozens of Marsala Bin 4 

2580 Three ditto 

2581 Three and a half ditto, more or less 

2582 Three dozens of old Tent Bin 25 
25S3 Three ditto 

2584 Three ditto 
. 2585 Three ditto 

2586 Three ditto 

2587 Three ditto 

2588 Three ditto 

2589 Three ditto 

2590 Three ditto 

2591 Three ditto 

2592 Three ditto 

2593 Three ditto 

2594 Three ditto 

2595 Five ditto, more or less 

2596 Three dozens of Malaga Bin 27 
2697 Three ditto 

2898 Two dozens and eight ditto, more or less 

2899 Three dozens of Calcavella Bin 9 

2600 Three ditto 

2601 Three ditto 

2602 Three ditto 

2603 Five ditto, more or le^ 

2604 Two dozens of WTiite Wine, more or less Bin 6 

2605 Twenty bottles of Vidonia, more or less Bin 6 

2606 Two dozens of Barsac Bin 8 

2607 Three ditto, more or less 

2608 Two dozens of fine old Malmsey Bin 12 

2609 Two ditto 

Digitized by 



2610 Three ditto, more or less 

2611 Twelve bottles of Barsac, Bin 10 ; and eight bottles of Sweet 

Wine Bin 11 

2612 Twenty bottles of Muscatel Bin 13 

2613 Twelve bottles of Whiskey Bin 16 

2614 Twelve ditto 

2615 Twelve ditto 

2616 Twelve ditto 

2617 Twelve ditto 

2618 Eighteen ditto, more or less 

2619 Seven magnums^ and four quarts of Hollands Bin 4 

2620 Six bottles of Rum, Bin 22 ; and seven of Liqueur Bins 11 and 24 

2621 Two dozens of Elderflower water Bin 22 

2622 Two ditto 

2623 Two ditto> more or less 

End of Twentieth Day's Sale. 

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Twenty-First Day^s Sale. 

On WEDNESDAY, JULY 29, 1857, 



2r>24 A bordered Brussels carpet and a rug — about 28 ft. by 20 ft. 

2625 A handsome gothic iron grate 

2626 An iron scroll-pattern fender and fire irons 

2627 A VERY HANDSOME GoTHic Oak Fourpost Bedstead/. St. 

George and the Dragon^ and shields and trophies on the head, 
the footboard with an angel and linen-pattern panels, the 
ceiling also of linen pattern^ the hangings of rich crimson silk 
damask, lined with silk fully trimmed ; and a 7 ft. paillasse 

2628 Two 7-ft. hair mattresses 

2629 Tivo blankets; and a fine large Marseilles quilt 

2630 A feather bolster ; and two down pillows 

2631 A richly embroidered quilt^ of India shawl pattern, fringed with 

gold lace 

2632 Two pairs of rich crimson silk damask window curtains, lined 

with ffllk, and trimmed with gimp, with handsome carved oak 

2633 A VERT HANDSOME Carvfd Oar Cabinet, with five figures 

at the angles, friezes of masks of foliage above and below, 
with folding doors eiHjlosing four trays — 6 ft. 2 in. wide, and 
4 ft. 6 in. high 

Digitized by 



2634 An eboiijzed wasbstand, of Tudor design^ with gallery beneath, 

white marble slab, and crimson and gold toilet service — 47 in. 

2635 A handsome carved oak chesty with cherubs' heads hi the panels^ 

and small figures at the ends — 59 in. long 

2636 A VERY HANDSOME Carved Oak Cabinet, with folding 

doors, Roman heads in the panels, fluted Corinthian pilasters, 
a!id friezes of figures, scrolls, and masks above and below — 
6 ft. wide, and 7 ft. 6 m. high 

2637 A deal toilet table, covered with magnificent old guipure lace, on 

light blue silk ground — 57 in. by 36 in. 

2638 A swing dressing glass, in elaborate carved oak frame, with 

standards-— 32 in. wide 

2639 A handsonne carved oak cheval glass/ with rich openwork scroll 

borders, on standards, with lions' masks, with or-moulu 
brajaches for lights — 50 in. by 28 in. 
2840 A handsome set of carved oak gothic bedsteps, surmounted by 
figures bearing shields, and linen- pattern panels 

2641 The companion 

2642 ^ carved oak cheval fire skreen, surmounted by the Shrewsbury 

shield and crest, with panels of needlework and crimson silk 
' 2643 A turned oik towel horse 

2644 A mahogany bidet 

2645 A loo table, of black and gold japan, with Chinese landscapes, 

figures, and birds, on stem and tripod feet — 37 in. diameter 

2646 A poUard-oak loo table, on stem and four j^loped legs — 48 in. 


2647 An oblong black and gold japan table, with Chinese landscapes 

and figures 


engraved with flowers, the seats covered with crimson silk 

2649 A couch, with pillow, covered with crimson silk damask 

2650 Three painted arm chair?, the seats and backs covered with crim- 

son silk damask 

Digitized by 



2651 A gilt round back chair, covered with the same ; and two foot 


2652 A chimney glass, in carved oak and painted frame, with groups 

of fruit and masks — 41 in. by 48 in. 

2653 A red and gold painted arm chair^ the seat covered with crimson 

silk damask 

2654 A pair of ottoman seats, covered with the same, and old lace 


2655 A beautiful portiere, of old crimson and yellow silk brocade, lined 

with yellow poplin 

2656 Two covers for a prie-dieu, of crimson silk damask, trimmed with 

old laee 

2657 A square table cover, of very fine old crimson silk brocade, 

trimmed with gold lace fringe 


2658 A small bordered Brussels carpet 

2659 A small gothic iron grate; and iron fender, and steel fire irons 

2660 A pair of crimson silk brocatelle window curtains with valances, 

and carved oak corners, gilt 

2661 A small table cabinet, of old marqueterie^ with a trophy^ vases of 

flowers^ drawers, and closets, and or-moulu mouldings — ^26 in. 

2662 A couch, with three pillows, covered with red silk damask, and 

gold lace edging 

2663 A small circular gothic oak inlaid table, on pillar and stand 

2664 A carved oak cheval skreen, with flowers and grapes, and panels 

of needlework' and silk brocade 

2665 Two red painted chairs, the seats covered with crimson brocatelle 

2666 A chimney glass, in carved and painted oak Tudor frame— 

36 in. by 20 in. 

2667 A mahogany occasional table, on pillar and plinth 


2668 A bordered octagonal Brussels carpet 

Digitized by 



2669 A gothic iron grate and fender and steel fire irons 

2670 Two window curtains, of crimson silk brocatelle and carved oak 

and gilt cornices 

2671 An ebonized washstand, of Tudor design, with gallery beneath, 

white marble top, with crimson and gold fittings — 48 in. 

2672 An oak towel horse ; and a small mahogany table 

2673 An oak cupboard, on turned legs 

2674 A mahogany occasional table, with two drawers 

2675 A mahogany card table, of old pattern ; and a two-leaf skreen 

covered with crimson silk damask 

2676 A deal dressing table, covered with pink and white silk brocade 

and old lace--4ft. 26 in. 

2677 A swing dressing glass, in carved oak frame — 29 in. wide 

2678 A chimney glass, in carved and painted oak Tudor frame — 36 in. 

by 23 in. 

2679 Four painted chairs, the seats and backs covered with crimson 

silk damask 

2680 A stool, covered with crimson silk damask and lace ; a hearth 

brush ; and a boot jack 


2681 A four-leaf skreen, of fine old raised japan, with landscapes and 

figures in colours and gold, and kylins above and below, and 
flowers on the back — 6 ft. 7 in. high 

2682 A very handsome eight-leaf black and gold japan skreen, with 

Chinese landscape figures and ornamental borders — 6 ft. 9 in. 

2683 A handsome German cabinet, of carved oak, with medallion 

heads in the panels, and carved pilasters— 57 in. wide, and 
5 ft. 6 in. high 

2684 A mahogany bidet ; and four japanned foot baths 

2685 An iron fender, with dogs at the ends 

2686 Twelve yards of velvet-pile stair carpet ; and twenty-one brass 


Digitized by 



2687 A water engine ; and six leather fire buckets 

2688 An oak wood bdx, with billets of birch 

2689 Three pieces of carpet ; and a small oak table 


2690 A mahogany tent bedstead, with blue worsted damask furniture ; 

and a paillasse 

2691 Two hair mattrasses, bolster, aad pillow ; two blaukets; and a 

Marseilles quilt , 

2692 A, mahogany waved. chest of five drawers, , 

2693 A square mahogany table ; and a small satinwood table 

2694 A swing dressing glass, in mahogany frame 

2695 A mahogany dressing table^ with three drawers 

2696 A mahogany bidet ; a towel horse ; a stool ; a boot jack ; four 

. jugs, &c. , . , ^ _ 

2697 Three painted chairs, the seats covered with red silk damask 

2698 A jpajnted firm chair, covered with the same; a painted pole fire 

skref n ; a japan coal box ; and a hearth brush 

2699 A gothic iron grate 

2700 A Kidderminster carpet; and four printed merino window 

curtains, brass pol^^ and rings ^ .- 

2701 The King of Bavaria; and the Leonoras — ^two framed prints 


2702 A bordered Brussels carpet — about 26 ft. by 20 ft. ; and a rug 

2703 A handsome gothic^ iron grate, with and irons r 

2704 A handspme scroH iron fender and steel fire jrons^.^ • j; ^ *; \ ' 

2705 A paii]^^ed;four-post bedstead, with wreaths of flowers j in relief in 

. colours, chintz furniture, trimmed with fringe ; and a spring 

mattrass , ' ' ; .; i . ! ' ^ >'' f ' ; •' 

2706 A hair mattrass ^' . « - > v j . . ^ • > 
2707'Anfe^her bolster ;. and two pillows, ; v ' ■ . -r _ f-j 
2708 Two blankets ; and a Marseilles quilt : ^^ ^ 

Digitized by 



2709 Two pairs of chintz window curtains, with valances and cornices 

2710 A cedar washstand, of Tudor pattern, on turned standards and 

gallery, with white marble slab, and green and gold toilet 
service — 48 in. wide 

271 1 A deal dressing table, with striped brocade silk cover bordered 

with lace— 69 in. by 30 in. 

2712 A so& with two pillows covered with chintz 

2713 Four cedar chairs, with turned legs and backs, the seats covered 

with chintz 

2714 Two arm chairs, covered with the same 

2715 A maplewood arm chair, covered with the same 

2716 Two painted arm chairs, covered with the same; and two 


2717 An ottoman seat, covered with needlework; and a stool, covered 

with chintz 

2718 An oblong cedar table, of Tudor design, with gallery beneath 

and standards — 60 in. by 28 in. 

2719 A circular satinwood work table, with rising top and silk well, 

with looking glass, five small cameo heads on the top, and a 
brocade cover 

2720 A circular black and gold japan table, with birds and flowers in 

colours and mother-o*-pearl, on stem and triangular plinth— 
48 in. diameter 

2721 A cheval dressing glass, in mahogany frame — 39 in. by 20 in. 

2722 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

2723 A capital winged wardrobe, with seven drawers and pedestal 

cupboard ends— about 7 ft. wide 

2724 A birch towel horse ; and a mahogany bidet 

2725 A pair of mahogany bedside cupboards 

2726 An occasional table, of black and gold japan, with Chinese land- 

scapes and figures, on pillar and plinth 

2727 A small satinwood chest of six drawers, with three bookshelves 


2728 A couch, covered with chintz 

2729 An arched-top dressing glass, in carved, painted, and gilt frame 

41 in. by 21 in. 

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2730 A chimney glass, in similar frame — about 4 ft. by 3 ft. 

2731 An oak pole fire skreen, with banner mount ; and a japan coal 


2732 A mahogany frame box, with wire panels, lined with chintz 

2733 Two footstools, covered with worked satin; and a table cover 

2734 Four wool rugs 

2735 Eight red velvet-pile rugs 

2736 Two pillows, covered with cut velvet 

2737 Three pieces of pile carpet to the passage 

2738 Four pieces of Turkey carpet to ditto 


2739 A Brussels bordered carpet— about 12 ft. square 

2740 A small gothic iron stove 

2741 Three pairs of chinta window curtains, lin^d, with valences ; and 

three painted cornices 

2742 A small painted four-post bedstead, with chintz furniture ; and a 


2743 Two hair mattrases 

2744 A pillow and bolster ; two blankets ; and a counterpane 

2745 A mahogany washstand, with marble top, and greeti and gold 

toilet service 

2746 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

2747 A cheval glass, in mahogany fmme— 45 in. by 21 in. 

2748 A mahogany swing dressing glass 

2749 A deal dressing taUe ; and a stool, covered with needlework 

2750 An oak towel horse ; and a mahogany bidet 

2751 A mahogany bedside cupboard 

2752 A mahogany boot jack ; and a japan coal box 

2753 Two chairs, the seats covered with crimson velvet 

2754 A mahogany card table, on pillar and pKnth 

2755 An arm chair ; and a footstool 

2756 A gilt picture frame 

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2757 A mahogany wardrobe, with folding doors, enclosing below ten 

small drawers 

2758 Two japanned foot baths 

1^759 The stair carpet to the Tower ; and twenty brass rods 

End of Twenty-First Day's Sale. 

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Tfjoenty-Second Day's Sale. 

On THURSDAY, JULY 30, 1857, 



2760 Three pairs of chintz window curtains, brass poles, and rings 

2761 A birch tent bedstead^ with green worsted damask furniture ; and 

a hair mattrass 

2762 A wool mattrass, feather bed, bolster and pillow, chintz coverlid, 

and two blankets 

2763 A mahogany dwarf wardrobe, with folding doors and drawers 

2764 A mahogany swing dressing glass 

2765 A small gothic oak cabinet, glazed, in three compartments abo?e, 

and open bookcase below 

2766 A mahogany dressing table, with two drawers 

2767 A mahogany washstand, with marble top, and toilet service 

2768 A mahogany bidet ; and an oak towel horse 

2769 A mahogany card table, of old pattern 

2770 A mahognay arm chair, the seat and back coverea with silk 


2771 Two painted arm chairs; and four other chairs, with cane seats 

2772 A gothic iron grate 

2773 A footstool ; two baskets ; and the carpet 

Digitized by 




2774 Sixteen yards of velvet-pile stair carpet ; and twenty-eight brass 


2775 An oak box, full of billets 

2776 An or-moulu chandelier, with branches for three lights 

2777 The pile carpet to the corridor— 30 yds. 

2778 Five hanging lamps 


2779 Two sets of yellow silk tabaret window curtains^ with fluted poles 

and rings 

2780 A mahogany four^post bedstead, with yellow silk tabaret fur« 

niture, and valence of needlework ; and a paillasse 

2781 Two hair mattrasses 

2782 A feather bolster, and two pillows 

2783 Two blankets, and a counterpane 

2784 A mahogany cheval glass— 43 in. by 22 in. 

2785 A rosewood chiffonier^ with folding doors, and shelf above — 42 in. 


2786 A cedar washstand^ of Tudor design, with standards and gallery, 

v^ed marble slab, aud purple and white toilet service— 
46 in. wide 

2787 A mahogany box, panelled with yellow silk tabaret 

2788 A mahogany wardrobe^ with folding doors, and four drawers 

under— 4 ft. 6 in. wide 

2789 A circular table, of amboyna wood, on tripod stand — 24 in. 


2790 An oak towel horse ; and a mahogany bidet 

2791 A deal dressing table, with net cover, lined with yellow tanmiy— 

58 ia by 36ui. 
2798 A dressing glass, in papier-mach^ frame, with Chinese figures 

and ornaments in mother-o*pearl and colours 
2793 A mahogany night commode; and a small two-flap skreen, 

covered with yellow silk tabaret 


Digitized by 



2794 A set of oak bedsteps 

2795 A mahogany diest of fire drawers * 

2796 A mahogany Pembroke table 

2797 A sofa and two pillows, covered with yellow silk tabaret 

2798 A pair of arm chairs^ covered with crimson silk damask 

2799 A pair, similar, covered with yellow silk tabaret 

2800 Four mahogany chairs, the seats covered with the same 

2801 An embroidered table cover 

2802 A foot ottoman ; three cushions, covered with yellow silk tabaret ; 

and a velvet shelf cover 

2803 A chimn^ glass, in gilt {ramp^>^-*49 in. by 28 in. 

2804 An old fashioned grate; and an iron fender and fire irons 

2805 A velvet-pile carpet — about 35 ft. by 12 ft.; and two rugs 

2806 A printed drugget 

2807 Two cloth table covers 


2808 A Brussels carpet and hearth rug 

2809 Two pairs of window curtains, with painted pole cornices 

2810 A mahogany four-post bedstead^ with chintz furniture, lined with 

pink; and a paillasse 

2811 A hair> and a wool mattrass 

2812 A bolster, and two pillows 

2813 Two blankets ; and a pink and white quilt 

2814 A drcular table, of pollard oak, with inlaid border, on pillar and 

plinth — 31 in. diameter 

2815 A small mahogany wardrobe, with folding doors, and four 

drawers under-— 43 in. wide 

2816 A mahogany double washstand, with shelf above, and blue toilet 

service, with flowers 

2817 A small circular pollard-oak table, on pillar and plinth — 18 m. 


2818 An oak towel horse ; and a mahogany bidet 

2819 A doth table covw ; a needlework pillow ; and lace drapmes fior 


Digitized by 



2S»ik dMidmnii|t table; and oovei^-^ i*. by 28iiu 

2821 A chair cushion, covered with red velvet 

2822 A mahogany swing dressing glass 

2823 A mahogany bedside cupboard 

2824 A small japanned table, with velvet top 

2825 A mahogany arm chair^'tUe back and seat covered with leather 
2ftW^Po4r %^utM[ihai^; witik Miifi!^ backs and seats 
2Stf^A^|[)0te 'fit^' skreent ajapattfted coal box; a hearth brudi ; and 

a velvet shelf cover 
2828 A mahogany cfooeh, squab, and bolster, covered Ivith chintz 
88S9 Ty totike atkl DudK^ of Orleans—^ ccf/ourr— framed 
2830 A desigp bt a eohifervatory — a drawing 


283f 'A Brussels carpet, plann^, about 24 ft by 18 ft. ; and a rug 

2832 Two pairs of blue chintz window curtains, lined with drab printed 

cambric, with printed cornices 

2833 An oak gothic-pattem four-post bedstead, with blue chintz 

furniture and paillasse 
2884 ^ hair roattt^s^ ; a feather bed, bolster, and two pillows 

2835 Two blankets ; and a Marseilles quilt 

2836 A mahogany double washstand, with blue and white fittings 

2837 A mahogany bidet ; a birch towel horse ; a japanned coal box ; 
!^ and a hearth brudi 

2838 A mahogany two-flap table ; and a two leaf-skreen 

2838 A pairiof mahfigfti^y bedstisps; and a small mahogany table 

2840 A sofa, roovered with blue chintz; and two needle work 


2841 Two arm, and four otber painted ch^rs, with cane seats, and 

cushions, covered with chintz 

2842 A swing dressing glass, in mahogany frames 23 in. by 17 ih. 

2843' A'mahdgi^ny occasional table, with drawers 

2844 A boot jack ; two baskets ; a dressing stool ; and afoc^tool 

2845 A chimnq^glassjvin^^ilt iram0-^45ili. by 27 in. 


Digitized by 



2846 A mahogany wardrobe, with fdding doors^ and three draewert 


2847 An easy ehair^ with chintz cover 


2848 A Brussels carpet ; and six pieces of ditto^ trimmed with fringe 

2849 A birch dressing table, with two drawers ; and a mahogany awing 

dressing glass 

2850 A mahogany bidet ; a fqotpan ; and an iron fender 

2851 A mahogany washing stand, with two drawers^ andUackand 

white marble slab> and blue and white fittingp 

2852 A mahogany bedside cupboard ; a towel horse ; and three 

chairs^ with cane seats, and loose cushions 

2853 A mahogany chest, of five drawers 

2854 A pair of chintz window curtainf and cornice; and a hearth 


2855 A Brussels stair carpet, in four rolls, with yellow fleur-de-lis on 

red ground j 

2856 An oak table 

2857 Two japanned footbath stands ; two wire guards ; and a copper 



2858 Two crimson and white alk damask window curtains, with painted 


2859 A mahogany four-post bedstead, with painted cornice^ crimson 

and white silk damask furniture, and a psdllasse 

2860 A wool and a hair mattrass 

2861 A feather bed, two bolsters, and four pillows 

2862 Four blankets ; and two quilts 

2863 Two paillasses 

2864 A mahogany winged wardrobe, with cupboards at the ends, and 

folding doors in the centre, enclosing trays, and four drawers 
under— 7 ft. 10 in. wide 

2865 A cheval glass, in mahogany frame~51 in. by 18 in. 

Digitized by 



2866 A mahogany diest of five drawers ' : '.4 

2867 A rosewood wriiiiig table^ with three drawers^ the top covered 

wilh leather 

2868 A deal dressing table and cover 

2869 A carved and gilt table, with twisted legs, and red granite slab — 

, 44in. b]r22in. - 

2870 A mahogany swing dressing glass — 23 in. by 17 in. 

2871 Another— 17 in. by 13 in. 

2872 Another— 15ib. by 11 in. 

2873 A deal dressing table ; a foot pan ; a japan coal box ; and a 

fender and fire irons 

2874 A mahogany washing stand, with flowered fittings 

2875 Another, with marble slab 

2876 A rosewood cheSbnier, with columns, and panelled nlk doors — 

4 ft. 6 in. long 

2877 A mahogany writing table, with drawers, on^standards 

2878 A mahogany bootjack ; two towel horses ; and a pole fire skreen, 

with banner mounts 

2879 Two mahogany bidets 

2880 Two sets of mahogany bedsteps 

2881 A mahogany stand; an ottoman stooV; and one, covered with 

red silk damask 

2882 Two gilt chairs, covered with crimson silk damask 

2883 A silk tapestry table cover ; and a shelf, covered with velvet 

2884 Two mahogany bed side cupboards 

2885 A Brussek carpet, planned — about 24 ft. by 18 ft.; and three 

2886 Eight lengths of crimson carpet, with fringed ends 

2887 A chimney glass, in gilt frame?— 36 in. by 45 in. 

2888 A pair of arm chairs, covered with chintz 

2889 An arm chair, and two others, painted^ with cane seats, and 

cushions covered with silk damask 


2890 A pair of merino window curtains, and painted cornice 

2891 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

Digitized by 



2892 A mahogany washiiig 8taiid^>with. nwrbte iopf 9od greon^jMd 

white fittings 

2893 A cheval glass^ in mahogany frame — 51 in. by 19 in. 
S894 A small glass^ in painted frame 

2895 A fender ; and a carpet 

8896 A painted four-post bedstead, with canred comipe^ and printed 
merino ^miture 

End of Twenty-Second Day*s Sale. 

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Ttoenty^Third Day^B Sale. 

On FRIDAY, JULY 31, 1857, 



2897 A set of clialie window curtains, and two poles and rings 

2898 A handsome or-moulu fender^ of scroll pilttem^ and fire irons 

2899 A chimney glass, in elaboratdy carved and painted bine frames— 


2900 A deal dressing table, with blue silk and lace cover ; and a pin 


2901 A swing dressing glass, in a carved and painted frame, arched 

top— 21 in. by 17 in 

2902 A handsome cheval glass, in painted and gilt frame*— 57 in; by 

29 in. 

2903 A handsome carved, painted and gilt washing stand, with marble 

top, and blue flower-pattern toilet service, and a blue glass 
bottle^ and two tumblers 

2904 Two painted and giH towel horses 

2905 A painted and gilt bedside cujpboard, with satinwood slab 

2906 A painted and gilt chest of four drawers, with ivory handles, and 

safinwood slab 

2907 A deal prie^eu, with blue sSk cover, and two pillows, covered 

with needlework 

2908 A stool, painted and gilt, covered with needlework and velvet 

Digitized by 



2909 An ottoman stools tfie top covered with a dog in needlewori^ ; and 

a mahogany boot jack 

2910 Four blue japan and gilt chairs, with cane seats 

2911 A painted and gilt cheval skreen, with needlework panel 

2912 The velvet-pile carpet; and three rugs 

2913 The velvet-pile carpet^ to the passages 

2914 A japan coal box ; a mahogany bidet ; and a footbath 



for three windows^ lined with merino; and a pair similar, 
for the oriel window, with Van Dyck drapery, trimmed with 
fringe, and carved, painted, and gilt cornices 

2916 The suite of Guipure lace curtains to the windows 

2917 A Velvet-pile Carpet — about 15 ft. by 12 ft.; and a rug 

2918 A handsome carved painted and gilt sofa, covered with rich 

flowered velvet 

2919 An easy chair, covered en suite 

2920 A handsome carved painted and gilt writing table, on standards, 

with satinwood slab — 48 in. by 24 in. 

2921 A carved white and gold canterbury, painted with flowers; and 

a velvet cover for a chimney shelf 

2922 A music stool, en suite, covered with needlework 

2923 A beautiful oblong jardiniere, painted and gilt 

2924 An Upright Piano Forte, bt Stoddart, in painted and gilt 


2925 Ten small high-back papier-mache chairs, with birds and flowers, 

in mother-o'-pearl and colours, with cane seats and backs 

2926 A handsome or-moulu fender and fire irons 

2927 A pair of painted and gilt arm chairs the backs and seats covered 

with needlework, of figures and trophies and borders of 

2928 A pair of banner skreens, painted and gilt, with rich mounts 

2929 A confidante couch, covered with blue cut velvety and embrcndered 

> cloth cover, of different colours 

Digitized by 



2930 A chminiy glass, with arebed top> in pidnted aad gik frame-^ 

5ft. 9in by 48 in. 

2931 A pair of small nests of shelrea^ painted and gilt> with twisted 

columns, covered with crimson velvet 

2932 A BBAUTiFOL Writing Table, painted and gilt, with three 

drawers, and raised cabinet above, with six drawers, faced 
with morocco, and shelves, with satinwood shelf and brass 


2933 Two Pairs op handsome Flowered Veltet Window 

Curtains, with draperies, lined with silk, and painted and 
gilt cornices 


in colours and gilt, with hangings of rich fiow^ed velvet, with 
fleur-de-lis on green ground, lined with white ; and a palliasse 

2935 A hair mattrass 

2936 A feather bed 

2937 A bolster, and two down pillows 

2938 A blanket ; and a fine large Marseilles quilt 

2939 A pair of painted and gilt bedsteps, with rims of satmwood, 

covered with green velvet and ^eur-de-Us 

2940 A pedestal cabinet, painted in colours and gilt, with satinwood 

slab— 36 in. wide 

2941 A pier glass, in painted and gilt fraroe»6 ft by 2 ft. 10 in. 

2942 A painted and gilt dressing stool, covered with green velvet and 


2943 A box ottoman, covered with the same, and needlework 

2944 A handsome or-moulu fender, of open arabesque design, and fire- 

irons, and coal box 

2945 An easy chsur, covered with green velvet and fleur-de-lis 

2946 A smaller ditto 

2947 A couch, en suite 

2948 A painted and gih cheval skreen, with needlework mount of an 

old woman writing 

Digitized by 



2949 A pairofpaiAted and gilt fooMtfobiCOteved^di gi'eeitt^het atidi 

SdSO Four small faigh-ba^ diairs^ painted and gilt, the 8<^ttt4 ^sovevad 

with flowered v^et 

2951 Four ^o, the seats and*backs eo^r^ered wfthgreeo' veket aad 


2952 A chiamey glass> in frame, covered with red i^ehret, and gilt 

moulding — 36 in. by 38 in. ; and a sbdS, covered wtth crimson 

2953 A small oak table, on pillar and plinth 

2954 The beautiful VsLVET-nLB Carpet — about 12ft. square; 

and a n^; 

2955 A portiere^ of primson filfc dajauii^k 

2956 A red moreen ditto 

29<57 Thref» pillows/ covered with oeedlewoi^ aiid siik 
2958 Two enameU#d.he^h brushes 


2959 Two pairs of green chintz window. enrlAtas^ Uiied,withfUue; and 

two painted pole cenuQes 
2960rE\sur .painted chairs^ the seats . omwrbdnwaA ^needlework^ of 


2961 A smaAl much 

2962 A birch what-not, with twisted pillars^ and red 4ilk fringe— 36 in. 


2963 An oak loo^ table, on {nUa^. and plinA^36;in« diameter 

2964 A birch writing table> the top covered with blue leiither — 36 in. 

by 19 in. 

2965 A chimney glass^ in painted frame— 39 in. by 30 in. 

2966 A mahogany two-flap table 

2967 A brass fender and fire irons; a japanned coal bor; and a 

chimney shelf^ covered with red velvet 

2968 A bordffl^ ]fou8sels carpeC-«*About 12 ft. square; a v^lvet^pile 

rug; and a sheepskin mat 

Digitized by 




2969 A KiddermioBter carpet, pkiined — about 18 ft. by IG ft. ; and a 


2970 TVo pairs of green elAatz window curtains^ lined with blue; and 

painted cornices 

2971 A small birch four-post bedstead, with gre«i flowered chintz 

hangings ; and a spring mattress 

2972 A hair mattrass ; a bolster and pillow ; two ^e flannel blankets ; 

and a Marseilles qtiilt 

2973 A birch winged wardrobe^ with folding doors, enclosing trays^ 

drawer under, and pedestal cupboard ends — about 7 ft wide 

2974 A brass fender add fire irons; a guard ; and a japanned coal box 

2975 A small walnut whatnot^ with twisted pillars 

2976 A deal dressing table» with pink mudin cover ; four pink muslin 

short curtains ; and a stool, covered with ditto 

2977 A swing dressing glassy in birch frame-^2S in.- by^ 15in. 

2978 A birch music stool* the top covered with green- vdret 

2879 A \ArA washstaad, M4th Uue and wlute toilet aerviee--^48in. wide 

2980 A handsome birch cheval skreen, painted wklr fruits on Telvet* 
and carved openwork friese abdfB 

2961 A Urch cupboard; a ditto -towel horse; -and a pde' fire dcreen^ 
with needlework mount 

8982 Faur birch chairs> with vilfew seats 

2988 A birch arm diair, with diints cover; and abox stools with needle- 
work top 

2984 A crimaon^ velvet mantle sli^; a basket ; two hassocks ; and two 

green table covers 


2985 A mahogany bedside. cupboard; and a painted washrtand^and 


2986 A cheval skrara; a ;9mall taUe; atowd hone;. a>chairt; a 

copime[.8Cuttk ; iBoda fiend^r and fire iMas \ ^; 

2967 A chinmey glass^ in rosewood frame-* by 21 iu^ 

Digitized by 



S988 A mahogany cbett of five dntwera 

2989 A mahogany wardrobe, with folding doaa^ and three drawers 


2990 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

2991 A pair of striped worsted curtains ; a pair of ditto, fm* skreenj 

and a red cloth ditto 


2992 Two pairs of red worsted damask window curtains^ gilt poles, and 

brass rings 
2998 A Brussels carpet, planned ; and a rug 

2994 A fender and fire irons ; and a hearth brush 

2995 An oak four-post bedstead, with crimson silk damask furniture ; 

and a paillasse 

2996 Two hair mattresses 

2997 A liair ditto ; a bolster ; and two pillows 

2998 Two blankets; a leather sheet; and a counterpane 

2999 A mahogany wardrobe, with folding doors, and four drawers 

under— 48 in. wide 

8000 A deal dressing table ; and three stooUT 

8001 A painted washstand, with pink toilet service 

8002 A set of mahogany bedsteps; a small table; and a stand 

3008 A swing dressing glass, in mahogaiqr frame; and a pair of foot- 

8004 A ditto; and a small work table 

8005 A satinwood cabinet, with folding doors above and below, oi- 

closing drawers — ^28 in. wide 
3006 A rosewood cheffioneer — 4 ft. 6 in. wide 

8007 A painted arm and three other chairs, with cane seats; and a 

low chair 

8008 A mahogany easy diair, with expanding seat 

8009 Two fire skreens, with rising panels 

8010 A dnmi^ey glass, in gik frame— 48 in. by 24 in. 

8011 A small oak table ; a mahogany ditto; an ottoman seat; a pole 

fire skreep ; ■ and a book tray 

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8012 A mahogany desk; a grained cheet; six wire blinds; and a 

japanned bath 

8013 A printed drugget 

8014 Four pieces (rf carpet ; and a rug 
3015 Three enemas in cases ; and a large box 

End of Tweniff- JTdrd Day's Sale. 

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Ttoenty-Fourth Day's Sale. 

On 8ATUBDAT, AUOUST 1, 1857, 



3016 An oriental female figure^ with coloured drapery— '18 in. high 

3017 A pair of figures of priests, of oriental porcelain 

3018 A pair of globular vases, of the same, with spouts ; and a pair of. 

bottles, of English porcelain 

3019 A pair of bronseu'CandlestTcks ;v a pur of plaster figures of monks; 

and a pair of gothic heads« in platter 

3020 Two birds* wings, in a glass case 


3021 Ten old Derby cups, and four saucers 

3022 An oriental vase, red ground, with Chinese figures; a pair of 

candlesticks a taper ditto ; two oval dishes ; and a pen tray 

3023 A bronze inkstand, and a dog letter weight ; and a blottingbook 

3024 Four French vases, with shipping; an enamelled teapot; a 

rabbit's-head cup ; a scent bottle ; a, dog ; an alabaster figure; 
and a figure of the Virgin 

3025 A small alabaster bust of the Princess Charlotte 

3026 The Crucifixion : a beautiful old Italian bas-relief, in marble, 

partly gilt, in rennaissance frame of the same 

Digitized by 




3027 An oval plateau ; aad three vases for ink--4mitatiou of Etruscan 


3028 A teapot, of the same, with figures 

3029 A pair of small vases ; and three tazsi, of the same^ with figures 

3030 Two two-handled vases, of the same 

3031 Three small ditto; an «wer; and two other pieces; a taper 

stand ; a scent bottle,; and a blotting book 

8032 A Nankaa basiii and cover ; and four cups aad saucers 


8033 A Swansea teapot and stand ; and two cups and saucers, stripi^ 

blue, white, and gold 

3034 A pair of lily^shaped flower vases 

3035 A pair of red and gold candlesticks ; a chamber ditto; an ex- 

tinguisher stand ; an ink stand ; a pen tray ; a dish ; a paper 
weight and knife ; and a blotting book 

3036 A model of a Tower, in alabaster, under glass shade 


8087 A clock, by Lopin, in case of or-moulu« with children reading 
and writing 

3038 A^ figure of Sir John Falstaff 

3039 A ditto 

3040 A china basket, with a village scene 

8041 A blue and gold plateau ; a ditto inkstand ; two small ta^i ; a 

pen tray ; a match pot ; a blotting book; and a marble paper 

8042 A cabaret, of German porcelain, painted with vievra^ consistuig of 

plateau cofiee pot, sugar basin, milk jug, and two cups and 

8043 A pair of small bottles, with flowers ; and a pair of green match 


Digitized by 



8044 A pair of figures of Swi^s peasants ; and a pair of matdi pots 

3045 Two cabinet cups and saucers, with figures ; and a pair of bottles 

3046 A Derby cup, cover^ and saucer, deep blue and gold — imperfect ; 

a small green vase ; two plates ; and a candlestick 

3047 A pincushion, with laoe ; and a pair of hand skreens 

3048 An oval plateau, of old Chelsea, painted mth fruits 

3049 A pair of small blue and gold vases ; and an inkstand 

3050 A paper weight, with a bronze kylin ; two small alabaster figures ; 

a candlestick ; and a glass scent bottle 

3051 A blotting book ; a paper knife; and a pair of hand skreens 


3052 A set of three bronjse stands, with glasses for flowers 
8053 A pair of ditto; a bronze inkstand ; and four pen trays 

3054 A s^ of three green and white flower pots and stands 

3055 A set of three square pink and white ditto 

3056 A deep blue and gold French ditto 

3057 A pair of or-moulu candlesticks 

3058 Two paper weights ; two scent bottles ; two small china figures ; 

and three shells 

3059 A pair of small panels, of Florentine mosaic, with birds 

8060 A velvet pincushion ; and a scent bottle 

8061 Two alabaster vases; four pedestals, of the same; and a fiigure 

of Iris 

3062 A crucifix, of metal, on walnut stand and cross. Formerly 

belonging to Cardinal Odescalchi 

3063 A letter fray ; and a pair of hand skreens, painted with birds 


3057aAn alaibaster vase 

3058&A pair of candlesticks ; a chamber candlestick ; a pen tray; a 

match pot; an inkstand ; a card iray ; and a marble papeiv 

3059eA cloth table cover; and a blotting book 

Digitized by 



dOGOdA. beaiitifijl moBaic oF the temple of Jupiter Tonans at Rom^, by 

Jacques Raffaelli — 12 in byOJin. 
3061 e A pair of French porcelain vases, on pedestals, with festoons of 

flowers^ gilt 
3062/* A pair of ditto, with flowers and butterflies in gold> and handles 

of terminal flgures 
SOGSgA. pair of Berlin vases, with Grecian ornaments in brown and 

white, painted with views of Roman buildings 

3064 A pair of 6gures of John Wilkes* of porcelain 

3065 A pair of blue glass flower vases ; and two Derbyshire spar cups, 

on feet, one imperfect 

3066 A pair of figures of Milton and Shakespeare, of porcelain 

3067 A bronze storic, on marble plinth 

3068 A pair of opalized glass lily vases^ on bronze foliage stems 

3069 A view of the Port au Bles at Paris, painted on porcelain, framed 

3070 A japan card box, containing smaller boxes and trays ; and a 

set of mother-o'-pearl counters, engraved with Chinese 

3071 A workbox, painted with Chinese figures; and one other 

3072 A japan box, with landscapes in mother o*-pearl and colours; 

and a set of draftmen 

3073 A japan box, with birds ; and a red and gold japan box 

3074 A parroquet, stuffed, under glass shade; a daguerreotype 

medallion of a g^itleman ; and a satinwood letter rack 

3076 Two gold japan boxes and covers ; and a purple and gold glass 


3077 A pair of beautiful old Dresden china openwork baskets, with 

festoons of foliage in relief, and goats'-head handles, gilt 

3078 A blue and gold Derby bowl, painted with flowers, filled with 

models of fruit in alabaster, coloured 

3079 A pair of fine old Dresden dishes, with basket painted with birds 

and insects— 17 in. diameter 

3080 An oriental cUsb, enamelled with figures and flowers — 17 in. 

diameter ; and a plate, with flowers 

3081 A fluted majolica dish, with cupids, surrounded by arabesques*^ 

10 in. diameter— imperfect 


Digitized by 



8082 A di8h»<^the same, with haads joined, a eorcmet aiidF. E.ab<iTe 

and scale borders 
3083 A dish, of Veneiiaii sohmeltz 


3084 A blue and gold gotfaic-pattern cabaret, of French porcelain; 

consisting of plateau, teapot, sugar basin, milk jug, and two 
Clips and saucers 

3085 An inkstand; an 'extinguisher stand; a figure ; a bell; a box; 

a scent bottle ; two match pots ; a teapot ; a vkae ; a tray ; 
and two cups, of porcelain 
8086 Two cabinet cups and saucers, painted with figures and views 

3087 A cut-glass casket, mounted with metal gilt ; a scent bottle ; and 

two other pieces 

3088 An alabaster match pot and stand; a fragment of a foot^ of 

marble ; a pair of small bellows ; and a plated tea caddy 

3089 A workbox, painted with views and figures after Watteau 

3090 A Derby two-handled china yase, with flowers in gold and 


3091 A toilette cover, of net and silk ; and a pincushion 


3092 An oriental enamel teapot ; a Dresden teapot ; a match pot ; two 

candlesticks ; and two scent bottles 

3093 A pair of dusting bellows ; a plated inkstand ; and a blotting 



3094 A large alabaster vase 

309& A German workbox^ containing smaller boxes, painted with views 

in Germany 
3096 A pair of flowerpots and stands, of Derby porcelain, painted with 


Digitized by 



3097 A pair of openwork Dresden baskets, encrusted with flowers; 

and a pair of small figures 

3098 A pair of Italian ioepails, painted with peasants ; and a blue 

and white bottle^ inscribed *< Ave Maria *' 

3099 A scent bottle; and a match pot 

3100 A pair of card baskets, with coronets, crimson and gold; a 

candlestick ; and a tray, with three cups, blue and gold 

3101 Eleven old Worcester cups, blue and gold ; three saucers ; six 

cups and three saucers, with flowers ; and a basin 
3103 Seven French cups and saucers and a milk jug, with flowers 

3103 Twelve saucers, green and gold, with flowers ; a teapot ; a vase; 

a snufier stand ; and a glass scent bottle 

3104 A straw box, with a model of a ship 

3105 A cabaret, red, white, and gold ; oonasting of plateau, teapot, 

sugar basin, milk jug, and cup and saucer 

3106 A pair of figures of Richard III.— one broken 

3107 A red and gold plateau ; a ditto card basket ; a butter dish; and 

a match pot and candlestick 

3108 A Derby tazxa, green, painted with fruits, on lions' feet and 

mask^ gilt 

3109 Two pairs of dusting beUows ; two marble paperweights ; a pair 

of hand Screens; a basket; a pincushion; and a large 
8110 A pair of alabaster rases 

End of Tioeti^-Fourth Day^s Sale. 


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Twenty-Fifth Day's Sale. 

On MONDAY, AUGUST 3, 1857, 



3157 A billiard table 

3158 A mahogany writing table 

8159 The frame of a billiard table; and a bagatelle table 
3160 Seven mahogany hall chairs, with the Shrewsbury crest 
8161 A handsome carved mahogany hall seat, en suite 

3162 Three turned walnut chairs^ the seats covered with leather 

3163 A music stool 

3164 A distance measure 

3165 A Turkey carpet 
8166 A Brussels carpet 

3167 Three pieces of Axminster and velvet carpet 
8168 Three lengths of felt carpet 

3169 Two long kneeling cushions 

3170 Three Turkey and other hearth rugs 

3171 Two Turkey ditto 

3172 Six sheepskin and other rugs 

3173 A long roll of India matting 

3174 A mahogany glazed case, with folding doors beneath, and four 

glazed divisions above, containing insects ; and eighteen con- 
taining birds above 

Digitized by 



3175 Fourteen coronets and lion crests^ plated; a pair of buckles ; a 

pair of plated candlesticks ; and a bronze inkstand 

3176 A pair of mahogany dwarf open bookcases — 5 ft. long 

3177 A pair of mahogany dwarf open bookcases — 7 ft. 6 in. long 

3178 A pair of ditto 

3179 Aditto; and one — 26 in. wide 

3180 A ditto— 10 ft. long 

3181 A dwarf winged open bookcase— 21 ft. wide 

3182 A ditto--3ft. 2 in. long ; and one— 3 ft. 6 in. wide 

3183 A carved painted and gilt gothic frame — ^9 ft;. 6 in. by 6 ft. 

3184 A very large gilt picture frame — about 15 ft. by 12 ft. 

3185 An iron fender and fire irons i a guard ; and a coal box 

3186 A three-leaf carved oak fire skreen, with pilasters and borders of 

foliage— 4 ft. 7 in. high 
8187 Four gilt pcture frames — 36 in. by 25 in. 

3188 Three larger ditto ; and an oak ftame 

3189 Two mahogany bidets 

3190 A bronze hanging lamp, with six burners 

3191 An oak carving of the Good Shepherd 

3192 A pair of large metal jars and covers, painted in imitation of old 


3193 A pair of carved and grained pier tables^ with red marble slabs 


CORONA LUCIS» made by Messrs. Hardman, for the great 
dining hall 

3195 A set of panels of brass> for a staircase 

3196 A set of mahogany dining tables — 4 ft. 10 in. wide, on two fluted 

pillars and plinths 

3197 An ebonized frame; an oak frame ; and two picture frames 

3198 Six gothic flower-pattern flowerpots and stands 

3199 Five ditto 

3200 A statuary marble bust of a nymph 

3201 A beautiful crucifix^ of or-moulu» for a processional cross 

3202 A mahogany four-post bedstead 

3203 A very handsome circular oak dining table, on Elizabethan legs, 

with extra leaves 

Digitized by 



3204 Two krge brass vanes, vith the Shrewsbury cypher and motto ; 
and four smaller ditto 


d'205 A mahogany library table, with closets and drawers, the top 
covered with green baize — 12 ft long . 

3206 Three dwarf open bookcases — ^about 5 ft. long 

3207 One ditto— 8 ft. long 

3208 One ditto— 18 ft- long 

3209 A rosewood loo table, on pillar and legs — 3 ft. 6 in. diameter 

3210 A mahogany panelled skreen^ with rising centre ; and a mahogany 

easy chair, with needlework cushion 

3211 An u*on fender and fire irons, coal box; a brush ; and a rug 

3212 A Brussels carpet, planned 


3213 A mahogany pedestal kneehole writing table, with eleven drawers 

3214 A mahogany bookcase^ with folding doors above and beneath 

3215 A harp, in a case 

8216 Six high-back walnut chairs, carved with scrolls 

3217 A pair of mahogany arm chairs, with seats to form library steps 

3218 Two japanned canterburies ; two long stools ; and a painted 

8219 An oak cabinet, with small drawers 

3220 An oak cupboard ; and a night table 

3221 An open oak bookcase — 12 ft. long 

3222 Another— 11 ft. Sin. long 

8223 A capital Turkey caqjet — about 9 yds. by 5 yds. ; and a rug 

3224 A mahogany secretaire, with tambour front 

3225 A mahogany press bedstead 

3226 A four-leaf skreen, covered with green baize 

3227 A fender and fire irons ; a guard ; a coal box; a rug ; a brush ; 

and a washstand 

3228 Various specimens of minerak 

Digitized by 



3329 Two plaster busts 

S830 A letter press 

3231 An oak box ; and a mahogany box, with a muller 


3282 A carpet and mg ; a fender and fire irons; aguard ; and acoal box 
8233 A birch fiHir-{x>st bedstead, with printed worsted fiimiture, two 
mattresses; and two pairs of curtains and cornices 

3234 A feather bed, bolster, and pillow ; two blankets ; and a counter- 


3235 A mahogany wardrobe, witb folding doors, and three drawers 


3236 A mahogany night table ; and six beech chairs, widi rush seats 

3237 A painted table, with drawer; and a mahogany swing dresnng 


3238 A noahogany bureau, with fi>ur drawers 

3239 An easy chair, covered with chintc, and a cushion 

3240 A painted wadistand and fittings ; a dUtto dressing table ; and a 

towel horse 


3241 A Brussels carpet ; a rug ; a fender and fire irons ; a guard ; a 

brush ; and a coal box 

3242 A circular oak loo table, on pillar and claw, and oilctoth cover 

3243 A mahogany sob table, with dmwers 

3244 A mahogany secretaire, with folding doors, with shelves for papers 

and pigeon holes 
8245 A mahogany whatnot, With drawers 
3J246 A mahogany folding dressing stand, with drawers 

3247 Two mahogany arm and three other chairs, covered with red 


3248 A birdi coiidi, covered with red damask 

3249 A mahogany winged bookcase, with folding doom above^ and six 

drawers beneath . 

Digitized by 



3250 An easy chair^ with cushion and pillow 

3251 A mahogany two-fiap table^ with drawer; and a sliditig fire 


3252 A small mahogany table ; a footstool ; a pair of damask curtains, 

and cornice 

3254 A small clock, in or-moulu case 

3255 A letter weight ; a thermometer ; a bronze match pot ; a calen- 

der; a taper stand ; an envelope case ; and a tray 

3256 An aneroid thermometer 


3257 A Brussels carpet; a rug; a fender and fire irons; a brush; 

a coal box ; and a piece of oilcloth 

3258 A mahogany dining table, on pillar and plinth — 4fV. 10 b. 

square ; and a cover 

3259 Six mahogany chairs, the seats covered with red leather 

3260 A pair of mahogany map cases 

3261 A mahogany pedestal, with drawers and fokfing tCfp 

3262 A six-leaf skreen, covered with oilcloth 

3263 A mahogany two-flap table, with drawer ; and a card table 

3264 A circular oak table, with brass rim^ on pillar and plinth 
S2C)5 An oak side table 

3266 A painted cupboard^ with shelves 

3267 An arm rocking chair, with pillow and a sliding skreen ; and a 

pair of curtains and cornice 

3268 A small moderator lamp; a Palmer's lamp; and two plated can- 


3269 A plated cruet standi with seven glasses 

3270 A statuaiy marble bust of the Virgin 


8271 Venus and Apollo — a pair of small busts, in statuaiy 

3272 The Notte of M. Anoblo-— a reclining figure, in statuary 

3273 Cupid sleeping on a lion's skin — a statuette 

Digitized by 



3274 Bust of Vetius, in statuary, in white isarble 
3375 A half-cohimn of coloured marble — 5 ft. high 
3276 A painted table ; and a copying machine 
3276a A small bust of Venus — ^in statuary 


3277 A Brussels carpet ; a mg ; and a fender and fire irons 

3278 A tent bedstead, and green damask, furniture ; two pair of ditto 

window curtains ; and a hair and a wool mattrass 

3279 A feather bed, bolster, and pillow; four blankets ; and a counter- 


3280 A birch sofa bedstead, with three squabs 

3281 A mahogany chest, of five drawers 

3282 An arm chair ; and a stool 

3283 A wainscot cupboard 

3284 A mahogany dressing table, with drawers ; and a dressing glass 

3285 A painted washstand and fittings; a dressing table; a towel 

horse ; and six chairs 

3286 A painted chest of five drawers ; and a small press 

3287 An open oak bookcase — 12 ft. long 

3290 The illumination of St. Peter's, on glass ; a pair of candlesticks ; 

and a pillow 

3291 A large chest 

3292 A pair of green garden seats, with flowers 


3293 A tent bedstead, and two mattrasses 

8294 A feather bed, bolster, and pillow ; four blankets ; and a counter- 

3295 A painted table ; a glass ; and six chairs 

3296 A piece of Brussels carpet ; a rug ; a fender and fire irons ; and a 

cinder pan 

3297 A mahogany round table ; and a painted chest of four drawers 

3298 A painted chest, of four drawers ; and a painted table 

Digitized by 


186 ^ 

3299 A mahogany folding washstand and flttiiigs ; and a glass 
8300 A meat safe 

3301 A mahogany press bedstead 

3302 An oak open bookcase— S ft. 7 in. wkb 
8303 An ice safe 

8804 A stove 

3805 A range of painted cupboards*— 14 ft. 9 in. long 

8306 Another— 8 ft. long 

8307 An oak table ; a box; a f(Nider and fire irons ; two chairs ; and 

a coal box 
3808 Two laddem 

End of TneiUy^Fifih Day's Sate. 

Digitized by 


Twenty-Sixth Day^s Sale. 

On TUESDAT, AUGUST 4, 1857, 



3309 The Brussek carpet, planned 

3310 An or-moulu and steel gothic design fender and fire irons ; a 

gaard ; and a japanned scutde 

3311 Five pairs of chints window curtainS| with draperies^ and psdnted 

oak and carved and gilt cornices 

3312 A chimney glass, in oak and gilt frame — 45 In. by 35 in. 

3313 A pier glass^ in similar frame, with small side plates — 68 in. by 

24 in, 

3314 A pole fire skreen, with a caricature mount 

3315 A gothic oak cheval skreen, with needlework mount 

3316 A satinwood work table, with two porcelain Adht, beautifully 

painted with flowers, with drawer 

3317 An oak loo table, on pillar and plinth, and striped cover 

3318 A mahogany loo table, on pillar and plinth 

3319 A cut' velvet table cover 

8320 A gothic oak open bookcase, with five shelves, and looking 
glass back 

3321 A mahogany sofa, with squab and two bolsters, covered with 

chintZy and two pillows, covered with needlework 

3322 Four turned Urch chairs, the seats stuffed, and covered with 


Digitized by 



8323 A pair of corner easy chairs, covered with chintz 

8324 A rosewood prie-dieu chair, with spirally twisted pillars, coviered 

with chintz 

8325 An ottoman, cov^^ with needlework ; and a foot ottoman 

3326 A pair of comer brackets, of oak and gold, the slabs engraved 

and gilt 

3327 A stained rosewood chair, with cushion 

3328 Two mahogany chairs, the seats covered with leather 

3329 A telescope, by Ramsden, on tripod stand 
8830 An alabaster vase, with flowers in relief 

8331 A bronze inkstand ; a bronze double candlestick ; and a marble 
paper weight 


3382 The Brussels carpet, planned; and a rug 

3333 A brass and iron fender and fire irons; a japanned coal box; a 

brush ; and a guard 

3334 Two pairs of flowered chintz window curtains, with painted and 

gilt cornices 
8835 A handsome mahogany four-post bedstead, with painted and gilt 

cornice, flowered chintz furniture, trimmed with fringe ; and 

a paillasse 
8336 A wool and a hair mattras 

8387 A bolster, two pillows, two blankets, and a Marseilles quilt 
3338 A handsome mahogany chest of five drawers 
8339 A mahogany bidet; and a towel horse 

3340 A deal dressing table, with worked muslin cover 

3341 A small mahogany table, with Indian shawl-pattern cover 
3842 A swing dressing glass, in mahogany frame— 15 in. by 19 in. 
3343 A pier glass, in painted and gilt gothic-pattern frame — 67 in. by 

24 in. 
8344 A chimney glass, in similar frame— 84 in. by 48 in. 
8845 A painted and gilt gothic-pattern pier table, with white marble 

slab, and looking-glass back — 33 in. wide 
3346 A mahogany pedestal bedside cupboard 

Digitized by 



3347 A set of mahogany bedsteps 

3348 A mahogany box, with chintz panels 

3349 A mahogany washstand, with white marble top, and green and 

white toilet service 

3350 A mahogany two-leaf, skreen, covered with red damask 

3351 Two turned birch chairs, the seats covered with chintz 

3352 Four arm chairs^ the seats and backs covered with chints 

3353 A small sofa, covered with crimson silk damask^ and two pillows, 

covered with needlework 

3354 A table cover ; a hassock ; and two needlework pillows 


3355 The pile carpet ; and five brass rods 


3356 A blue and white worsted damask window curtain, and oak pole 

3357 A small tent bedstead, with blue worsted damask furniture^ two 

mattrasses^ feather bed> bolster^ and two pillows 

3358 A mahogany wardrobe^ with folding doors, and four drawers 

under — 4 ft. wide 

3359 A mahogany dressing table, with two drawers and glass 

3360 A square mahogany table ; a ditto boot jack ; and a bidet 

3361 A small mahogany washstand, with blue and white fittings ; and 

a painted towel horse 
. 3363 Three mahogany chairs, covered with blue damask 

3363 The felt carpet and rug ; and a pillow, covered with needlework 

3364 A pair of red worsted damask window curtains, and rod 

3365 A mahogany wardrobe, with folding doors, and five drawers 


3366 A mahogany chest of four drawers , 

3367 A mahogany card table 

3368 A mahogany chest, with wire panels, lined with chintz 

3369 Three arm chairs, covered with crimson silk damask 

3370 A pair of birch pole skreens, with banner mounts 

Digitized by 



3371 A very small mahogany table ; two wire flower stands ; and two 

light chairs 

3372 Aj9mall round oak table, with brass rim 

3373 Five blankets 

3374 Three Marseilles quilts 

3375 The battle of the Nile— a pair of coloured prints 

3376 Four Chinese subjects 

3377 Five snaall English views 

3378 Three drawings — Design for a chapel; the conservatory at 

Alton; and a view of Alton 

8379 Portrait of a horse— ^n o& 

8380 A toilet service, of light blue and gold 

3381 Two pairs of white muslin curtahs, worked with flowers 

3382 The church of Doberran — cohured; and the c(mwation of the 

Emperor of Austria — ^framed 

3383 Eridge Castle ; and Milan Cathedral — coloured 

3384 Portrait of Berryer; Marie Antoinette ; and five others 

3385 Psestum ; and a figure 


3386 A mahogany wardrobe, with folding doors enclosing trays, and 

drawers beneath 

3387 A chimney glas&, in g^t (rame — 31 in. by 19 in. 

3388 Two mahogany stools ; a bedside cupboard ; a japan coal box ; 

and a fender 

3389 Two pole fire skreens, with banner mounts; and a three^leaf 

skreen, covered with green damask 

3390 A mahogany washing stand, with green and white fittings 
3891 ! A mahogany writing table^ with two drawers 

3392 A mahogany swing dressing glass; a towel horse; and a hearth 


3393 A smaller ditto ; and ditto ; and a bidet 

8394 A small mahogany table; a stod painted; and^tbree p^teted 

chairs^ with cushions 
3395 A pair of round-back easy chairs, covered with chints 

Digitized by 



3396 A chimney glass, in gilt frame — 36 in. by 30 in. 

3397 A mahogany two-flap table ; and a square ditto 

3398 A Brussels carpet^ planned; and a pair of worsted printed 

curtains and cornice 


3399 Two pairs of printed worsted curtains and poks ; a Kiddermin- 

ster carpet; a rugs afeilifor and fire irons; a guard; and a 

3400 A four-post bedstead, with printed worsted furmtnre; and a wool 

and a hair mattrass 

3401 A feather bed, bolster, and pillow ; two blankets ; and a counter- 


3402 A mahogany dressing tablci with three drawers; and a ditto 


3403 A mahogany wardrobe, with folding doors enclosing trays, and 

four drawers under 
3401 A painted chest of four drawers ; a ditto washstand and fittings ; 

a towel horse; and three chairs 
3405 A mahogany table ; and a ditto bedside ci^board 


3406 A four-post bedstead, with printed worsted furniture ; a pair of 

ditto curtains and pole; a paillasse; and a mattrass 

3407 A feather bolster, and two pillows ; two blankets ; and a coun- 


3408 A painted table; a ditto Washstand and fittings; two chairs; a 

fender and fire irons ; a brush ; and a piece of carpet 

3409 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

3410 A ditto card table ; a swing glass ; and a wainscot cupboard 

3411 Three pieces of Brussels stair carpet to passage and stairs 

3412 A small mahogany chest of four drawers, with cupboard beneath 

3413 A large coal box ; an ottoman box ; and a tin box 

Digitized by 




3414 A pile carpet — about 36 ft. by 18 ft. ; and a rug 

3415 A fender and fire irons ; a coal box ; a window curtain and pole; 

and a piece of oilcloth to passage 

3416 A painted press bedstead 

3417 A winged oak wardrobe — 7 ft. 4 in. wide 

3418 A mahogany diest» mth wire panels 

3419 A mahogany two-flap table ; a small ditto ; and twdve mahogany 

chairs, with cane seats 

3420 A mahogany bookstand ; and a low ditto 

3421 A fire skreen ; a mahogany box, on stand; a writing desk ; and 

a flat box 

3422 A gilt arm chair, covered with silk damask ; a telescope box ; a 

sheepskin rug ; and a basket 

3423 A guitar, with borders of ebony and ivory 

3424 Thirteen oak carriage boxes 

3425 Five leather imperials 

3426 A chimney glass, in gilt frame — 49 in. by 28 in. 

3427 Two pairs of foils ; three gloves ; and an iron stamping press 

3428 A small crucifix ; and a benetier 

3429 Some stationery 

End of Twenty-Sixth Days Sale. 

Digitized by 


Tioenty-Sefoenth Day's Sale. 
On WEDNESDAY, AUeUST 5, 1857, 



3430 A Brussels carpet, and rug ; and a fender and fire irons 

3431 Two pairs of blue damask curtains, and pole cornices 

3432 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

3433 A mahogany dressing table, with two drawers 

3434 A small glass, in painted and gilt frame; and a painted book 


3435 A small mahogany table; a painted washstand and fittings; a 

towel horse ; and two chairs, with cane seats and cushions 

3436 A painted French bedstead^ with blue damask furniture ; and a 


3437 A wool and a hair mattrass ; a bolster and pillow ; two blankets ; 

and a counterpane 

3438 Seventeen specimens of marbles; and a paper weight, with a 

cameo head 

3439 A pair of brown and white vases ; a tray ; two cups and saucers ; 

two inkstands ; a pen tray ; a bell ; a cross ; a blotting book ; 
a paper knife ; and a table cover 

3440 A crucifix ; and a bracket 

3441 A view of Greenwich Church, in oak frame 


Digitized by 



3442 The Brussek carpet, planned ; a rug ; a fender and fire irons ; a 

guard ; a coal box ; and a brush 

3443 A tent bedstead, with blue damask furniture; and a wool and a 

hair mattrass 

3444 A feather bed« bolster^ and pillow ; three blankets ;* and a Mar- 

seilles quilt 

3445 Two pairs of chintz window curtains, and cornices 

3446 A mahogany wardrobe^ with folding doors, endodng trays, and 

three drawers under 

3447 A mahogany dreisldg table, with t#o dtiWeffe; &nd a ditto dwing 


3448 A small mahogany table^ and cover ^ a bronee inkstand ; a blot- 

ting book; a pen tray ; a paper weight ; and a taper stand 

3449 A mahogany bidet ; a ditto towel horse ; a night commode ; and 

a painted washstand and fittings 

3450 An arm chair, covered with blue damask ; and four chairs^ with 

cslne seats 


3451 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

3452 An iron stove 

3453 Th0 piU tAfpei to the ante room and stairs to Doria Booms ; 

five pieces of ditto ; and the brass rods 

3451 The drugget, planned ; a rug; a fender and fire irons; a brush; 
an arm and two other chairs, with loose seats; aitd th^ 
drugget to landing 

3455 A mahogany dressing table, with drawer ; and a ditto swing glasH 

3456 A mahogany bidet; a ditto towel horse; and a painted folding 

wash stand and fittings 

3457 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

3458 A small mahogany tent bedstead, with chintz furniture j a wool 

and a hair mattrass, bolster, and pillow ; three blankets ; and 
a counterpane 

Digitized by 



3459 Two pairs of chintz window curtains, and cornices ; a table cover ; 

and a print of the Mona yacht 
8460 A Kidderminster carpet, planned ; a rug ; a fender and fire irons; 

a guard ; a brush ; and a coal box 

3461 A mahogany bootjack ; a ditto bidet ; and a towel horse 

3462 A mahogany card table ; and a cheval skreen 

3463 A painted double washstand and 6ttings 

3464 A mahogany dressing table, with two drawers ; and a ditto swing 

3465 Three chairs, with cane seats ; a mahogany night commode ; and 

a set of bedsteps 

3466 A mahogany four-post bedstead, with blue damask furniture; 

and a mattrass 

3467 A hair mattrass ; a feather bed, bolster, and two pillows 

3468 Two blankets ; and a Marseilles quilt 

3469 Two pairs of blue damask curtains, and cornices ; and a book 



3470 A pair of crimson silk damask window curtains, with cornice 

3471 A mahogany French bedstead, with crimson silk damask fur- 

niture ; and a spring mattrass 

3472 A hair mattrass ; a bolster and pillow ; two blankets ; and a 


3473 A mahogany dressing table, with two drawers ; and a ditto swing 


3474 A mahogany Pembroke table ; a mahogany washstand and 

fittings ; and a ditto towel horse 
8475 Two mahogany chairs, the seats covered with red velvet ; an arm 
chair, covered with damask ; and one other 

3476 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

3477 A pole fire skreen ; a table cover ; a blotting book ; a paper 

knife ; a taper stand ; a pair of bronze candlesticks ; a pen 
rack ; and a scent bottle 

3478 A Brussels carpet and rug ; and a fender and fire irons 


Digitized by 




3479 A small four-post bedstead^ with red and yellow damask furniture; 

and a mattrass 

3480 A hair mattrass ; feather bed, bolster, and pillow ; two blankets ; 

and a quilt 

3481 A pair of red and yellow damask curtains, and pole ; and a pole 

fire skreen 

3482 A mahogany chest of five drawers 

3483 A mahogany table; a ditto washstand and fittings; a towel 

horse; a brush ; a fender and fire irons; and a guard 
8484 A mahogany dressing table, with drawers ; a ditto swing glass; 
and a bidet 

3485 Two mahogany chairs, the seats covered with red velvet ; and an 

arm chair, covered with damask 

3486 A Persian carpet and rug ; and a small rug 


3487 A four-post bedstead, with green furniture ; a paillasse ; a hair 

mattrass, bolster, and pillow ; two blankets, and a counter- 

3488 A pair of green damask window curtains and cornice ; a carpet 

and rug ; a fender and fire irons ; and a guard 

3489 A painted chest of five drawers; and a ditto folding dressing 

stand, with fittings ; and a dressing glass 

3490 A marqueterie washstand, and fittings ; a large jug and basin , 

and a towel horse 

3491 An arm chair ; three light ditto ; a mahogany bidet ; a mahogany 

table; two frames, with Chinese figiu'es; two Wedgwood 
cups, with birds; and two others 


3492 A Scotch carpet ; a rug ; a fender and fire irons ; a guard ; 

a brush ; and coal box 

Digitized by 



3493 A French bedstead, with chintz furniture; a pair of printed 

worsted curtains ; and a pole 
3194 Two mattrasses 
8495 A feather bed, bolster, and two pillows; two blankets; and a 


3496 A mahogany chest of six drawers 

3497 A painted washstand and fittings ; a towel horse ; a ditto chest 

of four drawers ; a book shelf; a benetier ; two prints; and a 
cast of a triptict 

3498 A mahogany dressing table and glass ; a ditto stool ; a small 

table ; an*arm and two other chairs ; and a gilt bracket 

3499 A French bedstead, with printed worsted furniture; and two 

8500 A feather bed, bolster, and pillow ; two blankets ; and a quilt 
350 J A painted chest of five drawers ; a ditto table ; a glass ; and a 

washstand and ware 
8502 A window curtain and pole; a rug; a fender and fire irons; a 

small mahogany table ; an arm chair ; and one other 


3503 Three pairs of drab worsted damask curtains, and three poles 

3504 A capital mahogany dining table, with two extra leaves, on turned 


3505 A very handsome mahogany sideboard, with carved console legs 

and back, with looking glass 

3506 A pair of mahogany card tables 

8507 A mahogany sugar box ; and a set of book shelves 

3508 A mahogany secretaire, with drawers 

3509 A mahogany sofa, covered with red moreen 

3510 An easy chair, covered with haircloth 

3511 Two mahogany arm chairs, and eleven others, covered with the same 

3512 A mahogany folding fire skreen; a fender and fire irons; a 

scuttle'; and a brush 

3513 A large Turkey carpet ; and two rugs 

3514 A letter box ; and a pair of scales and weights 

3515 Three jars, painted with flowers 

Digitized by 




3516 Three table lamps, with porcelain pillar» 

3517 A pair of gothic or-moulu table lamps, with figures of saints 

3518 A pair of or-moulu ditto, with vines, with china shades 

3519 Four ditto, with wood stem<5 

3520 An or-moulu Pompeian-pattem lamp 
d521 live lamps, of different patterns 

3522 A pair of or-moulu vase-shaped lamps, on dolphins 

3523 A pair of ditto, on pedestals 

3524 A pair of vase-shaped ditto 

3525 Five bronze gothic-pattern lamps, with turret tops 

3526 Three double-burner ditto 

3527 A pair of plain three-burner ditto 

3528 Seven brass lanthem lamps 

3529 Two camphine lamps 

3530 Six bronze single-burner lamps 

3531 A pair of bronze two-burner candlesticks, with shades 

3532 Three ditto, for three lights each 

3533 A plated tea urn ; and a bronze ditto 

3534 An or-moulu three-burner chandelier 
3585 A ditto, for four lights 

3536 Six or-moulu single-burner lamps 
8537 Four or-moulu brackets for lamps 

3538 A quantitj* of coloured glass shades; and a quantity of ground 



3539 A deal table 

3540 A corking machine; and a set of steps 

8541 A mahi^any pedestal plate warmer 

8542 Three butler's trays ; one stand ; and m plate warmer 

3543 A large deal table 

3544 Pour brass rods 

3545 A quantity of old liveries 

3546 A quantity of old lamps 

Digitized by 



3547 Four or-moulu brackets and lamps 

3548 Five ditto, in passages 

3549 A bronze moderator lamp 


3550 A table, with two drawers 

3551 A chest of four drawers 

3552 A fmAer and fire irpqs; foar printii; twp chi4r9 ; itnd a horse 

3553 A pedesta], with four drawers 


3554 A liaea press ; a lamp ; and a form 

3555 A china closet 

3556 A diUo 

End of Twenty-Seventh Dcntfe Sale. 

Digitized by 


Twenty-^Eighth Day^s Sale. 




3557 Four best damask table cloths 

3558 Four ditto 

3559 Four ditto 
8560 Four ditto 

3561 Four ditto 

3562 Four ditto 
8563 Four ditto 

3564 Four ditto 

3565 Four ditto 

3566 Twenty-four best damask table napkin» 
8567 Twenty-four ditto 

3568 Twenty-four ditto 

3569 Thirty-eight ditto 

3570 Twenty-Sve common ditto 

3571 Twenty-five ditto 

3572 Twenty breakfast napkins 

3573 Twenty ditto 

3574 Twenty ditto 

3575 Twenty ditto 

3576 Twelve new damask table slips 

Digitized by 



3577 Twelve ditto 
5578 Ten ditto 

3579 Eighteen old ditto 

3580 Eighteen ditto 

3581 Four dozen Doyleys 

3582 Four ditto 

3583 Six steward's room table cloths ; and twelve ditto napkins 

3584 Six ditto ; and twelve ditto 

3585 Six old table cloths 

3586 Twelve ditto 

3587 Fourteen servants' ditto 

3588 Fourteen ditto 

3589 Four large hall cloths 

3590 Two pairs of very fine large linen sheets ; and four pillow cases 

3591 Two ditto ; and four ditto 

3592 Two ditto; and four ditto 

3593 Two ditto; and four ditto 

3594 Two ditto ; and four ditto 

3595 Two pairs of Irish linen ditto ; and four pillow cases 

3596 Two ditto ; and four ditto 

3597 Two ditto ; and four ditto 

3598 Two ditto ; and four ditto 

3599 Two ditto ; and four ditto 

3600 Two ditto ; and four ditto 

3601 Two ditto ; and four ditto 

3602 Four pairs of bachelor's ditto ; and four pillow cases 

3603 Four ditto ; and five ditto 

3604 Six pairs of servants' ditto ; and six pillow cases 

3605 Six ditto; and six ditto 

3606 Six ditto; and six ditto 

3607 Six ditto; and six ditto 

36C8 Ten pairs of old ditto ; and twelve pillow cases 

3609 Ten ditto ; and twelve ditto 

3610 Six ditto ; and fourteen ditto 

3611 Thirty-six huckaback towels 

3612 Thirty-six ditto 

Digitized by 



3613 Thirty-six ditto 

3614 Thirty-six ditto 

3615 Thirty-nine ditto 

3616 Twenty-four fine huckaback towels 

3617 Twenty-four ditto 

3618 Twenty-four ditto 

3619 Twenty-four ditto 

3620 Twenty-four ditto 

3621 Six lawn toilet covers 

3622 Six ditto 

3623 Six ditto 

3624 Six ditto 

8625 Twelve linen ditto 

3626 Sixteen ditto 

3627 Eigbt Marseilles ditto; and tw«ity-two old ditto 

3628 Forty-eight kitchen cloths 

3629 Thirty-six glass cloths 

3630 Thirty.four ditto 

3631 Twenty round towels; and eighteen knife cloths 

3632 Sixteen kitchen table cloths 



3633 A French bedstead^ two mattresses^ a bolster, and pillow 

3634 Two mattresses; two bolsters; and two pillows 

3635 Seven bolsters ; and three pillows 

3636 A large fine Marseilles quilt 

3637 Three ditto, coarser 

3638 Four ditto, smaller 

3639 Six counterpanes 

3640 Six ditto 
8641 Three ditto 

3642 Three large blankets 

3643 Three ditto 

3644 Three ditto 

Digitized by 



8645 Six blankets 

3646 Six diito 

3647 Six ditto 
364S Six ditto 

3649 Six ditto 

3650 Six diUo 

3651 Nine ditto 


3652 Six decanten, twelve tumblers, and twenty wine glassas, of gilt 

Bohemian glass 

3653 Five decanters, ten tumblers, and twenty wine glasses, of tbe 



3654 Two water jugs, and two butter glasses and covers, Sussex 


3655 Six pint decanters 

3656 Six ditto 

^57 Twelve water bottles and tumblers 

3658 Eleven ditto ; and twelve ditto 

3659 Twelve finger glasses; twelve coolers ; and twelve small glasses 

3660 Thirteen finger glasses ; fourteen coolers ; and six small glasses 

3661 Twenty. four ice plates 

3662 Twenty-two champagne glasses 

3663 Twenty.two claret ditto 

3664 Thirty-two wine ditto ; and nine different 

3665 Two sugar glasses and covers ; and twenty-seven liqueur glasses 

8666 Three water jugs, five pint deomot^rs, and thirty'-eight wine 
glasses, of tw«> siises, bdi pattern 

3667 Two water jugs %md six pint decanters, of tht same 

3668 Twelve caraffes and tumblers, of the same 

Digitized by 



3669 Thirteen ditto ; and twelve ditto 

3670 Pour claret decanters ; four quart ditto ; and six pint decanters, 

8671 A similar lot 

3672 Four claret decanters ; two quart, and two pint decanters 

3673 Four claret decanters; thirty-five champagne glasses; and 

twenty-seven liqueur glasses 

3674 Twenty carafies ; and twelve tumblers 

3675 Nineteen caraffes ; and twelve diito 

3676 Twelve plain water bottles ; and twelve ditto 

3677 Eighteen wine coolers ; and fifteen finger glasses 

3678 Twenty-ax tumblers ; and twenty-three ale glasses 

3679 Fifty-two hock glasses 

3680 Twenty-four tumblers; twenty-one wine glasses; two water 

bottles; and six salts 

3681 Twelve dozens of glass bobftches 

3682 Fourteen dozen ditto 


3683 A BEAUTIFUL Dessert Service, of oriental enamel porcelain^ 

with Chinese figures, fruit, and butterflies ; consisting of 
twenty round dishes, four salts, thirty large plates, eighty-six 
smaller, and forty-five saucers 

3684 Twenty-two Derby cups and twenty-four saucers, and two slop 

basins, of dark green, blue, and chocolate 

3685 Eighteen Derby cups; seventeen saucers; six plates; two 

cream jugs ; two basins ; and a teapot and stand, green and 
gold, painted with flowers 

3686 A handsome Derby dinner service, dark green and gold, with 

crest and fruits ; consisting of sixteen dishes, four sauce boats, 
covers, and stands, eight vegetable dishes and covers, two 
soup tureens, covers, and stand, and 113 plates, of different sizes 

3687 A dessert service, similar ; consisting of a centre dish, twelve 

dessert dishes, two tureens, covers, and stands, and twenty- 
four plates 

Digitized by 



3688 A handsome Derby dinner service, light green and gold^ with 

coronet, lion crest, and flowers; consisting of two tureens, 
covers, and stands, six sauce tureens and covers, eleven vege- 
table dishes and covers, thirty-two dishes, two salad bowls, 
and 132 plates 

3689 A dessert service, of the same, similar ; consisting of four trifle 

stands, two large and twelve other dishes^ four fruit baskets 
two sugar tureens, covers, and stands, two icepails, and thirty- 
four plates 

3690 Two Warwick-shaped vases, dark green and gold, painted with 


3691 Three Medici-shaped ditto 

3692 A Derby dinner service, green and gold, with coronet ; consisting 

of two tureens, covers, and stands, six sauce boats, two salad 
bowls, pickle stand and dishes, twenty- five dishes, cheese stand, 
eight vegetable dishes and covers, and 178 plates, of different 

3693 A dessert service, similar; consisting of icepail, six [baskets, 

five dishes, twenty-eight plates, and twenty-seven ice plates 

3694 A Derby dinner and dessert service, pink and gold ; consisting 

of six vegetable dishes and covers, two sauce tureens, covers, 
and stands, twenty-three dishes, ninety-seven plates, four trifle 
stands, and two salad bowls 

3695 A Derby breakfast service, green and gold ; consisting of fifteen 

cups, eighteen saucers, three coffee cups, twenty-three saucers, 
two egg stands, with twelve cups, fifteen egg cups and plates, 
a teapot, two sugar basins, a butter dish, three muflin plates and 
covers, four slop basins, five milk jugs, and thirty-eight plates 

3696 Thirty-three oriental-pattern plates, of different patterns 

3697 Twenty-one oriental plates, enamelled with figures 

3698 A blue and gold Swansea tea and coffee service 

3699 Eleven pieces of old Worcester; and six Dresden cups and one 


3700 A French dessert service, dark blue and gold, with flowers ; con- 

sisting of two baskets, four oblong dishes, three shell-shaped 
ditto, two round and four oval ditto, and forty-one plates 

Digitized by 



3701 A vase and five beakers, similar — imperfeet 

3702 lliiity-four French plates, mth classical subjects and chocolate 


3703 Two old Dresden tureens covers and stands; and ten plates, 

with flowers 
37G4 Focnr oval dishes, tureen, cover, and stand, and three other 

dishes, cornflower pattern ; and eleven Derby plates, with 

3075 A Derby dessert service, blue and gold, with flowers ; consisting 

of centre, three square and four oval dishes, four tureens, 

covers, and stands, and twenty-three plates 

3706 Eight early Stafibrdshire plates, with flowers; and an old 

Chelsea dish, with fruits 

3707 Seventy-eight plat^ ; four square ; fiiur shell-^aped ; and a 

centre dish pamted with flowers 

3708 Twenty-four plates, painted with subjects 

3709 A Spode dessert service, brown, with flowers and birds; con- 

sisting of a centre, four oval and four shell dishes, fixtr 
baskets and stands, two tureens and stands, and twenty-four 

3710 Eight plates, with gilt ornaments; and various tea and coffee 

cups and saucers 

371 1 Six milk jugs, with cornflowers 

3712 Four ditto, of different paUem 

3713 A large oval bowl, painted with fruits 

3714 Three green and gold vases, painted with flowers 

3715 Fifty-eight plates, with green and gold bofders, pamted with, 


3716 Various plates and dishes^ of different patterns 

3717 Various jugs 

3718 Various tea and co&e cups and saucers 

End of Twenty-Eiffhth Day's Sale. 

Digitized by 


Twenty-Ninth Day^s Sale. 


On FBIDAT, AUGUST 7, 1857, 



3719 A painted French bedstead ; and two mattrasses, feather bed^ 
bolster^ pillow^ four blankets, and a counterpane 

37§0 A mahogany wardrobe, with folding doors, and three drawers 

3721 A painted washstand and fittings; a ditto table and glass; a 

towel horse ; a stool ; two chairs ; a carpet ; a rug ; a fender ; 
and a pair of curtains 

3722 The Crucifixion : a poker picture 

3723 A chest of five drawers ; a glass ; and two fenders 


3724 A four-post bedstead and furniture ; and three mattraases 

3725 A feather bed^ bolster, and pillow ; two blankets ; and a counter- 


3726 A tent bedstead and furniture ; and two mattrasses 

3727 A feather bed> bokter, and pillow ; two blankets ; and a countef- 


3728 A tent bedstead and furniture; and two mattrasses 

3729 A feather bed, bolster, and pillow ; two blankets ; and a counter- 


Digitized by 



3730 A mahogany chest of four drawers 

3731 A painted ditto 

3732 A wasbstand and ware ; a dressing table ; a commode ; and a 

towel horse 

3733 A set of window curtains ; a wasbstand and ware ; five chairs ; 

and a towel horse 

3734 Two painted washstands and ware ; two towel horses p and a 

fender and guard 

No. 2. 

3735 A French bedstead ; a fire skreen ; a circular table ; and a chair 

3736 A chest of drawers; a wasbstand and ware; and a guard and 


No. 3. 

3737 A bedstead and furniture ; a pair of curtains ; and a paillasse 

3738 Two hair mattrasses; a bolster and pillow ; two blankets; and 

a counterpane • 

3739 A chest of drawers ; and a dressing table 

3740 A wasbstand and ware ; two chairs ; some pieces of carpet ; and 

a guard and fender 

No. 4. 

3741 A mahogany French bedstead and furniture ; and a set of window 


3742 A ditto French bedstead and furniture; a wasbstand and ware 

and a chest of drawers 

3743 A wasbstand and ware ; a towel horse ; a dressing table ; and a 


3744 A circular table, with brass rim ; a chest of drawers ; and a 


3745 A chest of drawers ; two chairs ; a fender ; and some pieces of 


No. 5. 

3746 A four-post bedstead and furniture; a pair of window curtains; 

and three mattrasses 

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3747 A tent bedstead and furniture ; three mattrasses ; and a bolster 

and piUow 
9748 A French bedstead ; two mattrasses ; and a bplster and pillow . 

3749 Two bak mattrasses ; and a bol^»r and pillow 

3750 A feather bed^ bolster, and pillow ; three blankets ; and 4 OQuii* 


3751 A featber bed, bolsterj ipid pillow; three blankets; and tWQ 


3752 A mahogany fielding dressing table ; and a mahogany bedside 


3753 A painted washstand and ware; a towel horse; and a night 


3754 A edrd taUe ; and a bureau 

3755 A mahogany chest of drawers ; and seven cane-seated chairs 
8756 A guard; a fender; a brodi ; some pieees of carpet; and a rug 


3757 A coal box ; a bath ; two buckets ; and a stove 

3758 A chest of drawers ; a washstand and ware ; and a bidet 

3759 Eight skreens^ covered with paper 

3760 A mahogany crib ; a hair mattrass ; and a dressing glass 

3761 A maho^fiuiy ^rib ; a mattress ; and a child's chair and stand 

fio. 6. 

3762 A Froneli bedstead and Airaiture ; and two aets of wipdow cur- 


3763 A wool and a hair mattrass 

37^64 A tmAi^T fcedy bdiAer^ and pillow; two bfauikAls ; and a cpiiolter- 

dl^65^ A inadnig iaUe j a drefismg table; and a glass 

3766 A chest of drawers ; a washstand and ware ; a cpa^iipide ; and a 


3767 TtJred cliftirs; a ^ece of carpet; a rvg ; a fender aod fire irons ; 

a guard ; and a brush 

Digitized by 




3768 A small tent bedstead and furniture; two mattresses; a feather 

bed^ bolster^ and pillow; two blankets; and a counterpane 

3769 A similar lot 

3770 A painted chest of drawers ; a card table ; and a dresring glass 

3771 A card table ; a dressing glass; and a washstand and ware 

3772 A washstand and ware ; three chairs ; a glass ; a guard and 

fender ; some pieces of carpet ; and a rug 

No. 2. 

3773 A mahogany tent bedstead and furniture ; two mateasses ; a 

bolster and pillow ; two blankets ; and a counterpane . 

3774 A painted French bedstead and furniture ; two mattraases ; & 

bolster and pillow ; two blankets ; and a counterpane 

3775 A card table ; a dressing glass; and a chest of drawers 

3776 A chest of drawers ; a towel horse ; a dressing glass ; three 

chairs; a guard ; a fender; a piece of carpet; and a set of 
window curtains 

No. 3. 

3777 A mahogany tent bedstead and furniture; a pair of Windoit 

curtains; two mattrasses; a feather bed, bolster, and pillow ; 
two blankets ; and a counterpane 

3778 A painted French bedstead and fomiture, two mattrasses, feather- 

bed, bolster, and pillow, two blankets, and a counterpane 

3779 A French bedstead and iiirniture, a mattrass, feather bed, bolster, 

and pillow, two blankets, and a counterpane 

3780 A stool; two washstandsf two towel horses; a dresnig tiMe; 

and a glass 

3781 A painted washstand and ware ; a dressing table and glass; ai}d 

three chairs 

3782 A painted washstand and ware; an old manpieterie chest of 

drawers; a guard ; a fender ; a brush; two painted chostij 
and a box 

Digitized by 



No. 4. 

3783 A painted French bedstead and furniture; a pair of window 

curtains ; two mattrasses ; a bed, bolster, and two pillows ; 
blankets ; and a counterpane 

3784 A chest of drawers ; and a dressing table 

3785 A chest of drawers ; a dressing table ; a towel horse ; and a foot 


No. 5. 

3786 A French bedstead and furniture^ a paillasse, a wool mattrass, 

a feather bed^ bolster, and pillow, two blankets, and a counter- 

3787 A French bedstead and furniture, two mattrasses, bed, bolster, 

and pillow, two blankets, and a counterpane 

3788 A tent bedstead and furniture, two mattrasses, a bed, bolster/and 

pillow, two blankets, and a counterpane 

3789 A dressing table ; a washstand and ware ; an ottoman ; and a 


3790 A dressing table ; a washstand and ware ; and an ottoman 

3791 A mahogany chest of drawers ; a dressing glass ; three chairs; a 

guard ; a fender ; and a brush 
37d2 A box, covered with crimson ; and some pieces of carpet 

3793 A clock, by Allam, in old case 


3794 A mahogany table; and five chairs .. 

3795 A mahogany table ; an arm chair; and a clock 

3796 A mahogany table ; a carpet ; an oilcloth ; a rug ; an ash pan ; 

a fender, and fire irons ; a guard ; and a brush 

3797 A painted wardrobe 
8798 Two linen cupboards 

3799 A small ditto ; three feather brushes ; and a bed warmer 

3800 A bedstead, in passage 


Digitized by 




3.801 A washstand; a copper kettle; a looking glass ; and three wire 

3802 Six wire guards ; and a clothes horse 


3803 Two diairs; a foot bath; three pails; a music stand; and 
various plaster nionumental figures 


8804 A cupboards with folding doors, and six drawers under 

3805 A pair of steps ; and a cupboard 

3806 A table, with three drawers 

3807 A table with drawer ; a round ditto ; and three chairs 

3808 A table^ with drawer ; and a clock 

3809 A meat skreen, and jack ; a fender and fire irons ; two tubs * 

and a weighing machine 


3810 A deal table ; a small mahogany table ; a chair ; an ash pan; a 

fender, and fire irons; a plate warmer; five trays; and a 
piece of oilcloth 


38 11 A deal table ; a stool ; three chairs ; and a fencer and fire irons 


3812 A stained bedstead; a mattrass; a feather bed^ bolster, icqd 

pillow ; two blankets ; and a counterpane 

3813 A similar lot 

3814 A camp bedstead ; and a painted chest of drawW 

Digitized by 



3815 A painted chest of drawel? ; It driessing table and glass ; and four 

wire guards 

3816 A washstand, and ware; a dressing table and two glasses; tjfo 

chairs ; four guards ; a fender ; some pieces of c^rpet^ ^ 
towel horse ; and a clothes horse 

3817 A fire engine ; two buckets ; and two lengths of hose ' 


3818 A mahogany table and cover 

3819 A couch, covered with red worsted damask 

3820 A work table; four chairs; a fender and fire irons; a drugget; 

an oil cloth ; and a rug 

3821 Two views of St. Peter's ; eleven others ; and seven ornaments 


-8892 A pamted china (^loset 

3823 A ditto 

3824 A deal table ; an oak linen chest ; two papier-mache trays ; and 

seven waiters 

3825 A fender and fire irons ; a cupboard ; a table and chsdr ; a pair 

of steps ; a coffee mill ; three bread tubs ; three tea trays , 
and three bowls 

3826 A time piece 


3827 A set of steelyards ; a pickle tub ; and four wire covers 


3828 A large oak table, on carved legs 


3829 A deal table 

Digitized by 




3830 A deal table, with drawers 

3831 A ditto ; and a smaller ditto 

3832 A footman ; a fender and fire irons ; two stools ; and two diairs 


3833 A large ash kitchen table 

3834 Four spits ; a coffee roaster; three shovels ; a round table; and 

a jelly stand 

3835 A marble mortar 

3836 An eight day clock, by Crane, in mahogany case 

3837 A deal table ; two wire covers ; two stone salters ; and a salting 


3838 A table, with marble 

3839 A ditto 

3840 A ditto, with slate slab ; a soup tub ; and a chopping block 

3841 A large meat skreen 

3842 Twenty-four blue and white dishes; thirty-five basins; and four^ 

teen pie dishes 

End of Twenty-Ninth Day's Sale. 

Digitized by 


Thirtieth Day's Sale. 




3844 A large stock pot 

8845 A ditto 

8846 A ditto 

8847 A small ditto; and a preserving pot 

3848 Two biscuit bowls ; a stock pot ; and a preserving pan 

8849 A stock pot ; and five baking sheets 

8850 A turbot ketde 

3851 A sturgeon pot • 

3852 Six oval pans and covers 

3853 Five baking sheets ; and two frying pans 

3854 Two frying pans; three cake hoops; and a Banbury case 

3855 Twelve large moulds^ different patterns 
8856 Eleven ditto 

3857 Eleven ditto 

3858 Twelve ditto pint moulds 

3859 Twelve ditto 

3860 Thirteen ditto 

3861 Two pewter freezing pots ; and twelve ditto ice moulds 

3862 Two ditto ; and twelve ditto 

3863 IVo ditto ; and eleven ditto 

Digitized by 



3864 Six stewpans and covers, in sizes 

3865 Six ditto 

3866 Six ditto 

3867 Six ditto 

3868 Six ditto 

3869 Six ditto 

3870 Six ditto 

3871 Six ditto 

8872 Six ditto 

8873 Six ditto 

3874 Four dishes ; aod aloiptoui 

8875 Two copper kettles ; and six saucepans 

8876 A kettle ; two potatoe steamers ; and a strainer 

8877 Twelve block tin stewpans; and two ditto bottling machines 

3878 Thirteen hair sieves; three vegetable drainers; and varioi» 

spoons and ladles 

3879 Thirteen sieves; and fourteen block-tin dish obvers 


3880 The drab moreen window curtains 

3881 A large deal table ; and two forms 

3882 A diUo ; and two ditto 

3883 A ditto ; and two ditto « 

3884 A press 

388$ A deal table ; two oak forms ; ^nd a plate wanner 

3886 Two deal tables ; and four chairs 

3887 Thirty-seven pewter p^tes; salts; and, n^ustard pots 

8888 A box> with various knives and forks 

8889 Seven copper jacks; and fifteen drinking horns, 

3890 Various cups and saucers 

3891 An eight-day clocks by Nicholas, in mahogany, i^ase 


3903 The Brussels carpet and rug ; a fender land fire irons; an iron dust 
pans; and a brush 

Digitized by 



3904 A mahogany two-flap table and cover 

3905 A mahog{^ny sofa^ covered ^ijtb biedr cloth and blu0 damask 

3906 Four chairs^ with cane seats ; and two others, the seats coyered 

with damask 

3907 An easy chair^ covered with the same 

3908 Two pairs of blue damask curtains 

3909 An old fire skreen, with needlework mount 

3910 Two oak pole fire skreens 

391 1 A Nankin pagoda — about 6 ft. high 

3912 A set of six figures, in twra-cotta, of different costumes — eoUnff^ 

3913 Two old Chelsea dishes, with fruits 

3914 Four leaf-shaped ditto 

3915 An early Staffordshire service, pamted with birds; consisting of 

two dishes on foot> sixteen dishes^ and twenty-five plates^ with 
openwork borders 

3916 A centre^ two dishes, and two baskets of the same; with flowers 

3917 Two Dreaden gmups of figures 

3918 A gentleman, in wax, by Percy * 

3919 Two stuffed birds ; &d a grMp of ftowefs, of shellwork 

3920 A pair of oval dishes, of Chelsea^ with leaves in relief, and flowers 

3921 Six plates, painted with figures 
3938 Three basket dishes^ of Turner's wlure 

3923 Eight plates and three dishes mtfa open^Drk hordes and birds ; 

and two green dishes * 

3924 An oriental enamel basbUy #o staad^ with cilpids 

8925 Six cups and saucers, varioiiB; ^o tiirates; aad fwoT stoidt 
dishes ; six coffee cups ; and a jug 

3926 An oak flower stand, with brass rim 

3927 A hearth rug; a fender; a brash; and a coal box 

3928 A four-post bedstead; and a small bedstead and mattrass 

3929 The temptation of St. Anthony — a carving in oak 

3930 Four old Dresden castors, with flowers 

3931 Six painted chairs 

3932 A boy on a lion, in terra-cotta; Janus; andonedbey figiMre 

carved in wood 

Digitized by 








3942 A capital travelling fourgon, with cabriolet front and break, for 

four horse/ 

3943 A capital covered iburgon, with cabriolet front, skid, and pde^ 

for foar horseft 

3944 A double-bodied pony chaise 

3945 A capital travelling caleche, on six q)rings, with drags, boxea^ 

patent axles, ftc, complete 

3946 A brougham, lined with drab clbth 

3947 A sociable^ with cane sides, curtains, dickey, and lamp 

3948 A four-wheel phaeton, with box 

3949 A covered cart 

3950 A large cart 

3951 A ditto 

3952 A ditto 

3953 A ditto 

3954 A new Scotch ditto 

3955 A water cart 

3956 A peny cart 

3957 A ditto 

3958 A garden cart 

Digitized by 



3959 A timber carriage 

3960 A ditto 

3961 A stone carriage 

3962 A ditto 


3963 A bay pony, six years old 

3964 A bay cob 

3965 A bay cart horse 
3%6 A black cart mare 

3967 A bay carriage horse 

3968 A bay carriage horse 

3969 A black cart horse 

3970 A grey pony 

3971 A grey horse 


3972 The state harness for a pair of horses, with plated mountings 

3973 A set of four-horse harness, with plated mountings ; and two sets 

of blinkers, for outriders 

3974 Two sets of single harness 

3975 A set of pony harness, with brass mountings 

3976 A saddle 

3977 A ditto 
d97d A ditto 

3979 A pony saddle 

3980 An old saddle 

3981 Tiree bridles 


London : Printed by W. Clowbs and Sons, 14, Charing CroM* 

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